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Window Of Opportunity - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said: 4,6 and 13 with Sebastian Stan?? Or just 4&6 whatever you like better

4. “I had to see you again.” - 6. “I missed you.” - 13. “Come over here and make me, then.”

You always felt calmer at night time, perhaps it was the coolness of the air around you, or the quiet of the world which normally sounds over your own voice. People were going to bed now, some people already were in bed in fact, but for you your night had only just ended.

Sebastian walked you to your front door for the fifth time in two weeks. This little outing had just so happened to be your fifth date, and sadly it would be your last for a while. Tonight Sebastian was to leave on flight 103, he’ll be going to Ireland for a while to film for a movie and that’s why he’d rushed out as many dates as he could with you. Not that you were complaining about that.

The past two weeks have been amazing, you practically spent every day with him and the dates were always a surprise, he insisted on it. Thankfully you’d managed to get him to agree to going on dates planned only by you when he returns, just so it will be fair.

He’d taken you to posh restaurants, a fortune teller, a concert for your favourite band, camping. Your favourite date was the one where you had a sleepover at Sebastian’s but you did it like a ‘proper teenage girls dream’; that isn’t to say it was extravagant or anything. You made a huge bed fort, ate junk food, watched rom coms (which Sebastian had a surprising affinity for), gossiped, and then made out for a bit. Whilst that was your favourite, tonight had ended pretty well after he took you out for a couple of drinks until the sunset went away, then he’d taken you to go stargazing.

Sebastian picked a star for the two of you to share, though you knew it would probably be impossibly to find it again amidst the millions of other tiny white dots in the sky, you promised to look at it every night and think of him. He promised to do the same thing.

“Are you sure you’re not cold?” Sebastian asked, you’d dressed in a nice summer dress but now that it was around midnight you had felt a little regret not bringing a jumper or something.

You rolled your eyes at him, “calm down babe, we’re almost at my house.” You slowed down your pace slightly and clasped your hand around his, allowing him to lace his fingers between yours. You continued to walk together, your conjoined hands swinging between you as the silence took over once more.

Talking wasn’t a necessity between you and Seb anymore, not after the days you’d spent just properly getting to know one another. Now you were just comfortable. And it broke your heart to think that this might end; once he’s gone on that flight you’ll have to put a lot of faith on Sebastian and hope that when he returns he’ll still want to be in a relationship with you, of course you’ll have skype and texting to sate any desires for a connection with him through the weeks he’ll be gone. But part of you was worried that you’ll just slowly drift apart, he will be in a different time zone as well which just adds more problems.

His hand suddenly tightened yours and you looked up to see him giving you a gentle glare fixed on your eyes, “get out of your head, okay?” Gulping, you nodded your head and shrugged your shoulders as some sort of apology. He understood what you meant and leaned in to kiss your forehead. “We’re here.” He announced.

Looking up, you found your house to indeed be in front of you. And it had suddenly turned into a very lonely looking sight. “I’m going to miss you,” you admitted, turning away from the two story house that now seemed like an empty mansion you no longer wanted, “a lot.”

“I’m going to miss you too, but, you know, I’ll be back soon and when I do get back we can have another sleepover or something.” Sebastian had to bend his knees slightly so he could look into your eyes, the expression on his face was bright. He had a smile filling his face and those blue eyes of his that you loved were practically shining. It all just showed how much confidence he had in your relationship and that really helped with making you believe in it as well. “Now you go to bed, I’ll call you when I land in Ireland okay?”

“All right,” you said this with a lot more glee, your boyfriends happy spirit apparently being contagious. Automatically, your arms went and wrapped around his neck so that you were able to pull yourself up to begin kissing him. Seen as it was going to be your last kiss for a while you took some liberties, not caring that you were stood outside and not in the privacy of your bedroom.

Five minutes of kissing must have passed before Sebastian managed to form enough energy to refrain from you, this sort of refrain you didn’t possess though you felt it would have been quite helpful. “Okay, goodbye, Y/N.”

“Bye.” You kissed him once more.

He kept this kiss much shorter than the other one. “I’m serious, goodbye.”

You nodded your head, “goodbye.”

“Bye.” He began to walk backwards.

“Bye.” you responded back, trying to keep the goofy smile from forming on your lips. It became impossible though as Seb almost fell over, he managed to refrain his balance after a second though. “You okay?” You asked through the giggles.

“Yep, goodbye.”

“Bye.” You said again, watching him walk down the drive. And then once he got to the end of the street you decided to call out his name. “Seb!”

He turned around to face you, and you could just imagine the confused expression he must have had on his face. “Yeah?!” He called back.

“I miss you!”

You believe you saw the white glint of his teeth appear beneath the bright street light, “I miss you too!” He called back, beginning to walk away again.

Finally you got into your home, no longer feeling as bothered by its emptiness and concerning yourself more with how excited you were for him to return. You kept your mind busy on that, knowing if you let it stray then you might make yourself sad again and Seb would just whine at you if you did that.

So instead you got ready for bed. You put on your pyjamas, brushed your teeth, and got into bed. You decided to put on a movie for a little bit, choosing to watch Civil War for obvious reasons. By the time that was over, you were starting to feel drowsy and so you cuddled up against your pillows and allowed sleep to take over you. Only, you never truly got it as you began to hear some banging against the window.

