Will You Be Lime? (Stiles Stilinski imagine)

Summary: in which Stiles has an affinity for terrible pickup lines and decides he wants to win you over. 

Warnings: just a couple of curses here and there

Word count: 2.9k

A/N: this is…this is just really fun. It’s also what I’d like to describe as ‘Hannah got a stupid idea and decided to roll with it’. I completely blame @truthorclifford for this tho - Mason’s pickup lines are incredible and 100% inspired this fic lmao. Happy reading! :)

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“Hey, Y/N, heads up!”

At the sound of a loud voice, you snapped your head up to see a large object hurtling through the air, headed straight towards you. Letting out a small yelp, you dropped your pen and managed to catch the thing, your heart racing.

“Stiles!” You exclaimed, hands shaking. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“Sorry,” he offered, coming to a stop in front of your table. He looked down at you, grinning like a madman. “Do you like it?”

“You…” You broke off, turning the piece of fruit in your hands. “You got me a lime?”

“That’s not all,” he prompted, rocking back on his feet. You squinted at it, letting out a short laugh a moment later.

“Why’d you hand me a lime with your number on it?” You asked, confused not even beginning to describe how you felt.  

Overwhelmed by laughter, Stiles had to take a moment before replying. “It’s a pickup lime!”

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fuck off || patrick hockstetter

Could I ask for a Patrick Hockstetter x Reader, where he just relentlessly flirting with her and is grabbing on her and then one day she just claps back and gives him a taste of his own medicine?

-ok so I wrote this one time and it got deleted, so I’m sorry if it’s not as long as it would’ve been prior. request something xx


Thank god for Fridays. I slammed my locker shut, grabbing my homework for the weekend, just a sociology worksheet. Eddie and Richie had asked me to drive them to the arcade, which I agreed to, but I didn’t wanna go with them. I just wanted to go home and go to sleep.

There was no one left in the halls, except a stray freshman begging his teacher for extra credit. I started walking to the front lot, where my car was located and where Eddie and Richie were waiting for me.

As I opened the front door to the glorious outdoors of Derry, I was greeted with the face of Patrick Hockstetter and Henry Bowers. Nope.

“Hey there Princess. Where you going?” Patrick asked me as I tried to push past him and Henry, only to be yanked back by Patrick tugging on the strap of my backpack.

“Uh- Home?” Could this kid stop talking to me? Him and Henry were perverts and they would never stop touching me and making suggestive comments.

“Why don’t you come back with me to my house? My parents aren’t home.” Patrick smirked inching closer to me. I slowly backed away…right into the chest of Henry.

“Dude tell your girlfriend to stop coming onto me.” Henry said chuckling, shoving me into Patrick.

I usually was the type to be scared of them, but today I was not having any of it. “I am not his girlfriend.” I shouted, snarking. Patrick and Henry looked at each other surprised, then continued to laugh and poke fun at me.

I looked in the distance to see Eddie and Richie standing at my car, fighting over who got to ride shotgun, good… they weren’t even looking for me.

Patrick suddenly grabbed my ass, and I immediately pushed him off. “Henry, this shit is fat.” I furrowed my eyebrows in disgust.

“You guys are fucking perverted. Stop touching me.” I angrily commented, walking away.

“Aw look, the little brat is mad.” Henry said pouting and then shortly chuckling to himself. Patrick ran up behind me and grabbed my hand, “where are we going?” He asked while laughing and Henry started pissing himself.

I turned around to Patrick with a smile on my face. “Hey shitface, if you don’t stop grabbing on me I swear to god I will rip your tiny dick off and put it in a blender. Then I’ll tie you up and make you drink it.” I rudely responded, adding a wink.

“Damn… she’s kinky.” Henry added slapping Patrick on the shoulder. I rolled my eyes and knee’d Patrick and Henry in the crotch.

“See you on Monday boys.” I replied, flipping them both off while strolling to a shocked Eddie and Richie.


request something you guys I need more ideas!

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A Little More Than A Lesson Plan // S. Reid

Prompt: You’re my college professor and I got a C on my test, oops…”

This is my piece for ( @spencerdamnreid ) Mish’s 4K Writing Challenge, and I’m actually kind of proud! This is my first Spencer smut (that I’ve posted…I think)

I also just wanna say sorry for my inactivity & FOR FUCKING 812 FOLLOWERS AHHHHH!!!!! THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH 

Warnings (??): Smut, Unprotected sex, Swearing, Choking(?? he grabs your neck for like four second)

Enjoy??? I guess???

