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What do you mean by wider cirucumstances? Btw to me he doesn't look not happy, just not confortable with it 'cause he's not used to a normal life...

That was the point I was trying to make! He isn’t used to normal life and I don’t think the prospect of one would be a repose for him. Despite this, you do see people hoping for a “happy ending” where OC escapes the contract, going on to live a normal life with Lizzy (either with or without Sebastian) as if that’s something he’d want. 

Though this is kind of ignoring the fact that RC has returned, but for a theoretical purpose let’s pretend that didn’t happen! :’D

Ahem. By saying “wider circumstances” I was referring to both the contract and OC’s fake identity. These aspects would make it quite hard for OC to marry Lizzy and I’d say–since he expects to die prematurely–he has never prepared to live life alongside her. OC hasn’t really laid the foundations for his future life because he does not believe he has one, so if the situation did occur I’m not sure things could even work out! He’d be living a lie, awaiting his impending death via the contract.

There’s also the fact that OC doesn’t seem to consider himself a true member of the nobility, of course he is but he does not speak as if they are “his people”. He clearly doesn’t spend a lot of time associating himself with them, though Lizzy does and this makes them a little incongruous.

Of course, the Midfords are well aware of the job OC does for a living (Francis is Vincent’s sister after-all) but I wouldn’t say they truly know the extent of it.

It would depend on how you see things, but due to OC’s contract with Sebastian I’m inclined to believe the “supernatural threat” the Watchdog faces is higher than ever before. Vincent likely had some dealings with them (Undertaker for one) but whether Francis knows about that is debatable. Therefore, Lizzy is not prepared to deal with the reality of OC’s existence.

EG: she does not know the true extent of OC’s ruthlessness. Even if Baron Kelvin deserved to die (and he did) it takes a lot to shoot a man down without hesitation. OC also killed Doll and Joker, with Doll being especially questionable since it isn’t clear how much she knew about the kidnappings:

Or that OC has (partially) burnt down buildings:

Or that he has murdered children under questionable circumstances:

She also finds it upsetting to witness OC’s cold personality and this often results in him having to “put up with her” and compromise, though they both do this I believe OC does it far more often.

I really do believe OC loves Lizzy a lot! But their lifestyles aren’t always that compatible since OC has to put up a front around her, mostly due to his fake identity but also because of the contract.

In the past, OC hasn’t acted like he expects to marry Lizzy either. Since he hides his brand from her I’ve always assumed that means he doesn’t consider marriage (and thus consummation) a likely possibility. If he expected to one day marry Lizzy then there’d be little reason to hide the brand? The fact he hides his asthma from her is also indicative of this, these are not things he could expect to hide forever.

Then there’s the added factor of OC knowing he is stealing his brother’s wife, all whilst she thinks he is his brother. As Soma has pointed out, OC wouldn’t allow himself to be happy in those circumstances. It would result in a situation full of lies, where both parties are miserable and unable to truly be themselves around each other.

Perhaps Lizzy and OC could have a positive relationship, but I believe the “wider circumstances” they experience prevent that from happening! :(

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Why is Classic with star eyes more freaking adorable than Blue with them? Random question, I know, but I need answers.

You see, there’s a fun thing in story-writing. The more miserable the character is — or is perceived to be…

…the more satisfying it is when they finally get to be happy! :D

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(Pt1) A couple of years ago, back in my high school senior English we used to do a warm up where we analyzed a piece of art in order to write a short paragraph about what the art means. At one point, we analyzed a weird one with a lot of symbolism. Before we wrote anything, someone raised his hand and asked my teacher what the art meant. She said that it meant whatever we wanted it to mean, to which the kid replied, "But what did the artist want it to mean?"

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150% THIS! This is a perfect example of what Katie said in that interview. Art is art. Fiction is art. The artist always has their own interpretation in mind and they may tell us what it is and they may not. It’s usually more common for the artist to want to leave it open to interpretation. Otherwise, what’s the point?? 

Art is meant to evoke feeling, thoughts, dialogue, analysis. At times, it’s meant to imitate life. It’s meant to give people something to think about and/or something to relate to. People are always going to see things differently.

