silly guard n thieves things me and Spindle were making up hehe

Carter is not actually an Obj head, but an invisible man. He and Fernando are partners. He’s the more serious one- one parts cocky the other parts bashful. They have a weird love/hate relationship that can either get very brotherly or very competitive depending on the mood. He’s the more serious one. He likes leaving little gifts for people he likes or feels bad for robing. They tend to be unfortunate though, like actual literal diamonds.

Sonia is the camera head- she’s younger than her partner Armando but she’s much more grounded and decent at her job. She likes that Armando is a spazz, it makes work a little more interesting. Much slower and more cautious/thorough. She is actually very sensitive under her work mode guise and she’ll often replay memories or past words, good or bad, over again if they stick. Has a weird ‘???’ thing for Fernando (I don’t think she knows its Armando’s bro)


@deceitfullyobservant (Looks @ Eve)