Secrets of the Masters

An Easy Guide™ to undertale kin/id

sans- amazing skeleton dad , 19/10 makes bad puns and probably has a lotta dark secrets 🎺🎺🎺 shitpost master always speaks in all lowercase and uses the “🅱” emoji

undyne- TALKS IN ALL CAPS !!!!! super cool amazing gay!!!! she’ll change you’re life for the better!!!!! 19/10 voted most likely to die in the next 5 years

alphys- probably an ANIME tht uses “xD” unironically. the actual cutest, most helpful, and also the most gay. also smart and pretty rlly low self esteem. writes A LOT OF FANFIC and has a porn blog 19/10 u smal babby

mettaton- THE MOST FABULOUS ROBOT DAD. will love and accept you. probably wears a fuck ton of makeup all the time. always gives you gifts out of the kindness of their heart :) uses the “~” and calls everyone darling, would probably die if they accidentally misgendered you 19/10 best

asriel- 19/10 smallest and best big brother. loves every1 and most likely crytyped once/ is crytyping right now and LOVES HIS FAMILY !!! super angsty. 19/10 Best Child

flowey - asriel but tsundere, 19/10

toriel- sweetest and kindest momma. LOVES HER FOLLOWERS and probably bakes the best pie. puts others before her own needs. she probably knits sweaters. makes aesthetics for free. TALK TO HER SHELL CHANGE YOURE LIFE!!! 19/10

papyrus- 19/10 best little bro. 100% ridiculous hilarious AND POWERFUL!!! everyone loves the gr8 papyrus. everyone. switches between talking in LOWERCASE TO UPPERCASE RANDOMLY. 19/10 I LOVE YOY PAPYRUS!!

asgore- BEST DAD 19/10 he loves his family and probably laughs a lot. immature dad type, best jokes , best naming skills. dont blame him he did what he had to do!!!

frisk- CUTEST KID!!! flirts with every1 despite being like 11, frisk is THE BEST 👏👏👏👏👏 and types like an excited child 19/10 frisk will cry when they even hears about an animal getting hurt

chara- poor little bby child……..chara is misunderstood and probably listens to “EMO MUSICS” and probably a nice guy!!!!!!! chara we wish you well…. friendliest most tragic and angsty kid 19/10


burgerpants- a train wreck 19/10

gaster- who are you, you elusive being!!! 19/10 stuck in the void

Grillby- ……………….. a silent and mysterious man…. done with sans’ shit 19/10 best and most patient person

tell me if I missed any anyway love y'all

punainenpuolukka  asked:

What do you mean by saying that you're the Lord Varys of the SPN fandom? Because I know only three things about him, as in he's bald, a eunuch and according to a crazy fan theory possibly a secret mermaid, and I don't think you're any of these. Unless you are a secret mermaid of course.

Well, I was going for the whole “Master of Whispers” thing. Lord Varys is basically the head of the Westeros version of the intelligence community. He knows everything going on everywhere.

But I AM a not so secret mermaid…

Master Post

I went through my blog and found some posts that I thought were useful. There’s not a lot yet, but I’ll keep my resource page updated

Witch Tips/Witchcraft 101



Herbalist Related/Etc

Kitchen Witchcraft

Hellenic Polytheism

Deities/General Polytheism

Dramas: The Great, The Good, The Gawd-Awful

This is from my own watch list, and is SOLELY my opinion. With over 60 dramas finished, I have a lot of opinions. Here it is:


  • Coffee Prince
  • Flower Boy Next Door
  • Heart to Heart
  • It’s Okay, That’s Love
  • Kill Me, Heal Me
  • My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
  • Oh My Ghost
  • Splash Splash Love


  • Healer
  • Ex-Girlfriend Club
  • Cheese In The Trap (This one hurts)
  • I Remember You/Hello Monster
  • Marriage, Not Dating
  • Mask
  • My Girl
  • Reply 1988
  • Reply 1997
  • Reply 1994
  • Surplus Princess
  • The Girl Who Sees Smells
  • The Lover
  • Tomorrow’s Cantabile


  • Boys Over Flowers
  •  Bromance
  • EXO Next Door
  • Fabulous Boys
  • You’re Beautiful
  • Falling For Innocence
  • Fated to Love You
  • High School King of Savvy
  • High End Crush
  • I Need Romance Series (ALL 3)
  • Last Cinderella
  • Moon River
  • Murphy’s Law of Love
  • Noble My Love
  • Oh My Venus
  • Oh My Lady
  • One Sunny Day
  • Pretty Boy/Bel Ami/Pretty Man
  • Scent of a Woman
  • She Was Pretty
  • Smile You
  • The Greatest Love
  • The Master’s Sun
  • Witch’s Romance
  • Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go