One’s perception is always their reality so people – fans – are free to see things how they like! And as Katie has said in the past, as those telling the story, who would they be to take that away from us? This is awesome. Thanks for sharing darling! 💗

because of the Trump thing I’m seeing a bunch of posts talking about how terrible people who join the military are but like, y'all do realize poor people, especially minorities who get paid less/who’s parents get paid less, join the military a lot because it’s one of the easiest ways to get decent money or to get to go to college?

not everyone who joins the military actually wants to join. and saying “fuck trans people who want to join the military anyways” is terrible when we live in a world where trans people have such high poverty and sex worker rates, and face violence and being fired due to being transgender.

Mistyping and Inferior Fe?

I have quite some history with mistyping myself. When I started getting into MBTI I did what everyone else did and just did a load of tests to see what I generally got. I still remember my first test result being INTP and I remember reading about that type briefly, going “yeah it’s me but not close enough so let’s keep digging” and doing more tests. This would be the start of a long journey of mistyping myself. Being a person with very weak/underdeveloped social skills I also did not have a clear idea of how I generally am as a person. Now, some of you probably understand this problem and how it’s a bit on the not-so-good-idea side of doing more personality tests. I did a lot of tests, found out how to get the results I wanted from letter-typing tests (not very difficult), and just completely lost the point. I typed myself as an INTJ my first year after doing that first MBTI test, asked my mum about what type of person I am since I knew I had absolutely no idea about how I am, and tried to read more about the topic. But, since my brain loses interest in things it can’t understand quickly I kept reading about cognitive functions (and enneagram on the side) little by little, and in the process tried typing people around me to further understand. I was way off, and so where they when I sent them test after test after test, asking about how and why when they got their results. It kept going, and I kept doing tests myself, asked for help with typing (here I think?), and got into ISTJ after a while. (Note: I mistyped myself as INTJ for about a year and then ISTJ for about a year.) The ISTJ online profiles somehow actually fit me, with the poor social understanding of others, off-beat humor, good memory of how things are/have been, and all the threatening what ifs in stressful situations. It was me, but a twisted portrait of me, and one I’ve come to understand doesn’t really fit most actual ISTJs. 

As a person who really has turned themselves inside-out to find out what the truth actually is, about me and about how my brain works, I must say it’s been a wild ride. Actually just typing this I was analysing how this explanation works into the Ti-Ne frame of thought.

What I really wanted to write about though, is the weird way someone with inferior Fe is often portrayed as quite careless about what others think of them and tertiary Fe still cares a lot about what others think. I’ve discussed quickly with a friend with tertiary Fe about how we use the function, because she’s generally good with people and often stays outwardly neutral, knows how to deal with them but generally doesn’t care what they think of her. Her wish has been for people to actually dislike her so they don’t need/want anything from her. My wishes has almost always been the exact opposite. I wouldn’t say I’m good with people, especially those I don’t like, and it’s often visible on me that I don’t like them. Especially if you contrast with people I do vibe with. I can’t fake an interest too much, and usually won’t unless I know I will need something from these people in the future, and I know it’s easier to get if they like me. But I still want people to like me, so that I can get what I want from them (validation?) and still stay important to them. I want people to like me, but I don’t want to like them. My friend wants to like/stay indifferent to people, and wanted for them to not like her. 

The friend mentioned above of course does the same as me sometimes (who doesn’t), but our motives and thoughts about people differ quite a lot. I’m not saying all IxTP/ExTP work with their Fe the way we do, but I do find the contrast funny since it’s often portrayed the other way around.

Inferior functions pull at us, because we’re aware of an imbalance.

A Ne-dom has a sneaking suspicion they ought to be better about details; a Se-dom feels the same about needing a personal vision for their future; a Fe-dom knows they should be less defensive and more analytical; an inferior Fi senses they should have a better connection to their emotional center and values; inferior Ne’s think they should be more creative / think outside the box more; inferior Se’s believe they need to ‘get out’ more and be more proactive; inferior Te’s know they should figure out how to make what they want happen; and inferior Fe knows they have a ‘relationship’ handicap and want to be liked.

There’s two kinds of people for each type, in that sense: those who ignore their inferior function altogether and do not bother to develop it (since it’s hard) and those who realize it’s a weak spot and work on it (often with success). That is why you will find one IXTP who is good natured, cares about others’ feelings, and has a “soft” approach to others, mindful of what they think of them; and another IXTP who is an obnoxious asshole who doesn’t care how people feel.

