Retro Game Room Version 2
I needed to patch the walls and paint, so I thought I might as well change it all up.

23 different consoles and handhelds, about 450 old games. Framemeister xrgb-mini upscaler so it doesn’t look bad on a new tv, handmade custom MAME cabinet, and a fuzzy chair and fuzzy carpet :)

A lot of work, and a lifetime of collecting!

Not to be outdone, Sega’s got their own mini-console

Nintendo announced that a miniature version of its NES Classic Edition console would release this year. Fans went apeshit. Now Sega wants to cash in on the obsession with the gadgets of millennials’ childhoods. Sega will release new versions of its Mega Drive/Genesis for $65 a pop — a console and a handheld — with 80 built-in games.

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Sonic in a fist fight