i love that in the bad liar video selena gomez is a lesbian who’s in love with selena gomez’s gym teacher, selena gomez, who’s having an affair with selena gomez’s father, selena gomez, and therefore cheating on selena gomez’s mother, selena gomez, with selena gomez how iconic

not to get deep but imagine being a young gay girl in high school ashamed of ur sexuality and feeling like ur gross because of it, and then u get to see beautiful famous desirable selena gomez portraying a gay girl in her music video in such a pure, innocent, positive, NORMAL way, no different than she would portray a straight girl… young gay girls need this, young gay me needed this

Selena: *releases Bad Liar song*

me: Who?

Selena: *releases gay Bad Liar music video*

me: Bad Liar? You mean the #1 summer smash hit that went 10x platinum one (1) minute after its release… by THE Selena Gomez – the feminist bisexual vegan legend, the inventor of incorporating Oscar-worthy acting into music videos, the lyrical and vocal goddess extraordinaire? Oh yes we stan!


She’s so in love ❤️

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