Or… an ENXJ who knows their logic could be better and reads more to strength it / engages in logical discussions vs the one who throws tantrums if you prod at their weak logic; or the EXTJ who tries to center themselves in projects that matter most to them and consider their relationships with others, vs the one who controls everyone without caring for their feelings; or the ESXP who works on framing a long-term ideal for their life while enjoying the present / thinks about the consequences of their decisions, vs the reckless ESXP who leaves people in the dust as they chase every new possibility; or the ENXP who makes an effort to keep track of details / ground themselves in choosing which ideas are most achievable in the short term vs the one who never finishes anything, or leaps in before they consider the amount of detail involved, and is a flake.

Or the ISXJ who expands their knowledge base and openness to new / different ideas through experiences and research / reading / seeking out Ne people, vs the one who shuts down anything that remotely threatens their small world; or the INXJ who learns to balance their lower sensory impulses with regular sensory stimulus vs the one who either becomes a monk who hates and preaches against anything to do with the sensory world (Gandhi?) or someone who routinely indulges in self-destructive ways; or the IXFP who starts to engage their logical centers and uses them to break down tasks into which order will lead to completion, vs the one who never strives toward any goals.

Tertiary functions often go to war with our auxiliary function.

Your EXTP friend feels being likable is a pain in the butt, because it gets in the way of logical detachment. As an ENFP, I feel like having strong emotional responses / being sensitive is a pain in my butt, because it gets in the way of efficiency (Te). Follow the logic further: as each tertiary function develops (often in your late teen years / 20′s / 30′s) it threatens the function above it; for awhile, people do not instinctively know how to integrate it and cause it to work together with the higher function.

People can shift into an “extreme” and choose a preferred function / use the other one badly (hating Fi so much, I’d rather use Te even if it’s worse… or hating Fe so much, let’s stick with Ti, because it’s better…) which will not help their functions work properly (each function needs its counterpart) or they can struggle for awhile to bring them into harmony, and eventually succeed.

Ti and Fe: you need people to like you, to get things done, and you need logic to back up your ethical judgments in order to remain objective / factual.

Fi and Te: you need the capacity to bring your passions into reality, through logical application and planning, but you also need to be in touch with what you are doing / care deeply about it, or you will not succeed.

Ni and Se: you need to be ready to jump on an opportunity when it arises, even if you have not much time to plan ahead, so that you can bring your vision into reality, and the objectivity to decide if your vision is possible, but you also need to have a vision.

Si and Ne: you need to open yourself up to new ideas and possibilities, in order to gain a better perspective on reality and see the truth of things; but most success relies on one’s ability to attend to necessary details.

- ENFP Mod

Maybe (Connor x Reader Drabble)

Connor drabble request based on 57. 

I tried something a bit different in this with regards to my writing and the characterisation of Connor but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

~ ~ ~

You poured the orange juice into a glass, your wet hair still dripping onto the countertop. After been caught in a heavy downpour and after Zoe realising she had forgotten her jacket at band practice, you were stood alone in her kitchen in a shirt you had picked up from a clean pile in the hallway, a shirt that wasn’t yours. You and Zoe were best friends and you practically lived at each others houses but still you felt a bit awkward. But at least none of the Murphys were in. Mr and Mrs Murphy were on a short vacation and Connor … well you didn’t know were he was, but even the thought of him brought a small smile to your lips. 

Connor had been different over the last few months.  He wasn’t the Connor Murphy you used to see trudging through the hallways or smoking behind the gym. You’d talked a few times and he’d always been … well … nice to you. He hadn’t been cold or rude. He was changing, he was getting help, and he was getting better. 

Maybe it was something to do with the therapy he was attending twice a week or maybe you’d broken through that defensive barrier, or maybe, just maybe, he had a soft spot for you. 

Or maybe you were just seeing things that weren’t really there because of some feelings you might harbor for him. 

Of course, you could never act on them, Zoe being your best friend and all. But that didn’t mean he didn’t make your heart flutter every time you saw him and it didn’t stop you from crushing over him. 

“Is that my shirt?” A voice said, snapping you back to reality. You knew the voice without even turning round and you prayed that you hadn’t said any of your previous thoughts out loud. 

