Mitigating security risks - IBM Patent 9560075

To combat data breaches, IBM researchers created an AI system that detects and deters would-be hackers by luring them down into dead-ends. Patent 9560075 proactively baits hackers into messaging and email exchanges, leading them to needlessly spend valuable time and resources on nonexistent leads. The system can potentially reduce security risks associated with “phishing” and other malicious activity.

This is just one of the record-breaking 9,000+ patents IBM received in 2017. Explore more patents->  

Ok, so, Freddy is playing with his *state-of-the-art* 2007 cellphone,

trying to figure out where Shaggy’s gotten off to.

Abruptly, their call is cut short, leaving them with as little information as ever.

Fearing the worst, Daphne suggests–

–to Velma’s apparent irritation–

–that Fred use his 2007 cellphone to… wait, track where Shaggy is?

…which he can? Instantly?

Just because Freddy called him on the phone once?

…hold on a second.

Is Freddy the NSA?

In the Event of a Black Out

As I live in a part of the US that just got dragged by a winter storm and is about to get dragged again tomorrow, I thought I’d write a power outage post. 

  1. Know where your first aid kit is. Make sure it’s fully stocked with bandages, burn cream, gauze, etc. If you’re stuck in the middle of a serious storm, emergency crews may not be able to respond as quickly as they normally would. Be prepared. See also: Safety - First Aid Basics
  2. Make sure that all of your flashlights are working. Buy extra batteries and keep them in storage. Not just AAA, buy AA or whatever ever type your devices use.
  3. I just bought myself a rechargeable lantern on Amazon for $25. Go order yourself one. Much safer than candles!
  4. Get yourself a universal charger power bank. I got one at my local bargain store for $8, Amazon is selling this fancier one. This way you can ensure that your phone stays operational. You can also charge your phone by using your computer. Or your car charger if it safe to go outside.
  5. Download a couple movies or TV shows to watch on your computer. Fully charge your computer, unplug it, and turn it off. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re super bored.
  6. Depending on how rurally you live, you may not have water during a black out. If you live in a city and use municipal water, you should still have hot water during a black out. If you have a well or other source of water, you will have a limited supply. Fill your tub with water. Fill buckets with water. Stock up on water! If just to use to flush your toilet. Literally you may not be able to flush your toilet, you may have to pour additional water into your toilet to be able to flush it. Be prepared.
  7. Speaking of that- make sure you have all of the toiletries you need. 
  8. Make sure you have plenty of bottled water. Like, more than you anticipate needing. You can always just use it some other time.
  9. Make sure you have lots of non perishable food. Fruit, protein bras, trail mix, peanut butter and jelly for sandwiches, etc. If you fridge becomes room temperature, your food will good bad and you will have to throw it out. If it’s cold outside (winter), just stick your eggs and milk and whatever else on your porch. Use nature’s refrigerator. PS- your freezer should stay colder longer than your fridge, but it will defrost after two days or so as well.
  10. Use candles. But use them safely. Don’t leave a candle unattended for a long period of time. A fire in the middle of a black out is NOT what you want.
  11. If it’s cold outside and your power goes out, be prepared to hunker down. Make sure you have lots of heavy blankets, long johns, fluffy socks, etc. You will need these to stay warm! If you do have municipal water and still have working hot water, you can also fill a hot water bottle up and use that for a while. Or you can use your fireplace (safety) to stay warm. Always extinguish all fire and candles before you go to bed.
  12. You can also pull down blinds and shades on windows to keep in the warmth. Or a window winterization kit can help. You can also use towels or pieces of clothing to bunch under doors to keep them more insulated. 
  13. If you have a gas stove, you should be able to use just the stove part to cook food. Turn one of the burners to “lite” (you should hear the clicking noise) and use a match or lighter to light the fire. Then adjust it to your desired temperature. If you don’t have gas, you will need to rely on no-cook meals. Or you can prep non-perishable meals ahead of time.
  14. Make sure your pets are taken care of! Black outs can be a stressful time for pets, especially if it is stormy outside. Make sure your pet has enough food, reserve some water for them, and make sure to give them extra love and attention. Don’t take your pet outside to go potty unless you are 100% sure that it is safe.
  15. If you go several days without power and your home is freezing, try to spend as little time possible there. Your pets can snuggle up in blankets and use their fur to stay warm, just so long as your home stay above 40 degrees. You cannot. Get yourself to a public space: a cafe, library, college center, etc and hang out there. Charge all of your devices. Eat a hot meal. Stay warm.
  16. You can also contact your local county office to find out about emergency services. They will have a list of locations that can offer you free wifi, charging capabilities, bottled water, etc. Utilize these facilities! Get out of your home and stay warm!
  17. If you know about the storm beforehand, do some clean up around your home. Clean all the dishes, do all the laundry, organize things so you don’t trip over them in the dark, etc.
  18. If a friend or family member has power, contact them and find out if you can take a shower and recharge your things at their place for a while. If you power is out for a prolonged time and there isn’t an ETA on when it will be back, find somewhere else to stay where there is power.
  19. Most electric companies have some sort of customer communication system when their is a power out. My electric company sends me texts giving me ETA’s on when I can expect my electricity to turn back on. They also alert me when they think there will be mass outages. Sign up for a text service if at all possible.
  20. Stay SAFE! Do not leave your home in the middle of the storm. Do not drive, walk, bike, take public transport, whatever in the middle of a storm. Do NOT approach trees that have fallen down. Stay 30 feet back from down power lines. Report all trees and down power lines immediately to your electric company. Stay in touch with family and friends to make sure that everyone is alright, but do not attempt to help someone in the middle of a storm. Contact the authorities and get a trained professional to do it. Safety should always be your priority!

Your bag was secured before the ends of the earth were decided on. You’re chasing things that are already yours. Walk in your purpose. Align yourself with the things you know you’re called to do. Stop stressing over things that have already been written. Just walk in it.