Sebastian Stan fanfiction

just go with it: six | b.b.

pairing: bucky barnes x female reader

chapter word count: 3007

summary: in which you find yourself in need of someone to pretend to be your boyfriend for your family’s christmas vacation, and bucky just might be the man for the job.

warnings: a bunch of fluff, angst, feels all around, some nudity? lol. also warning that this chapter kind of sucks and is unedited and i don’t know how i feel about it but i promised u guys a chapter today so here we are

author’s notes: for @spideywhiteys 1k writing challenge (see chapter 1 notes for more information).

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To say things were uncomfortable after the incident with you, Bucky, and Emily was an understatement. As promised, Bucky had apologized to your sister, and the rest of your family who had heard about what happened from her. He didn’t really understand why she felt the need to tell them about it when she hadn’t known exactly what had happened, but he wasn’t about to say that. They were unimpressed enough as it was. Being so protective of you, your family was hesitant to just let it slide, but with reassuring words from you they were willing to try their best.

The tension that lingered ate away at you more than it should have. As your family danced around Bucky awkwardly (and vice versa), you were left wondering once again if bringing a fake boyfriend along on your family’s Christmas vacation might be the worst idea you’d ever had. Despite a couple of rough patches, Bucky really was great, but there were just so many emotions being brought up by the situation that you had never expected to confront. Especially not in the presence of your family or a total stranger.

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Two Night Stand (Part 11)

Synopsis: (AU) You found yourself at a club drinking away to forget about the stress of your shitty job as the assistant of the biggest Editor in New York, and end up hooking up with the man of your dreams only to wake up to a nightmare when you find out he’s the son of your boss.

PART 10 | 2NS Masterlist

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: idk if fluff is a warning, but dis wild too.

Word Count: 4,033

A/N: this chapter is full of dialogue, dialogue, dialogue ALSO: TELL ME YOUR OPINIONS AND HEAD CANONS FOR THIS SERIES? Let’s be friends! (Also, I’m employed now, as an assistant… might get a lot busier. ilytho

“Aren’t you going to change?” Bucky asks as I pat the bed again.

“I could just take my pants off.” I mumbled, wiggling off my satin flare pants.

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Because I don’t think I can mentally or physically take anymore!

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My dad thinks just because I am a women that I am not qualified or not strong enough to do a “mens job”. He still thinks that man can and have to work like man and women have to work like women…in a kitchen or as a assistant. He refuses to help or let me work where I want to. Please reblog, like or comment this to help me make a point clear. WOMEN ARE STRONG AND MORE THAN QUALIFIED.

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My favorite assumption from boys is that because I’m a virgin I must know nothing about sex. Like, honey, I’ve read enough fanfiction, i think you’d be shocked by the things I know about sex.


Blue eyed gods that cause breathing problems👀👄

No Script

Summary: Sebastian practices all his roles with you. This one is a romantic scene, and you don’t know how to conceal your feelings as just acting when they are so much more.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Word Count: 2,387

A/N: My first Seb fic who knew this day would come lmao tell me what you think pls!

The knock on the door put a huge smile on your face immediately, since you knew exactly who it was. Your phone screen lit up and you rolled your eyes when Sebastian’s name appeared in the notifications, with “OPEN UPPP!!!” as the text message. He had this habit of knocking on the door and texting you when he’d come over, his reason being “what if you have earphones on and don’t hear the knocking?”. No matter how much you made fun of him for doing so, you couldn’t help the giddy grin that spread over your face at how endearing he was.

God, you had it so bad for him. And he had no idea.

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“who the hell is bucky?”

Teddy Bear

Summary: Sebastian is a fuzzy teddy bear!! 

Word Count: 1.3k (oops…)

A/N: this little idea came from my beloved @justasunflower, and some new old pics of Seba today [see below], so I hope you all enjoy! :)

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End of The Day

Bucky Barnes x Reader


You: I want to watch horror movies with your hand either down my pants or stroking my hair. I can’t decide

Bucky, your hot Detective boyfriend: I have two hands, I can do both ;)

Word Count: 7167 (!!!)

Warnings: nsfw, fingering, unprotected sex (wrap his wang you he bang), Det. Barnes being cheesy as fuck, Det. Barnes being cocky as fuck

Author’s Note: so this is the longest shit i have ever written and while editing it i ended up adding two hundred words more??? so it’s 7k instead of 6k?? there’s a Mondler (friends) reference somewhere in there, find it and tell me!! and aaaah i finally got to use the word ‘ebb’ lol and fuck, so i got a little emo while writing the end so yeah… but it’s basically fluff

enjoy the sin, y’all

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(*gif is not mine)

You were beyond exhausted after a day of work, you’d been at it for almost eight hours since morning. The wedding went perfectly but there had been a shit ton of obstacles and it’d been the most stressful time of your life. Even the bride wouldn’t have been so restless. And to top the level of horridness you had to walk four flights up the stairs because the elevator wasn’t working.

You just need some sleep, as soon as possible, preferably in the comforting arms of your boyfriend.

