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Where can I find the tweet about the latest Sam sighting. The one that said he's not with Cait.

Sorry.  I’m not going to publish it.  It was rubbish. 

For starters, she didn’t tag Sam (as everyone does who has seen him) because she didn’t want him to see her tweet about him when she knows he wasn’t where she said he was.  She said she was walking down the street, and passed by Sam and some other celebrity but then said maybe they were just lookalikes. Then somehow said Sam was sitting somewhere with a woman – I don’t know how you can simultaneously walk down the street and see Sam sitting somewhere – but she got so excited she went back twice to make sure and said he was with a woman but her hair was different than Cait’s but somehow even though she went back twice to see she couldn’t manage a description of the woman nor did she think to take a picture, despite how excited she said she was to see him. 

That’s what’s called rubbish.  And then, to top it off, I got an ask in my inbox asking me to comment on this sighting and the person said they were “worried” because I hadn’t said anything about it.  When I get “worried” shippers who come to me for clarification, 9 times out of 10 they’re monkeys trying to stir shit up and give credence to fake information

I know these set-ups and I know how they work and I can smell them a mile away.  And when I saw people speculating about whether or not it could have been Sam’s mom, or his friend who owns the dog Jasper, I realized that people were actually thinking this stupid tweet was true.



1. [권스포] 익숙함에 무뎌진 그대들이여, 나 쉬운 남자아니에요 #호시 #세븐틴상사 #전략기획팀 #권부장 see u at 00:00

Translated (Roughly) : [ Volume Spokane] - familiar as you mudyeojin Sirs , I ’m not an easy man Seventeen boss # # # Hoshi Strategic Planning Team # Volume Manager see u at 00:00

2. [SEVENTEENNEWS] 10/09/15 00:00

What I've learned about the VMA's without actually watching it

● Nicki Minaj has cured the sick and made the blind see again
● Miley Cyrus is dead because Nicki fucking slayed her racist ass
● Taylor Swift and Nicki are on good terms again
● Miley has committed career suicide as well
● Justin Bieber looks like a 40 year old white suburban mom who wants to see the manager
● Kanye West is a good father/human being
● Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are making very powerful statements that go over the media’s head
● Jaden Smith brought a carton of milk to the VMA’s

Photographed - JUSTIN HYTE
Makeup - (on Anna) ANNA WEBBER (on Kenza) ANTHEA KING for See Management
Models - KENZA for Elite Model Management and ANNA SOPHIE for Q Model Managemet NYC

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Adrianna Papell Fall 2015 Campaign

Photography/post production | Sandbox Studio
Producer | Stacey Quick
Photographer | Jason Brownrigg
Model | Isabella Oberg @ Wilhelmina Models
Stylist | Elena Vazintaris
Hair | Miok @ Judy Casey Inc
Makeup | Charlotte Day @ See Management

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when scully becomes assistant director, they totally can afford a nice house in the suburbs and mulder totally knows all of their neighbors names and is already in a weird hate relationship with the guy across the street who made a snide comment about the apple tree mulder planted in the backyard

mulder hosts a monthly poker game, and originally it’s just the lone gunmen and that one neighbor who told mulder she liked his flying saucer weathervane (it turns out she used to work at a casino out in vegas. They lost a lot of money and frohike’s watch before mulder caught onto that one, and moved her to dealer instead.)

but the news of the game gets out, and a couple guys from the neighborhood ask if there are a couple extra seats—and then a couple more. And then a couple more.

the poker game becomes notorious throughout the neighborhood, invitations from mulder a cause for Sneaky Suburban One-upmanship And scully works long hours and her head is mostly at the FBI, but she starts to notice people around the neighborhood are much nicer to her??? and they always drop hints about being free thursday night. It doesn’t really click until one day she comes home from work and opens the fridge and finds half a dozen tupperware containers with kuegel and pie and a case of imported beer she’s certain mulder didn’t buy, plus there are baseball tickets for a game next weekend beneath a magnet on the fridge, and mulder mentions a standing invitation to be in someone’s golf foursome.

(scully helps herself to the pasta salad and wonders if mulder is naturally stubborn, or just deliberately waited to become a shadowy kingpin until there wasn’t a Smoking Man or a Syndicate who wanted him to be.)

(………..she really isn’t sure which.)


Hayffie Week, Day 4 - AU 

Jurassic World AU - Raptors Out of Containment 

“Sweetheart, listen to me. These raptors,” he spat the word out, “are hunters. You don’t deny 65 million years of hunting instinct. Right now, you have to assume that you have no control. I know that’s a difficult concept for someone who likes to schedule everything to the minute detail but you’re not in control and you’ve never been in control. You cannot control dinosaurs, Effs.”