(There’s definitely some typos cause i suck)

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Not Good

Inspired loosely on real events. Loosely as shit, I mean. Also, I might’ve forgotten that I hadn’t done this yet. :D

Also, I accidentally left this open for a sequel out of nowhere? If people like it, I might do it, but, eh, we’ll see.

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Challenge: @luci-in-trenchcoats AU & Things Challenge x
Words: 1kish
Y/N has a bad end to her week
Warnings: Some swearing, because I can’t control myself
Prompt: Mechanic!AU

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Seventeen All Units Reaction: “S/O is a Teacher”

Just a shoutout to the anon who requested this since I lost your request by accident and coudln’t put it at the beginning! :( sorry, you’re such a cutie!! <3 So! here’s a reaction to Seventeen dating someone who is a teacher! <3 Luna

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! I will state what gifs are mine!!*


*gif by me*

“Hey Coups!” you called as he walked through the front door not long after you. Food was on, and you were busy grading papers - which is always such a delight…but the minute he walked through the door he made you smile. 

“Hey Y/N,” he walked over kissing you on the cheek, it was a small gesture but since you two had been dating a while it was all that was needed. 

You could feel the weight of the day disappearing as he sat opposite you. “You’ll never guess what this one kid did today!” you burst out, twisting the pencil through your hair and pinning it back. 

“Literally, this kid during assembly just right out popped while the whole room was silent…” 

Seungcheol face lit up. “Popped?” he laughed grinning from ear to ear. “Like…” 

“Yes fart…anyway I could not cope I had to leave during the speech I was laughing that hard! The tears were streaming down my face…” His eyes widened at your stories. Seungcheol loved it when you came home and told him all the weird things that tended to happen in school. It set a brightener on his day just knowing you were happy. 

“You’re twenty four Y/N! You shouldn’t find things like that funny!” he sniggered kicking you gently under the table. 

“Says you, I couldn’t get you off the bloody climbing frame at the park the other day!” 


*gif by me!*

Jeonghan was already home when you stumbled through the front door. Keys jingling between your hands as you wrestled the door with your elbow. Books trailed your arms, your phone balanced between your ear and shoulder, glasses perched delicately on the end of your nose and you were still smiling. 

“Yeah I know!” you laughed down the phone throwing the books onto the nearest table, your bag clattering to the ground at your feet. Jeonghan just stared at you from the sofa. A smile creasing every part of his face as he watched. “I’ve got papers I need to mark, and then I’m going to…Yeah, yeah, I know…yeah…okay I’ve got to go…”

You sighed loudly, smiling at him as you pulled our hair from the clip, kicking off your heels and scurrying over to him. You collapsed onto him while he continued to smirk at you. “Why are you looking at me like that?” you laughed covering your face tired and embarrassed.

“You do know, if you were my teacher…” he bit his lip gently as you belted out into laughter. 

“Oh god Jeonghan!” you grumbled as he peeled your hands from your face. “I hope my students aren’t as dirty minded as you!”


*gif by me!*

“You know what Y/N?” Jihoon asked, throwing another piece of paper across the room slightly missing the bin. “I give up!”

He always let you in the studio with him whenever he was working, much to the other members demise. This was purely because you were always busy, and quiet, on the other side of the room working on preparations for your classes. 

You peered up at him over your laptop as groaned dropping his head against the computer desk. You couldn’t help but smile at him as you slowly padded over to him. “What’s wrong?” you asked quietly rubbing his shoulders. 

“I can’t work out this next verse…” he mumbled into his arms.”It’s just…”

“Right!” you cried, jolting him awake for a moment. You hurried over grabbing your white board marks, and a board. “Shout your ideas to me. What’s the theme of the song? Inspiration?” 

“This isn’t going to work Y/N,” he laughed shaking his head and crossing his arms at you. 

You glared slightly at him. “I do this for a living Jihoon, I know how to get you to embrace ideas! Now, talk to me!”

Jihoon’s song came together quickly because of you. Just because of how easy you found it to bring out the creative parts of your students minds you knew you could make him see his own potential. “You’re so talented Jihoon, just give yourself a break okay?” 

He nodded pecking you lightly on the cheek. “You’re talented too.”


*gif by me*

You had been preparing a class for a good two hours when you had finally had enough. They were making such a racket in the dorm that you couldn’t help what came out of you next.

“Excuse me!” you bellowed, crossing your arms over your chest and tapping your foot against the ground disapprovingly. The whole group were dancing around the living room, singing, just making so much noise you couldn’t concentrate anymore.

