Love bad guys. Love the new design.

Old design  - https://undertale3d.tumblr.com/post/157144317199/i-did-re-texturing-killer-sans-in-second-life#notes

bonus? ◑ω◐’

It seems that Killer imperceptibly tries to clear his face on Color Sans jacket. ‾ʖ̫‾)

Killer and Color Sans avatar in Second Life game / mod by Dantekris2013

Killer Sans creator - @rahafwabas

Color Sans creator - @superyoumna


For this year’s Gacha Guild - Hallows event, I’ve made a cute spooky dog avatar.

- It comes with an AO and action HUD (it’s a Tavatar AO, so if you’re used to Red Remora/Teegle/BC/I think TWI, this should be similar in usage.)

- The rares have warmers, wings, and cross eyes as a bonus.

- Like the Kaijus, it comes in a voucher system- the avatar itself is copy/mod, but it comes in a redeemable voucher that is no copy/transfer. You can trade the vouchers until you get the color you want, and then modify/copy your avatar to your content.

You can find them >>HERE<< for 175 L a try.

*If you go this EXACT minute at 12:00 PM, you will have a bad time since there’s 80 people here.

Some other creators have made mods for this avatar, and you can find them at the event as well! See below for a list.

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