  • Absolute Boyfriend
  • Flower Boy Ramen Shop
  • Full House Take 2 (The entire FULL HOUSE series really)
  • Hyde Jekyll Me
  • I Order You
  • Just You
  • Madame Antoine
  • Mary Stayed Out All Night
  • Playful Kiss
  • Rooftop Prince
  • Twenty Again/Second Time Twenty Year Old
  • Secret Garden
  • To The Beautiful You
  • Dal Ja’s Spring
  • High Society
  • Heirs
  • Zenyatta: And now it’s time to send in our cute little secret weapon.
  • Genji: I’m ready, Master. I love the nickname.
  • Zenyatta: No, Genji, not you. I was talking about Bastion.
  • Genji: Oh, right. Obviously.
  • Zenyatta: It’s time to make daddy proud.
  • Genji: Yes, Master.
  • Zenyatta: I could not have been more clearly talking to the Bastion unit.
  • Submitted by chronatos

The Great Master marveled at this little snake with no venom, who had learned to dance to make her father smile…and so she had. That night, Viper found courage, a power far more potent than venom.

like ronan is a very capable guardian but i’m sure he’s pretty much a fucking pushover of a disciplinarian … like he will say “don’t fucking curse” but like what is he going to do. mostly he lets her do whatever she wants, and that works out well for them, because mostly what he wants for her and what she wants to do are fairly aligned.

adam is also the good cop with opal alone. every other time he’s the bad cop. but even as good cop he is like. much more responsible about being a pushover imo. he’s the one who goes to the barns after school and sits in the kitchen with opal and tricks her into “helping” him with his latin homework while ronan “cooks” “dinner”.  he always appreciated having an structure as an outlet for… whatever. she should have that.  

like it’s not like he’s the one who has to make sure she gets her vitamins and ronan just lets her run hog-wild bc that’s not it. ronan is a good bro and opal is well cared for. he takes care of her.

but like. adam is the one who sits with a bunch of books at the kitchen table & opal next to him kicking her tiny legs and frowning furiously at a book. 

ronan complains that he and gansey are conspiring to turn the kid into a nerd. opal is bent over a book of ovid (from last year’s class. it’s not actually adam’s homework. it’s english practice for her). she’s scribbling furiously but also she’s eaten the metal eraser cap off the pencil. she’s chewing it and occasionally spitting little metal flakes onto the table. 

“she should have some structure,” adam says. “even if you don’t think it’s right to send her to school.” 

“she doesn’t need school,” ronan grumbles. “she learns everything she needs to know from the great outdoors.” he pokes at whatever’s in the pan with a spatula, which has somehow managed to come out both runny and burnt. they don’t talk abt her, the, complications involved in sending a goat-footed girl to school. 

“uh-huh,” adam says. “opal, do you want to stop helping me with this latin?” 

opal looks at him like he’s ridiculous. “this story has lots of blood and no fucking kissing,” which have been her primary metrics for story enjoyment since she caught ronan and adam making out chastely in ronan’s bed when what she wanted was to crawl in with him. 

“language,” ronan says automatically and perhaps a little sullenly. 

(adam is probably really worried about her fixation on gory imagery but hasn’t decided if this is worth bringing up with ronan yet. like he did some googling and apparently a lot of kids like violent stories? but opal’s got trauma? he worries.)

adam is like “do you really expect me to eat that” & then ronan scowls and scrapes his failed dinner into the garbage - the spatula’s got opal’s teethmarks in it - and they order takeout isntead. and after dinner opal makes ronan and adam and one of the barn cats act out 15 lines out of the story of pyramus and thisbe from her translation. 

anyway if anyone is the bad cop when it comes to raising opal it’s clearly blue.

Where are all the RebelCaptain WWII AUs?

I need Jeanne Erso, whose father, a French physicist, was captured by the Nazis and forced to work on a top-secret weapons project. Unknown to his German masters, he constructed plans to subvert it from within, and sent a young Wehrmacht driver with a message about the weapon to his daughter and the old partisan leader whose band Jeanne had once been involved with. 

I need Casián Andor, Spanish saboteur and freedom-fighter, determined to destroy fascism as a member of the French Resistance, accompanied by his overly-blunt British partner, Kay, a strategist with near mechanical powers of recall and observation. 

I need Imre and Malbusse, veterans of the Great War and former priests, who join with Jeanne and Casián as part of a plan to secretly cross into the Greater German Reich and steal the weapon design, thereby revealing the single flaw built into its system.

I need forged passports, encrypted messages, forest hideouts, poisons and antidotes, pistols hidden in the folds of newspapers, meetings with informants in the dark corners of cabarets, kisses stolen just as the bombs explode. 

I need love and war and death and I need it all right now.