You looked down quickly to the black t-shirt you’d thrown on after getting caught in the downpour. You hadn’t even thought about it, picking the first one up from the pile. Or maybe you had, subconsciously. Maybe you’d noticed how the t-shirt was too big to be Zoe’s and was in Connor’s signature colour. And maybe you were kicking yourself right now for ruining whatever it was you were building with your best friend’s brother. 

You turned round to see him stood in the doorway. Your eyes trailed up his body, from his battered messenger bag, to his chipped black nails, to his faded jacket, to his face. Jesus, that face.

You visibly saw him soften when you looked at him, as though he was really making an effort to be more likeable. Suddenly you realised you still hadn’t answered him, simply too caught up in your own thoughts. 

“Maybe - I mean, yeah, oh my god, yeah sorry. Zoe said just take one from the pile of clean clothes and I didnt realise until I put it on and then I thought ..” you trailed off. 

He didn’t say anything. Your heart dropped, a thousand thoughts rushing through your mind about how you had just ruined everything with one stupid move. 

But his silence wasn’t one of anger, it was one of shock. 

The girl he’d been crushing on for months was stood in his kitchen wearing his shirt. It was like he’d been transported into a dream, one of those rare happy dreams he had where you loved him and you wanted to be with him. This might have been one of those dreams where you would make breakfast wearing his shirt and he’d kiss you on the countertop until you - 

“Here, you can have it back” you said, unknowingly pulling Connor out of his daydream. You pulled his shirt over your head, thinking that would be easier than arguing with him. Thankfully you still had on a vest not entirely soaked from the rain. 

He stepped closer to you and your breath hitched but not before you breathed in the faint smell of smoke and aftershave. He stayed like that for a moment only a foot away just staring as you, his mouth parted and his eyes wide. But as soon as you think he’s going to say something he took the shirt and walked away, and you release the breath you didn’t realise you were holding. 

But, as he left, he stopped in the doorway, as though he was pondering a thought. He turned back round to look at you and you give him a small, encouraging smile in case he wanted to talk. But you don’t think you could have replied to his next statement even if he hadn’t made a quick exit after it. 

“You should have kept it on, you looked … nice in it”  

Magic: the Gathering - Unstable Factions

Unstable is the third Magic: The Gathering booster-based set to be used outside of legal Magic tournaments. It will be released on December 8, 2017 as a standalone fun-set. This is the third of the silver bordered Un-sets and is designed to be drafted.  Updated with MaRo’s to post to Blogatog (linked here) with photos from the DDCC Panel by bananahead1234.

Order of the Widget (White/Blue) - This is the cyborg faction. They are like Esper but without any self control. They use their inventions to constantly improve themselves. You don’t need a toaster if you replace your hand with a toaster. They take self improvement to an absurd degree.

Agents of S.N.E.A.K. (Blue/Black) - This faction is the spies. They use their inventions for elaborate spy devices. The problem is, they are, for the most part, awful spies, using spy gadgets whenever and wherever they can often when not remotely called for.

Legion of Dastardly Doom (Black/Red) - This faction is the super villains. They use their inventions for death rays, weather control devices and apocalypse machines. They want to rule the world, but are constantly fighting as to who gets to destroy the world first.

Goblin Explosioneers (Red/Green) - This faction is the Goblins, it includes the Steamfloggers. These Goblins love making contraptions and are slightly obsessed with hammers. Their style is slapping thing together to see if cool things can happen. And when things don’t explode, sometimes they do.

Crossbreed Labs (Green/White) - This faction is obsessed with using their inventions to alter biology. They are all made up of hybrids of different animals. Part monkey/part spider/part leopard - sounds good. This faction mixes and matches all sorts of different animals in its quest for self improvement.

Rob’s Interview with Howard Stern. Highlights’ (my notes):

  • Howard Stern: I like it (Good Time) …you were fucking edgy!
  • HS: When you were doing Twilight, were you kind of worried that you will get stereotyped like, you will never get this kind of role? Like Good Time, I mean in Good Time you played this fucked up criminal

Rob: I never felt necessarily typecast in Twilight, it was pretty different from who I was as a person anyway. I was like, it was not my default…

  • HS: There are so many fucking jerk offs in Hollywood. They grew up, did a franchise, made millions etc…
  • Co-host : Did you walk away from it or did you lock in?  

Rob: You probably would have been sued (to walk away)

…. I enjoyed the whole process. So few people get an opportunity like that, for 5 or 6 years, it was crazy.

… not at the first one, not at all (regarding the craze and mania).

