The cool kids

So with each passing episode involving them, I love the cool kids more and more? For restaurant wars, In a normal kids tv show Jenny would have said “the cutest girl in beach city’s sister”, “the cutest girl in beach city, second to only me!” Or something along those lines and heck, I was expecting it. But it didn’t happen. She was genuinely nice and loves her sister! And in the new Lars they were saying how they needed someone who liked brining others up rather than down for their dance thing and when Lars and Steven switched back, they instantly stood in front of Steven to protect him. In drop beat dad, sour cream legitimately wanted to spend time with his father and put on a show with him. The extra stuff was just a bonus. And when he got mad at Marty he spoke in fishtail’s language. On instinct. When a character who usually speaks in English speaks in another language on instinct I say that language means a lot to them. In Lars and the cool kids (way back in season 1) the cool kids accepted Steven easily because he was confident and he was nice. Not dissing him because he was younger or more childish, like Lars was expecting. They didn’t really accept Lars because he was “posing” and such. They also said “there’s nothing lame about safety” which I thought was a nice touch.
I love the cool kids.

Happy Great Outdoors Month! We’re celebrating our nation’s stunning public lands by spotlighting some of our favorite places to visit in the Pacific Northwest.

First up: Olympic National Park​ in Washington. About 100 miles from Seattle, Olympic is a place of beauty and variety. Untamed rivers flow from glacier-capped peaks through valleys of old-growth forests, waves crash against a shoreline rich with life, and only trails traverse the vast interior of this internationally recognized wilderness. Pictured here is sunrise from the park’s Second Beach. Photo by Glenn Nelson (

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Photo by Joe LeFevre (Oswego, New York, USA); Port Angeles, Washington, USA