But then you twist the lock of your apartment door and walk into an empty apartment. Groaning, you toss the keys into the bowl right next to the door on a table and drag your feet to your bedroom. You remove your coat, haphazardly throwing it on the bed and strip out of the ridiculously uncomfortable dress. You were so annoyed and so badly wanted to get out of it that you nearly rip a little part of it while removing it.

You then get into the shower, letting the hot water relax you aching muscles and soothingly you run your hands down your body, wishing it was your loving boyfriend touching you like that. You just want him to hold you right now as his sweet voice murmur sweet nothings in your ear.

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911 I would like to report my death.
The cause is Sebastian Stan.

domestic things w/ sebastian stan

author’s note: this was requested for reader & seb doing domestic things but it also turned into also a just dating sebastian hc! hope you like it! I had so much fun writing this!! request: hiii for the seb request thing, can you write something about him and the reader being domestic and stuff?? thanks 💕 (by anon)

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  • sebastian would be the sweetest & goofiest boyfriend ever okay?
  • like he’d pull you closer in his sleep all the time
  • & wake you up with kisses every single morning
  • you’d drag yourself to the gym with him because he loves it when you do & you love watching him workout
  • cause i mean, OBVIOUSLY
  • he adores picking you up off the ground
  • leaving each other notes
  • you write actual notes while seb loves drawing you two as stick figures doing sexual things ofc
  • visiting Romania & he gets so excited to introduce you to everything there
  • talking about future wedding destinations
  • Seb definitely wants to get married in Romania
  • talking about future baby names
  • anthony mackie always joking about how he’s going to marry you if seb doesn’t just ask you already & seb replying with “don’t you do that.” (see above GIF)
  • he gets all teary eyed when your name is mentioned during interviews because he’s been gone TOO long
  • also he cries like a baby when you both finally get a chance to talk on the phone
  • sebastian always makes sure you’re okay during premieres
  • or when paparazzi gets a little too wild
  • he manages to get flour EVERYWHERE
  • & looks absolutely adorable in an apron
  • he also cooks you dinner
  • & is way better at it than baking
  • he teaches you some Romanian 
  • & then gets turned on whenever you speak it to yourself 
  • wearing his shirts around the house
  • wearing one of his jackets out during errands
  • he’s not embarrassed to get you pads/tampons/etc when you’re on your period
  • actually, he’s been caught by fans with a box of it TOO many times
  • it’s become a meme
  • he always brings you something back from wherever he is while filming
  • you are always fixing his hair & he loves it
  • watching marvel movies together & saying how hot Bucky is & asking when he’s finally going to work with him ;)
  • neither of you being jealous because you both trust each other more than anyone
  • but it still doesn’t stop him from giving dirty looks to some guy who won’t stop checking you out
  • especially at the gym
  • or when you come visit him on set
  • he’s been known for breaking character when you’re on set
  • you’d be banned if everyone didn’t love you immediately after meeting you for the first time
  • “everyone falls in love with my girlfriend.”
  • “damn right.”
  • having way more goofy pictures of you & seb on your phone than normal ones
  • becoming such a #goals couple
  • his instagram feed is FILLED with pictures of you doing the most random & normal things looking GORGEOUS with sweet & long descriptions of how much he loves you

“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” 

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. And since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. You don’t know the reason behind his hate and you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. But what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? Maybe you will learn to co-operate?

「“Why do you hate me?” 

“I never said I hated you”」 

Part 1 » Part 2 » Part 3 » Part 4 » Part 5 » Part 6 » Part 7 » Part 8 » Part 9 » Part 10.1 » Part 10.2

updated: 7th July, 2018

Hit the Books

Summary: jealousy is no one’s friend || prof!//college au

Pairing: professor stan & evans // evanstan x reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: flirting, sexual innuendos

A/N: here is part 2: learn your lesson (sequel to hit the books)

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Nothing better than these soldiers in suits


A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 5,717 (yup…)

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut! Sexual penetration, oral (male and female receiving), face sitting, dirty talk, language, drinking, Bucky being everyone’s wet dream…

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long, but I worked HARD on this one and I’m totally proud of it! (and before anyone asks, Howl at the Moon is a real bar in Indiana!) Enjoy. :) 

You stood in the street and looked up at the new sign that was being hung up in front of the building.

Howl at the Moon

Your pride and joy. You smiled with a shake of your head. This bar had just started out a little hole in wall. Nobody knew about it, and you were barely making ends meet with only 2 people on staff.

Now, it was a world-renowned biker bar. People from all over the globe have stopped in. You have worked hard to make it what it is. The many roaring engines from motorcycles and loud laughter rule this spot.

It kept your life interesting.

The alcohol stays flowing all night long and the grill stays hot. Your most popular item on the menu? Beer served in buckets. You would be surprised at how many buckets these burly bikers can put away.

Sing-a-longs, dance-offs and dirty humor keep your patrons coming back for more. Your lady bartenders have been known to jump on the bar to dance to some old rock n’ roll. Yourself included.

Ashley, your best friend, came up beside you and looked at the sign as well. “It looks fantastic.”

You poked her with your elbow, “Well I would hope you think so, you drew up the concept.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and tipped her head, “I’m a genius.”

You looked up at the black wolf, nose pointed up at a blue moon with a howl. It was really going to stand out at night when it was all lit up.

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