• 橋本仁
  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 The anthology songs 3

“OH MY GOD JHAHHHHHHH!” by Jin Hashimoto

Joseph’s Stardust Crusaders theme (in case it wasn’t obvious). The lyrics in this one are also really cool and crack me up too, I didn’t expect less from a song about the badass old-timer. The fact they included Get Back as a reference to the end of Part 3 made me smile as well. Enjoy!

Strike!  Never give up!
I’ll chase you wherever you go
The sun is shining bright
You’ve already lost!

The stronger they are, the more excited I get
It seems this habit of mine has gotten worse than in my old days

Attack first and you’ll win. Adapt to the situation
The difference in fighting experience is clear. I’ve won this fight!

Purple! Never give up!
Mature Sexuality
Outstanding Technique
If things get tough, just run away!

I love you, and I’ll help you in no time
I’ll definitely Get Back! I’ll protect you without fail

Fearless audacity. Life’s a straight path
I’ll take back the pride that embraced the star

Look for it!  Hide-and-Seek
Project the nightmare in the photograph
In the den that the sunlight can’t reach…
…let flow the ripple of love!

OH MY GOD!  Oh my god!
There’s love and there’s also money
I’ll live through this hell
The sky I gaze up at is Beautiful…

Strike!  Never give up!
I’ll chase you wherever you go
Even if my heart is running dry
I won’t take a warm Cola!!!!!