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Saint Seiya for fandom meme?

Let’s go! >:D

  • the character i least understand
    Saori, but also her grandfather, who is quite responsible of she being what she is.
  • interactions i enjoyed the most
  • the character who scares me the most
    Kido Mitsumasa… because, well, we all know what he did in the manga. 
  • the character who is mostly like me
    AIORIA BECAUSE LEO Actually I don’t know ahaha.
  • one thing i dislike about my fave character
    Camus dear, that was the only way you could think of…?!!
  • one thing i like about my hated character
    Well… Seiya isn’t a bad persona.
  • a quote or scene that haunts me
    Goldies dying… every time… ;-;
  • a death that left me indifferent
    Every time Saori “died”. I was actually YES but oh no she is surely coming back.
  • a character i wish died but didn’t
    Seiya and Saori.
  • my ship that never sailed
    I always got a soft spot for Milo and Shaina, but the chances of that happening were always non-existent ahaha.
.crystal princess collection                                                                                                

so i promised i’ll share the starlights too XD never been a fan of them so i didn’t want to draw these three in the first place but then this happened XD

.please do not use without permission~


This is perfect, Saint Seiya original intro recreated with Myth Cloths.


Seiya: Tranquilo, Hyoga! Yo te ayudaré a hacer un plan para conquistar al amor de tu vida!

Hyoga: ¿Quieres ayudarme con eso? ¿Por qué?

Seiya: Porque ahora mismo mi vida amorosa es un desastre, y prefiero meterme en los asuntos de los demás antes que hacerme cargo de los propios…

Hyoga: Oh… pensé que era porque tenías Fe en mí.

Seiya: No, para nada.