150227 @/kunhoon5 SM staff member posted this on his IG. Getting ready for their comeback EXO waist sizes! A, B and C refer to body type. C being best body type - curvy, long legs and butt. A being shorter, smaller waist and more flat. *ahem* Tao 😉👍 #huangzitao #zitao #tao #exo

Yeol 79B, Baek 83B, Sehun 80C

I kinda wonder why Tao is the same size waist as Chen tho, he’s really skinny then. Come home with me and let me feed you!

Exo reaction when they see you in underwear

( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

Kai - *keeps glaring at you*

Sehun - 

Kyungsoo - 

Chanyeol - *follows you with his eyes* Oh my…

Baekhyun - 

Suho - *doesn’t know if he should look or not*

Kris - 

Xiumin - 

Luhan - 

Chen - It’s getting a bit hot in here…

Lay - 

Tao - *smirks at you when you make eye contact*

exo gif reaction: When you text them "I'm home alone"

Sehun: *yehet*

Kai: *Arrives at the front of your house shirtless*

Tao: *thinks to himself* omgee should i finally show off my gucci bags..*thinks like a little girl*

kyungsoo: *cannot control his feels*

chanyeol: *runs to your house*

chen: *trolls you by saying he’ll be there in 5 minutes… ends up going disneyland*

baekhyun: *surprises you at the front of the house and tries to kiss you but…*

baek: wooh..did you not take a shower while you were waiting for me.

Lay: I don’t get it…what does she want me to do…aha..

suho: *makes the effort to being sexy* maybe we’ll do something…

kris: *needs to make an excuse to leave dance practice so he decides to go to eomma suho and uses aegyo* bbuing bbuing let me leave ^.^


xiumin: she doesn’t know what’s coming…euehuee

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