… I thought it (first Twilight) was going to be a little cool movie.

  • HS: It took 37 million to produce the 1st Twilight. You were 21 years old when you auditioned.

Rob:  I came in right at the last minute.

  • “If you could teach yourself to gag”  - the trick to get yourself to cry when acting. He said he was unsure about his own acting skills.
  • He had to take half a valium to reduce anxiety before Twilight audition
  • Before Rob was born, his mom worked as a broker for a modelling agency.
  • He started modelling at 12. Signed on at 13 when that was the start of the androgynous trend, when he has “pretty girl’s breast”.
  • At 15, his dad motivated him to join a drama club after speaking to some girls at a restaurant with him.
  • He got expelled from a private “arty” school for stealing porn in school uniform, and selling them to his classmates.  “ I got so cocky” and tried to take the whole rack of magazines and stuffed them in his backpack without zipping.
  • He tried to make up a lie, and was given a choice to either call the cops or his parents. “Every one of his friend snitched on me”.  He sold them for 20 pounds each. “I liked stealing things and lying”. to watch a short cilp about this porn enterprise. or at the end of this post.

  • He stopped stealing after that. “Went to a school that was way worse than me.”
  • He recalled the first thing he stole: Snapping candy bracelets.
  • Also liked stealing security tags in alarm clocks, “get high on it (stealing)”.
  • His big role before Twilight was Harry Porter, after which he got into a play but was fired 5 days before opening, without knowing the reason.
  • Rob said he looked like a mess at the 5th Harry Potter premiere red carpet, because he was eating In and Out all the time in LA.
  • He was looking sweaty and chubby, and was probably the reason why people wrote in to protest when he got the role of Edward based on those red carpet photos.
  • For playing Salvador Dali, he had to wax his whole body. For masturbation scenes, he wanted to really do it only if it came as a surprise to people (not at their suggestion).
  • Twilight series are teenage films, he felt that teenage romance should be serious, not smiley and happy.
  • Producer highlighted the smiles, he highlighted the frowns on the script. They felt that he has gone too miserable. to watch how he almost got kicked out for that.

On Twilight craze and Fame:


  • Goes in waves, not being able to walk down the street is “pretty nuts”
  • No one is looking at you, and if they are looking, they are not seeing the same thing. 

HS: Is it fun or is it a headache?

Rob: “Both. It is definitely a ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“… I wasn’t ready for that kind of evaluation (the intensity while also dating your co-star).”

HS: Do you think it is inevitable, is it advisable to fall in love with you co-star? Good thing or a bad thing?

"On the first Twilight, it was very different. Later on, people noticed the difference, you upset many people, you suddenly have the power and you don’t know what it is.“

  • Rob did therapy years later *when the movies ended*, had to know that the previous life doesn’t exist anymore.
  • At 26. He was feeling secure up until the last one. “Impossible to think you will repeat yourself.”
  • He had a massive freak out at the first Twilight premiere. He was embarrassed by he interview he did, promoting it like an indie. He left and ran out and left the country. “I’m done” and stayed 6 months away.
  • He renegotiated after that.

About Good Time and filming in New York

  • “If you made yourself grimy enough, you can escape being noticed”
  • He would love to get caught doing that (sell porn) now
  • He is very, very happy about good reviews on Good Time
  • It is going to take him 10 years after the Twilight series, to come up with other movies. Meantime, he tried all different angles (of movies and acting).

About Superhero movies    

  • To do one, you have to sign up for 8 movies. He cannot do it, after 5 movies with Twilight.
  • Because it is a commitment to work with a huge machine.

About acting method, and learning accent.

  • Multi-impression. Everyone is from Queens. Very specific dialect. He picked it up by immersing himself with his co stars who are all from NYC.
  • Connie is, ”He’s just a narcissistic psychopath” instead everyone commented that “he loves his brother so much.”

About Fifty Shades of Grey

  • He hasn’t seen it.
  • “I know the writer of the book. Met her a Chateau Marmont, just as “a lady from England”. I was forcing her to tell me every one of her fantasies.”*laughs*
  • That role  “just needs to work out too much”
  • HS : Do you go to gym? “One week on, 3 months off”.

