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“Theo Ellsworth is a self-taught artist and comics creator. Ellsworth has published two books, including Capacity and Sleeper Car…"  - Full Bio at TCAF site

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TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 11-12, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. More at

The opening spread of Edie Fake’s fantastic new “Sweetmeats”, a foray into occult psychedelia and mysterious low-contrast color printing. Originally part of the Vacuum Horror anthology, this is indeed a seeming horror story, rather a departure from the (also excellent) Gaylord Pheonix series, which just saw its latest installment, and which we’ll also be posting shortly. (Found at the Needles and Pens table at the NY Art Book Fest this weekend).


21 September 2014 | 10AM–6PM Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza, Brooklyn, NY | FREE
Visit the Brooklyn Book Festival website for further details

Koyama Press will be at the Brooklyn Book Festival with Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle who will be signing their latest books Lose #6 and Distance Mover. Swing by booth 815 (shared with the stupendous Secret Acres) for most excellent comics!

11AM-1PM: Patrick Kyle
1-3PM: Michael DeForge


Sean Ford

Notes for photo 1) View of my homemade drawing board. It’s at about a 30 degree angle (for some reason, drawing on an angle feels more official and helps me focus more), but I like that I have flat desktop next to it so my pens and ink don’t go rolling everywhere. I use an ikea desk clamp light. And I have a bunch of pens and brushes in coffee cups next to the desk. You can also kind of see my external hard drive, pencil sharpener, box of white-out pens and the handle to my dusting brush. And there are a few comics pinned to the wall - Spirit no.17 and Uncanny X-men 168. There are a few random images from movies on the wall, too.

Notes for photo 2) This is the small room I use for my studio - my landlord mentioned it as a potential third bedroom, but it is about the size of a twin bed, so I can’t see that working. The way I worked it out with my roommate is he gets the big bedroom and I get the two smaller ones. Anyway, I love this room. I like that it can be a kind of sloppy work space. In this photo you can see my crappy/functional Mustek scanner (under the Jordan Crane print, to the left of the ikea floor lamp). On my desk is my Canon printer, which I was given as a gift years ago and am finally starting to use. If I’m in printing mode, the printer goes on the desk, if I’m in scanning mode, the scanner and printer switch places. To the right of all that is my trusty Mac and computer speakers. Then to right of that is my drawing board. There are schedules and rulers pinned to the wall. I always like to have a visual schedule/calendar mapped out for myself. Oh, under the printer you can kind of see my piles of paper. I mainly use 14" x 17" Aquabee Vellum Bristol - I think they’ve stopped making it though, so I might have to switch.

Notes for photo 3) Here’s a close-up of the drawing supplies I use the most. A Tachikawa nib holder with either a G-nib or studio pen nib and next to it a C-5 nib for panel borders and sometimes word balloons/lettering. Then a pentel brush pen and some microns. I always like to pencil with those blue Staedtler in 2H. I don’t know why there’s a sharpie there. I really like that little green pencil box if I decide to go draw in a coffee shop or something.

Notes for photo 4) Leonardo stands watch.

An illustration by artist, cartoonist, and craftsman, Theo Ellsworth, our Artist Spotlight for this week. Self-taught and relentlessly productive, Ellsworth’s work is firmly rooted in the realms of imagination, taking the form of sprawling, ornately rendered mental landscapes. Some of his typical imagery includes massive, intricate cityscapes, forests and canyons, and hybridized, mutant creatures and monsters. He’s also done record covers for a bunch of great musicians, everything from Ramona Falls to Flying Lotus. Great stuff, all around.

Ellsworth’s most recent book, The Understanding Machine, is available now from its publisher, Secret Acres, as is his other full length comic, Capacity. Check him out on his website, blog, and etsy.


Angie Bongiolatti updates.

I’ve improved the Angie Bongiolatti page on my website. I’ve composed a new book description, and added a link to the meaty preview pdf that Secret Acres put together.

Reminder that I am selling copies of the book through PayPal. For cover price ($20), I will sign and sketch in your copy, will include shipping, and will throw in an additional mini comic while supplies last.

Reach me at mikedawsoncomics (at) hotmail (dot) com



“Joseph Lambert is the author of Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller (published in 2012 by Hyperion/Disney); and of the Ignatz Award winning I Will Bite You! (published by Secret Acres in 2011), which was also nominated for an LA Times Book Prize…” - Full Bio at TCAF site

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TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 11-12, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. More at