“Excuse me!!” you finally shouted crossing the room and turning off the stereo. “It is twelve thirty in the morning! I have class in the morning! You have practice, what do you think you are doing? Are you children?!” 

The other members stilled, but Hoshi just smiled at you. “No,” you warned, trying to contain the smile that was starting to creep over your face. “No, Soonyoung. I’m warning you!”

“Oooh,” you could hear Hansol laugh from somewhere in the room. But, you were too busy keeping an eye on Hoshi as he neared. He placed his hands on your shoulders leaning into your face. “Y/N, it’s Saturday tomorrow. Please chill out.”

Your stomach sank as you covered your face in defeat. “Really?” He nodded, slowly wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “I’m sorry guys, I’m just so stressed…”

Hoshi smiled at you hugging you closer. “Come on Y/N, you need to sleep.”


*gif by me*

You and Joshua were walking through town when he heard your name being called. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched you stop and talk to the students who were very happy to see you. 

“Have a great day guys, I’ll see you on Monday!” You waved goodbye hurrying to catch up with Joshua who was waiting just ahead of you. He took your hand in his unable to wipe the smile of his face.

“What?” you asked as he swung your arm lightly. 

His words were genuine as he said, “You’re such an inspiration Y/N. I mean those students were so happy to see you, you’ve have such a positive impact on their lives…kids need that nowadays…”

You pulled him to a stop, a smile creeping from one edge of your face to the other at his words. For some reason he seemed far more attractive than before, he appreciated you in more ways than one. “Thank you.” 

His eyes sparkled as he linked his arm in yours. “I didn’t think it was possible for me to fall any further in love with you, Y/N.”

You nudged him with your hips, grinning crazily as you tried not to giggle nervously. “You’re so cheesy Jisoo.”


*gif by me*

You were getting ready for work early in the morning, your hair tied back, heels on, coffee cup in your hands as you read through your class cards and papers before you headed off. 

Jun was usually in bed when you left which was why you were surprised to feel his arms wrap around your waist. “What you doing up?” you asked blowing at the steam in your cup and leaning back against him. 

“I could hear you reading for your classes, I didn’t know physics was so interesting…” He peeled the coffee cup from your hands as you spun slowly. His eyes wandered over you, taking in your regular appearance for school he sighed. 

“Y/N, it’s pretty unfair,” he mumbled before taking a sip at the coffee and pulling a face at how bitter you were drinking it. You tucked your cards into your bag turning to grab your coat. 

“What’s unfair Junhui?” you laughed grabbing the cup from his hands and pouring it into a travel cup. He caught your arm a smirk on his lips as he neared closer, “You’ve got brains, looks, and me, I mean it’s unfair for the rest of the world.” Jun winked at you before bursting out laughing.

“I’m going to work,” you mumbled, shaking your head slowly and rolling your eyes. “You never fail to surprise me Junhui!”

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Good Times | Veronica Lodge

You finally meet the infamous Veronica Lodge during your shift at Pop’s, and you guys hit it off to say the very least. Veronica Lodge x female!reader

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You were a waitress at the infamous Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe in Riverdale. It was the go to spot in a town with very little to do, which is why the business was doing so well.

And you loved your job. You got to talk to your friends, many of who came by on a nightly basis, and got to keep all of your tips. It was usually only yourself, Pop, and Hermione working, the older woman giving off weird vibes so you tended to stay away from her.

Your favorite part, however, was talking to Jughead Jones. He was Pop’s most frequent customer. When he wasn’t at school, he was at Pop’s. And he always had a burger or fries in front of him, much of his food being on the house because Pop enjoyed the boy’s presence so much. He was like the restaurants personal, brooding mascot.

When business was slow or you were on break, you’d spend much of your town in the Jughead’s booth, talking with him as he wrote his true crime novel. Often times he would ignore you as you rambled, but you were fine with that. It was like having a diary without the risk of someone finding it and peaking inside.

When Jughead was in the mood to talk, it was almost always about his novel. Or Betty Cooper. Jughead would sometimes run lines that he wasn’t sure enough by you for his novel-or have you talk things through with him when he hit a rough patch. You were known around school as a pretty good writer, having written for the Blue and Gold before it shut down. You were one of the few whose opinion he really trusted.

You didn’t talk much in school, however. Having a completely different set of classes and not sharing a lunch. When you passed each other in the halls, little more than a nod or a small smile would be sent in the other’s direction. Something you were both fine with.

It was a Friday night, and Pop’s was practically empty - aside from you, Jughead, and an older couple getting ready to walk out the door.