About dick, fights and endorsements

  • “Very hard to confront a guy who is trying to take a picture of your dick.”
  • Rob’s last major fight was when he was 18,19.
  • Rob was looking like a punk with a half-shaved head in Toronto at a bar. Met a guy who is half a foot taller, taking pic of him. *He smacked that guy*.
  • Turned down a multimillion dollar deal to be the face of Burberry. “How did you find that? That is crazy…” he asked HS
  • HS :Why accept endorsement deal with Dior?

Rob: “… I always tried to avoid from being put in a box. Burberry being kind of British, always known to not wanting to be known as British (keep it vague). Dior was less vague as British.”

About audition, music and relationships. ·        

  • He goes in audition as a character with an American accent
  • HS : Do you play music?  He could “fool people for about a minute and a half,” learned guitar from listening to Van Morrison. playing basic F, C, G, E chords, kind of have 8 little run..
  • HS: Song writer? “2 years to write a song.” 

HS: Well your fiancé is…

HS: “Well you’re engaged, right?”,

Rob: “Kind of…”*laughs*

HS: WHAT? You the “Secretive with relationship guy…protective”? …I never get that, I think part of the fun being with a woman is march around with her.

  • HS: The woman…you are with, FAQ?….“Yeah, she is amazing yeah…FKA Twigs…she is like super talented…Totally different one”.
  • HS: Do you call her like FKA?…”Call her…yeah Twigs basically. That was her nickname
  • HS: “I wonder if you’ll get married.” …*LAUGH*
  • HS: “It is hard decision for a guy like you. You can have anyone.”

Rob: “I don’t know about that…Not really.”

“…Being an actor, it ACTUALLY kind of narrows things down…  you get kind of paranoid. Most people may think they want a relationship with you. Then they realised, this is not what I want AT ALL. There is a big imbalance in the relationship.”

About trolls (online)

  • “They are professional trolls. Addicted to wanting to cause hurt and pain. Most difficult thing. They are faceless enemy. Nuts, random names. Different countries somewhere. Fake to them, real in your life.”
  • “Like you know there is one room in your house, where people talk nasty things about you. When you are down, you start listening to the whispers.”
  • (If you attack) you are feeding it. You feel less powerful, like attacking your reflection in the water. You’ll look crazy. 

About working with the Safdie Brothers and Academy award

~ See Josh’s instagram vidoe below. I couldn’t transcibe properly“ LOL

Rob : “Just do what I did…bla bla bla bla. *quick hand movements*

  • “I am just so happy that people liked it (Good Time).”
  • “ I just knew something was going on.”
  • “That is how I always try to get jobs basically. No one is going to know your taste better than you.”

Rob said “I will forgive you (the trolls)”, if they watch Good Time over and over again.

>>>The full interview was 1 hour. Talking about his “relationship” 5 minutes. The bulk of it was Twilight, auditioning, Good Time etc.

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Jensen's dream about how the show will end:

“I can see it right now. It’s just one scene. Think: Middle America, Big Sky country. It’s just wheat fields as far as the eye can see, and there’s an intersection, a crossroads, oddly enough.

I drive up in the Impala, and I park in the middle of the intersection. There’s nobody for miles.
I get out of the car and I look in the distance — and it’s like Lawrence of Arabia when Omar Sharif was running up with the camel — I just see this thing coming in the distance, and it gets closer and closer and closer and closer.

It’s a guy on a motorbike. And we never really see his face.
He’s got a helmet on. But he walks up and I give him a nod, and I take a walk around the Impala very slowly and I walk back over to him and I hand the keys to him. And he takes off his helmet — we don’t see who it is — he hands the helmet to me and hands me the keys to the bike.

From his back, he gets in the car and I watch the Impala drive off.
And then I turn and I look at the bike that’s got one seat. And I put the helmet on, start the bike, [give] one last look to the Impala, it’s now gone, and I take off. Because I don’t need the extra seat anymore.

And I even have the soundtrack in my head. There were no words spoken. I had this swelling score. It was like some Robert Zemeckis film.”


Sherlock closes his eyes so the last thing he sees in case his plan doesn’t work is John.


:) new b99 promo finally

Once more, with feeling. A first pass at how I imagine my MC from @thearcanagame looks like.

I figure he came from a wealthier family before he ran off to do magic [and they lost much of their wealth for ~reasons~] which is why he still tries to dress so fancy [a bit difficult on a budget, so he forced himself to become proficient with a needle and a thread].