Your weekend entertainment! (you're welcome)

Do you enjoy watching shows about food, fitness and overall healthy living? 

Shows like;

-Supersize vs superskinny

 and Secret eaters

Well, I do! And until now, living in Canada, it has been very hard to find places to watch these (all airing in the UK). Well….

                         ErmmTV has tons of full episodes on YouTube!!!


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Why do the British make such addicting shows? Lol. This is a great little series called Secret Eaters. People volunteer to have their food habits monitored, and they also keep a food diary. What amazes me about this series is that even when people are told to keep a food diary, they many times seriously underestimate the amount of calories they consume by the 1,000s. They do not even have enough self awareness to write down everything they are eating in their food diary and are completely shocked when they are shown evidence of their overeating. 

This relates to naturally thin people in that we tend to overestimate how much we are eating. And since to us it seems like we are eating SO MUCH already, weight gain looks like an impossible dream. In my case I was eating enough calories, but it was simply out of balance. I ate a lot of carbs because I knew those kept me fuller, but I wasn’t eating enough fats or proteins to gain weight. I simply needed to adjust my eating habits by eating a little less carbs and more proteins and fats and I started to gain weight. So the moral of the story is for either successful weight loss or successful weight gain we need to become aware of what we are eating. Then, we need to take the appropriate steps to create a healthier, more balanced diet.  

How is Secret Eaters a legal TV show it’s complete fucking bile

They’ve got these overweight people and they video them 24/7, then show them their lardy breakfasts with a little to-the-calorie counter ticking off however much they’ve had in that little meal, then they fucking guilt-trip them with their sodding partner before that one goes over /their/ footage and the same sodding ordeal, while the voiceover of a woman in a wig with a flimsy blouse sexily, sarcily says choice quotes like “mindless eating” and “you can’t blame the menopause forever!”

Then, not happy with recording people who have consented to it, they go to a greasy spoon and video builders with their faces scrobbled out

And back to the overweight couple in their fifties who are wiping tears from their chubby cheeks and promising to do whatever the pretty woman says, fucking apologising to this presenter who they don’t even sodding know

These programs just make me really fucking sad.
Secret Eaters - Season 2: Episode 4

I just started watching this series and its really making me think twice about my food intake. It’s also making me wish I had a British accent. No but really, if I were to put everything I ate on a table and look at it at the end of the week, would I be disgusted or satisfied with my choices? My goal this week is to keep a 100% honest food journal (maybe throw some pictures in there) and really dissect my diet. I’m excited!

Oh secret eaters, you are an entertaining tv program.

‘I have no idea why I’m so big, I eat really healthy’

As soon as they follow them they discover it’s a constant stream of junk food weighing in at about 4000 calories a day! I don’t get how people can be totally flummoxed and not realise how much they are actually eating! 

On the episode I’m watching 1 guy was drinking 800 cals of orange juice a day which they have told him he has to cut out. Surely the orange is the good part of his diet!!!!

Watching Secret Eaters is crazy. People think they eat a normal amount and they can go upwards of 3000 a day. Ughhhhh. That makes me sick to think about. One woman just ate 2270 in ONE MEAL that’s over 600 more than what I eat in a day. Holy shit.

Does anyone else watch secret eaters?

It’s really irritating me… The first time I watched it, a guy was drinking loads of full fat coke, but then drank only diet coke during the secret filming, so obviously consumer a lot less calories. It seemed like the people who run the programme were like “see you should have diet coke instead, you’ll consume 1000 less calories!”

Why are they not focussing on the HEALTH aspects of coke. Both are horrendous for you, especially if you’re having 2litres a day.

Also, they do experiments like “we’re going to give free hot dogs outside a gym to see who eats them”. Yes, hot dogs are ‘bad’, but you can’t use that as a basis of their whole diet. It’s fucking free, I’d take it! You don’t know what these people eat at home, it might be a cheat day. Mind your own business.

And the one I’m watching now, they’re basically telling people that they can eat as long as they burn it off at the gym…

It’s just annoying me. Health and nutrition should be taught in schools. Of course then fast food businesses would lose money and ultimately, money is all that matters anymore.

I have this weird addiction to diet programmes.
Secret eaters,
Supersize vs Superskinny,
My Big Fat Diet Show,
You Are What You Eat.
It’s getting weird, my mum thinks I have an eating disorder because I don’t eat a lot but I watch all these food programmes.
It just really amuses me to watch people lie to themselves about their diet. Honestly you don’t get to 36 stone by only having a coke and a chocolate bar everyday.
I just really like them.

I love Secret Eaters.

They’re all like “I never eat anything ever”.

And then the woman is like “sit the fuck down, you biscuit eating fuck”. 


LOL. Secret Eaters makes me laugh so much. I love how the people always claim they’re basically on starvation diets, and that they must be suffering some kind of weight gain curse and have no idea why they’re gaining weight and are obese…

Seriously, are they just stupid or what? They’re only kidding themselves. They need to get a grip and take some responsibility. 

"Secret Eaters"

I am in love with this new programme on channel 4…it follows families that don’t understand why they’re getting fat, filming them and following them for a week, gathering all of the evidence and then showing it to them by laying out all of the food on big long tables. How these people don’t see why they’re getting big is beyond me…they’re snacking constantly, skipping breakfast, drinking lots of alcohol and covering foods in mayo and god knows what else! That’s some serious denial right there… it is amazing how many calories they add to their foods in condiments alone! 

As well as this search and destroy mission, the presenter has a little look at the calories in alcohol as one of the extra segments…here is a nice little visual to make you think:

Don’t you just LOVE how there is an M&M advert in the corner of this….lolololol.