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Free readings are great if you're learning a new method or getting used to a new deck. But both not charging AND / OR being mean to people who charge is bad for the community. Never forget that Divination is a SKILL, and if you're using your skill you should get compensated and so should others.


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State of Emergency.

I cling to other
peoples thoughts
like the blood or ink
stains in the corner
of this room, at
the point where
wall and carpet meet.

You are an emergency,
all ears and smiles,
trying to amputate
your feelings. Once
they are gone
you still feel them
like a phantom limb,
a tiny ghost
of a reminder of what

We meet in the middle,
each armed and ready
with our secrets
where I learn to listen
and you learn to feel
and we both learn
to grow and
let go.


Scars, darling it’s scars in the lech, the dazzling sharp-edged light in the desire, we both know you’ve broken the hold

You’ve been too tired to see, you’ve been blinded by jealousy, I’ve been way too lecherous, fighting for the unknown certainty

You are what you be, what you wanna be, I am whatever you want me to see, it’s lustful love, it’s love with tasty lust

Sterilized the sins by innocent smiles on your lips, love still exists, affection is defined well

We’ve been trading secrets and we’ve been together on one-way street to the moon, we got our path

Enslaved by the truths, intoxicated by the stories of our own, distance doesn’t matter anymore, we’ve been out of sight to stay closer

Look up, what do you see? At least I know no one’s gonna look down on you, no one will despise me anymore

No one’s blaming, it’s been inducing laughter and releasing pain, I wake up this morning with the thoughts of wild desires

Pink lipstick on your lips, jelly-tasty sticky lips, temptation overflows, at least you know how to control your emotion

Delighted by your steady beating heart, you’re finally assured, and nothing’s left for me to ask

Lecherous sweet desire within a broken-hearted who’s been sharing dreams and selling secrets

Night is young and we keep on trading smiles for the sake of  trust, truth, and love