Niall feels clumsy. His hands feel big on Harry’s shoulders, his touch rough against soft skin where his fingers are pressing in against the bones. He feels like he’s maybe taken on more than he can handle - like he’s overestimated his own abilities and is left here, gripping on to Harry as if he’ll be able to gasp out a solution and tell Niall how to make himself useful.

He staggers forward a step, crowding against Harry’s chest with his nails still sinking into Harry’s flesh, settling into the warmth that envelopes him – the same one that comes out in ragged huffs of breath from between Harry’s lips; shallow and desperate and tearing at Niall’s insides with how scary they sound.

Take a deep breath,” he manages to get out, urging, almost panicking as his grip of Harry’s shoulders tighten as if he’ll be able to press the command into Harry, forcing him to do it. “Please.”

He doesn’t know if Harry hears, thinks that there might be more to grasp in his eyes than his words with the way he’s watching Harry, tense with concern while his heart beats away the minutes under his skin. He thinks he might be going against his own advice, notes how his lungs are burning with the air he’s trapping along with fear in his chest, but then it eases – the pressure underneath his bones seeping out as he watches the way Harry’s chin wobbles, lips trembling with the force of his first proper exhale since Niall blurted his question from inside the shower.

“Okay?” he murmurs, forcing his fingers to flex, sliding his hand up to the side of Harry’s neck where his thumb can swipe along Harry’s jawline.

Harry nods, slowly, his head tilted vaguely to the side as if he’s scared to shake Niall off. His cheeks are tinted with a shade of pink that is bright enough to shine through his tan and Niall doesn’t think it’s from exertion – thinks it’s simply a hint of embarrassment. Thinks it’s beautiful. Thinks it’s one of many reasons why he blurted his question in the first place.

“Yes,” Harry whispers, cutting his shock out of the scene as if it never happened, as if he never choked on surprise before he followed Niall’s question up with a string of, “Yeah – I – Yes.”

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why do you love baekhyun?

he just really motivates me, i look at him and i see someone who managed to become a trainee in their 20′s (despite the fact that many others had years and years of experience past him) and never used that as an excuse to feel sorry for himself or to slack whatsoever, instead he choose to work twice as hard and practice hours and hours after the others just to get his spot in exo, he always makes light of his training period now but to have achieved so much in such a short period of time requires such incredible hard work and every trainer who’s spoken of him has only ever praised how strong-willed and hard-working he is, through baekhyun, i see someone who broke himself in to pieces just to fit, who had to change his vocal style last minute and restructure it to fit the sound the group needed to produce (which i know is incredibly hard to do especially when you’re used to styling your voice a certain way), the boy with no dancing practice whatsoever get thrust upon hours and hours of rehearsing what the rest already learned, who had to stay back for hours just to get everything right, the boy who had to get used to 11 other unfamiliar faces at the time who were already familiar with one other, and through it all he never once complained and yet he managed to take the spot as main vocal all through dedication and preservation alone, he’s never ever complained about his position or what he’s had to do to get to where he is and i’ve always admired that, the fact that he always holds himself so happily and so optimistically no matter what, the minute he debuted he went out with confidence and brought up the team’s morale despite his own anxieties and completely took the lead as the group’s variety member, and even today, despite all the hatred thrown his way, he just continues to extend happiness and light for everyone without a care, he doesn’t care how foolish he comes across or how silly or annoying he’s perceived, i don’t even think he thinks about him at all, it’s always about making everyone else smile, making everyone happy, in any opportunity he gets he always says that the only wish he has is for everyone to be happy, and even until now despite everything, he takes it upon himself to make sure everyone’s smiling, that he’s done everything he can to make everyone happy, even for something so simple, he works so hard, after all these three years, all i’ve ever seen him do is improve as a performer, he does so much to work on his craft, to be better, to work harder, never making excuses for himself or saying he’s too tired or too shy or too small, he grabs every opportunity he can and makes sure he shines as brightly as he can while making everyone else warm through that process and it’s really amazing, it’s really motivating to me, there’s so many reasons to love him, so many wonderful things i’ve observed but i think the most simple explanation is that i’m stanning someone who makes me proud to stan them everyday, someone who gives me inspiration and motivation and makes me want to work just as hard as them, he’s a really great guy and from the minute i heard his voice i just knew i would have to love him for a long time