Yakuza 0 has a (really nice) physical version ⊟

Not only will it be released on a for-real disc January 24, pre-orders and launch copies will be part of a “Business Edition” bundle. So what do you get when it’s business time? A business card holder with Kiryu and Majima’s tattoo designs, filled with Kiryu, Majima, and hostess club business cards. 

Here’s a new trailer, while we’re all getting PUMPED for Yakuza:

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You want the Sonic Forever source code? Trust me, you actually don’t. Just watch the video to find out why.

Ironically, as I’m talking up Sonic Worlds Delta in this video, I mention that “sometimes Clickteam Fusion goes on sale” and it’s part of a Humble Bundle right now. If you’ve ever wanted to use Sonic Worlds Delta to make your own Sonic games, you can get the associated software for as low as one dollar. Sonic Worlds is the same underlying skeleton that I’m pretty sure powered Freedom Planet, too.

Anyway, here’s the usual links to stuff for this video series:

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