You had already wiped down the counters and locked the register, and decided to join Jughead. He was typing away on his laptop as per usual, but you weren’t exactly in the mood to talk anyways. You had a splitting headache and an hour left in your shift. All you needed was a chocolate shake and a seat.

You sat down across from the beanie clad boy, sending him a small smile when he looked up from his laptop. You sipped from your shake and put your head down, praying for the ache to go away.

You lifted your head when the boy tapped lightly on it, a smirk painted on his lips. He was enjoying your suffering, you could tell. He handed you a bottle of aspirin and his half drank water bottle.

“Thank you,” you mumbled, taking two of the pills and taking another sip of your now partially melted shake.

“Any time.” He chuckled, taking a swig of the water, returning back to his novel.

You rested your head against the cool table, ignoring the ringing of the diner’s bell. Whoever it was could wait, you decided. Hermione would be in soon anyways.

You heard the shuffle of footsteps and the distinct clank of heels stop and you an Jughead’s table, though you didn’t even bother opening your eyes. Maybe they would think you were sleeping if your acting was good enough.

“Who might this be?” You heard a prim and proper voice ask, obviously directing the question to the boy across from you.

You swore you heard Jughead roll his eyes. Though maybe that was just how well you knew him. “This is Y/N. She works with your mom, who I’m sure has talked about her a hundred times.” He responded in a monotonous voice.

“I believe what I meant to ask was: what the hell is she doing here with you?” The obviously sassy girl questioned, and still you couldn’t be bothered to open your eyes.

“What Veronica meant to ask was, do you have room for us in your booth?” A sweeter voice asked. You already knew that it was Betty Cooper. Where there was a V, B followed closely behind you had learned.

“Or is this the loner version of a date? You typing away on your laptop and y/n barely conscious. Romantic.”

Jughead sent a swift and shocking kick to your shin causing you to sit up and hiss, rather loudly you might add. He was apparently done entertaining your two guests.

“Asshole.” You grunted, massaging the now probably bruising skin.

“Okay, so not a date.” Veronica concluded, sliding into the seat next to you. “I’m Veronica Lodge.” She grinned, holding her hand out for you to shake. A hand that had more poise then your entire being in complete honesty.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N.” You replied, shaking her hand with a raised brow.

You sent Betty a small smile, having talked to her a bit at school, her seeking your advice for reopening the Blue and Gold. She had even offered you a spot on the paper, but you declined in order to take another shift at Pop’s. You could use the money.

You returned your gaze to your now completely melted shake, grimacing at the luke-warm drink. You excused yourself from the table, apologizing to Veronica who had to move from her seat.

“I’m gonna make myself another. Can I get you two anything?”

“One strawberry and one vanilla shake please.” Veronica ordered, sending you a sweet smile. One that you’d admit did stir up a weird feeling in your belly. You dismissed it as symptoms from your passing migraine.

You walked to the counter, dusting off your skirt and getting to work. You quickly whipped up three shakes - purposefully leaving Jughead out for injuring your shin.

When you returned to the table Veronica already had her eyes on you, specifically the exposed skin that your uniform left bare. She had a devious smirk painted on her berry colored lips, her back now pressed against the window in your booth.

You placed the shakes down in-front of their rightful owners. You tossed Jughead a straw, your eyes going between him and Betty’s shake with a smirk. If he wanted a drink he could share. You were petty like that.

Veronica went to hand you a twenty dollar bill to pay for the drinks. You put your hand over hers, gesturing for the girl to keep her money. “It’s on the house.” You insisted.

Veronica bit her lip, eyeing you then the drink. “If you insist.” She shrugged, taking a big sip from her strawberry shake while watching you drink from yours.

Veronica was taken from you and you’d shared less then 100 words with the girl. The way you carried yourself was much different from anyone that she’d ever met and it intrigued her. If you could get Jughead Jones to open up to you Veronica was positive you could do literally anything.

Including making her own heart skip a few beats.

You continued conversing with the teens, grinning at Jughead whenever his eyes lit up from hearing Betty talk. You had never seen the boy crushing so hard before. It made you smile for sure.

Meanwhile you yourself were experiencing some feelings towards the brunette beside you. She was not your usual type at all. Veronica was much more sophisticated then you usually went for, and here you were blushing like a mad woman every time her gaze dropped to your lips, or her leg brushed up against yours under the table.

When Hermione entered Pop’s to take over your shift, you decided.

“I’m gonna head out.” You told the group, snapping Betty and Jughead from their little haze. You reached over and grabbed your jacket and purse from beside Veronica. Jughead sent you a small wave and Betty smiled at you.

“I’ll walk you out.” Veronica grinned, grabbing her own jacket and slipping it over her shoulders.

