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The doorbell rang, and Haruka reluctantly placed her book on the coffee table. She moved the curtains away slightly and peeked out. There stood Seiya, with a cup of coffee in each hand. Haruka briefly considered pretending she wasn't home, but the boy was standing outside her door in the rain. There had to be reason. She sighed and opened the door halfway. "What do you want, Kou? Our project is over. You don't have to be nice to me anymore."

Seiya rocked back and forth waiting for her to answer the door, when the door cracked half way, he grinned, holding out the coffee, ignoring her rather rude greeting. “Well hello to you too! I brought coffee and figured we could have a nice day inside… maybe watch a movie?” Sieya wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but he had grown fond of the blonde.