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what's your favorite spongebob ep/analyze the shit out of it (maybe this would be better on unlockable kangaroo?)

i am an absolute sucker for Krusty Krab Training Video, because 1. i just fucking LOVE well done fake training video/fake instructional video/etc shit, whether as entire episodes or just short gags. like the troy mcclure tape about doing house foundation repair in the “marge gets a job” episode of the simpsons? i love that shit! the sebben and sebben training episode of harvey birdman? it’s the one i remember the most vividly! 2. it’s really well done! the trick of this episode is taking something that’s very familiar to an older audience and still making it engaging and funny to kids who my have no idea what a training video is like or what actually working a bad fast food job is like. so while it pulls a lot of stuff that tugs on our minds of ‘oh my god this is just like the crap we’d see in our training video at _____’, it uses physical comedy, repetition, character comedy and just funny lines (like talking about the krusty krabs’ low-end tech and the reason for it is mr. krabs’ fear of a robot takeover), it takes this format and uses it to make really all ages accessible comedy. it’s funny for everyone, and not in a way that’s like 'ahahaha, I get that reference!’ or 'ahahaha, that’s a euphemism!’ for adults, but that the jokes are fundamentally funny to all age groups. really well executed stuff!

Sebben Crudele
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Sebben Crudele

((I didn’t have any asks and I was a bit bored but on some 8track mix I was listening to I heard this opera song I used to sing in lessons and decided what the hell and sang it. Hope you find my opera voice not as shitty as thought to be))