You waited for her to stand up, falling in step with the clank of her heels against the tile floor.

“I had a good time talking with you tonight.” Veronica said with a soft smile. “I wish we could’ve done this sooner. You would’ve been a great ally for my first day.”

You laughed lightly, holding the door open for the now blushing girl. “Well we know each other now and that’s all that matters”, you assured.

“Well maybe, now, we can get to know each other even better.” She grinned, holding out a slip of paper with her number written in a neat scrawl.

“I’d like that very much.” You replied, taking the paper from between her perfectly manicured fingers. You tucked the slip of paper in the pocket of your uniform, brushing loose strands of hair from in front of your eyes.

When you looked up Veronica’s eyes were still on you, a smile smile still painted on her berry colored lips. She leaned in a placed a soft kiss on your cheek, no doubt leaving a lipstick stain on the skin, not that you minded of course. “I’ll see you on Monday.” She giggled, walking back into the restaurant.

You could see Betty jumping up to meet the girl, having obviously watched your interaction from her and Jughead’s booth. It was the first time in a while that you were actually excited for school.

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The Taste Of The New Kid {Kim Yugeyom}

Prompt: 31 for yugyeom?????? I wasn’t sure if you still did it. Luv yaaaa

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Word Count:1.9k

Warning: blowjob,

Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || Smut Game 3 || Smut Game 4 || Smut Game 5 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist || Monsta X Masterlist

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Vic shamelessly flirting with her fans.

Everyone needs an inspiration

Summary: Tom is your typical outsider, but that didn’t bother him. One day he had to write a story and met a girl, who changed his life in the most beautiful way.

Random: This is kind of inspired by the movie “ The perks of being a wallflower”.

Tags: @iamnesta (Tell me if you want to be tagged in my next one!)

Tom was never the most popular boy ever. He was more in the background, hiding in books, trying to draw not too much attention to himself.It was like any other regular day, the super popular kids slamming his books out of his hands, the girls laughing at him. Yes it’s just like any other day.Last period, Mr. Anderson. He liked Mr. Anderson, he’s not that kind of teacher that basically speed speaks, not minding if students understand him. No he takes his time, for every single student, not complaining about the fact that he has to explain something for about fifteen times.

Everything was like the usual, he was probably the only one who was actually paying attention to Mr. Anderson and what he was talking about.Self acceptance. What a weird thing. It was a weird thought, being able accept everything about yourself. After his aunts death, he kept seeing her face in front of him. Every damn day. As soon as he was in his room, alone with his thoughts, she was there again. She died in a car accident, on her way to buy his birthday present. She was the only one who really understood him and when she died he thought it was his fault. From that moment on he was never the same.

“Alright class, we have about five minutes left. I’d like to tell you your homework now.”
Groaning noises from all the students. Well what do they expect?He was talking for the entire lesson, none of the students have said anything. “I want you to write about a person, no matter if it’s fictional or real, it doesn’t matter. The one thing I want to really see, is why exactly that person. There are many possibilities, so take your time. You have six weeks, so it’ll be a homework over the holidays.”
Again groaning from everyone.
“Alright class dismissed. I won’t see you until after the holidays. I’ll be at a business trip, which means no literature class for you guys. Have a great holiday. Oh and by the way, this homework will be an important point for your grade, so I suggest you to actually do it.”

And that was it. Friday was survived, finally. He took his time, which caused him to be the only one in the school halls. They were empty, just like he felt.
A sweet voice pulled him out of his toughts.”Hi uhm excuse me.” As he turned around he saw a girl, about his age and his height. She was breathtaking. Words like stunning, beautiful or gorgeous weren’t acceptable words to describe her. “Uhm do you happen to know where I can find the principal?” He realized the haven’t said anything yet, which caused him to panic a little bit. “Yes, uh, of course. Do you want me to walk you or..”She smiled before saying “That’d be lovely, thank you.”They started making their way through the empty hallways, heading to the principals office.
“I- I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name earlier, what was it again?” Again, he found himself day dreaming. “It’s, uhm, Tom, my names Tom.” A smile started to grow on her face again. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.” “Are you new here?” “Yes,me and my dad moved here about five days ago.”

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anonymous asked:

listen if you wrote jeremwood fake dating i would D I E --ryanthepowerbottomguy

Fuck dude I know I was texting you while I was writing this but fuck I really should not listen to slow music while writing I made myself emotional over here. Like, I’m just over here fucking myself up. Hot damn. Holy fuck. Thanks for the fucking amazing prompt. Hope you like it! 

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