“When Masser is Waning and Secunda shines bright, the unassuming Alfiq are born. The Alfiq are nearly indistinguishable from the common housecat, yet they are just as much Khajiit as their brothers. They possess Khajiit’s keen intelligence, and can understand spoken languages, even though they can’t speak it themselves.”

Makes you think twice about the cats roaming the cities.


Jone and Jode. The Khajiit aspects of Masser and Secunda, the two moons that orbit Nirn. Their energies combined forms ja-Kha'jay, the lunar lattice and their many phases are what give the Khajiit form and the reason for the many breeds of cat-folk across Tamriel.

While these guys also show up in Elven pantheons, I’ve drawn them as Khajiit, because I don’t draw the beast races nearly enough and they need some love too.