"What most people seem to forget is, who you are is not something set in stone or encoded permanently into your genes, but something soft and pliable, something transitional and alive, something that is created over the course of a life and never truly finished." 

▼ Beau Taplin // W h o Y o u A r e (http://afadthatlastsforever.tumblr.com/)

The actress Audrey Hepburn photographed on the boat “Bateau Mouche” (on Seine) in Paris (France), during a press conference for the publicity of her new movie “Paris - When It Sizzles”, on July 16, 1962.

Audrey was wearing:

  • DressGivenchy (sleeveless, bodice of black satin with a ribbon at the waist in the same tissue and skirt of white silk, part of an ensemble with a short coat, of his haute couture collection for the Spring/Summer of 1962).
  • Sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith (created specially for her in 1956. The same that she wore in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”).