The sound had you jumping out of your bed and reaching for the bat you always kept at the end of your bed. As a female living alone in her twenties, you were always scared about intruders, hence the unused (until today) steel bat that had been your comfort through the years. The noise was coming from your window, and when you turned to it, hoping to catch the sight of an idiot bird or something, you were surprised to see Sebastian’s head appearing from the side, a guilty expression on his face.

You couldn’t believe it. You even turned the light on, just to make sure you weren’t dreaming things but not even the light made his silhouette in the window disappear. Curse words escaped your lips as you opened the window, allowing Seb to climb in.

“Hello,” he said, dusting off imaginary dirt from his clothes. “Miss me?”

Words were hard to form at first, everything you tried to say came out as a stuttered mess. Of course you were happy to see him, you were always happy to see Seb but it was rather strange him appearing at two in the morning via your window of all places. He must have climbed up the pipe next to your window, and that image alone made your mind swirl once more. “What?” It was the only word you managed to get out, when really you wanted to rant to him about how dangerous it was and how strange it was as well.

He raised an eyebrow at your one word, having to decide for himself exactly which part you were asking about. “I had to see you again,” he explained slowly. Your reaction wasn’t exactly a confidence booster; the slightly angry (or disturbed, he couldn’t really tell) expression on your face conveyed the idea that you didn’t want him there.

“Why?” One word questions seemed to be working out for you and so you decided to stick with that until you manage to get all your senses back into working order.

His shoulders raised and then dropped, “I missed you.”

A laugh escaped you then, it only lasted a second but you knew it had made you seem a little insane. You had no more words to use in your limited vocabulary and so you simply embraced him, your arms taking their usual spot around his neck. It was an amazing feeling, so amazing you found it hard to name. It was an overwhelming sense of love that swirled violently in your belly yet only brought happiness despite it’s aggression. You’d never thought of yourself as a lucky person, yet here you stand at two in the morning feeling like a truly blessed girl.

And it was all because of Sebastian. This man had made sure your two weeks together had been amazing. This man had kept you so distracted on the first date that your anxiety couldn’t get in the way and spoil it. This man had decided you were worth giving up his last few moments before going back to work. This man… was just amazing. And yours.

Tears began to escape your eyes and when Sebastian felt the dampness hit his neck he pulled back slightly so he could look at your face, “what’s wrong?!” His hand that had settled on your waist rose up to wipe away the tears.

“I don’t know, I’m just so happy.” The smile that filled his face was adorable, and it just made that aggressive swirling in your belly begin to hit your insides harder. “Is it too early to say that I love you?”

“Probably. But I feel the same way so who cares?”

You didn’t kiss him, instead you hugged him tighter and Sebastian knew why. You’d already told him that you thought that a hug was a much more powerful thing than a kiss. A hug told the person that you were equal to them, and that you were happily bonded with them. A kiss could distract a person, whilst a hug was an innocent and much more romantic way of declaring companionship.

Once you were finished squeezing him as tight as you could, you pulled away and wiped away any remaining tears from your eyes. “You have to go now,” the words hurt to say but you knew it was the right thing to do.

His eyebrows scrunched together, “why?”

“Because what if some paparazzi saw you climbing into my bloody window in the middle of the night, it will be so bad for your image Seb.” You thought this was a good reason, but he still didn’t seem to care. Instead of doing as you’d ordered, he moved even further away from your window and took a seat on your bed. Bouncing on it as he sat down. “Sebastian Stan, you need to go.” You stretched out the ‘o’, finding that you sounded very much like a child when you did it but you hoped your whining would get him to actually listen.

“My car is outside and it’s got all my luggage in it, my phone has an alarm on it telling me when I need to leave. I thought this through. So, if you still want me to leave…” He began to empty out his pockets, placing his keys and phone onto your bed side table. Once he’d done that, he laid down on the bed, placing his arms behind his head, “come over here and make me, then.”

Sebastian Stan?? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of Sebastian Stan spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign asshole, i these arent mine, i don’t even know who he is, im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Sebastian Stan scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen


How about a Bucky Barnes request where the reader is just so normal, and quiet, and just kind and it’s just something Bucky needs after all those years and is drawn to and he’s just this big puppy around them? xxx Have a great day <3 - anon

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You worked in the local book store, it was always rather quiet so you got quite long lunch breaks. Everyday you would walk to the coffee shop across the street, order a  hot chocolate and sit at the little table in front of the window with the two comfy chairs.

This had been a routine of yours for at least two years and in that time you had seen the coffee shop get more recognition and get busier at lunches, particularly because it was on one of the main streets the battle of New York happened on. You didn’t mind the hustle and bustle of the city people, you enjoyed people watching and it was always interesting to see who stopped in the shop. A couple of regulars like yourself, business men and women who found it on their rush to work, teenagers needing a place to hang out for an hour instead of going home. You had seen it all, but never him before.

It was a busy day, busier than usual and the harsh winter rain had everyone from the streets cramming into any shop they could find. You still managed to get your usual seat by the window and happily drinking your hot chocolate when he walked into the shop. He was tall, he had long brown hair that was wet from the rain, he was certainly muscular and at the bottom of his sleeve you could make out a glint of a metal prosthetic.

He got lost in the crowd of people and you went back to looking out the window, a few minutes later you heard someone clear their throat, “Excuse me,” came a quiet voice.

You looked up and were surprised to see the man from earlier in front of clutching a cup of coffee in his hand. “Do you mind if I sit?” he asked gesturing to the chair opposite yours, “There’s no other seating,” he explained sheepishly.

“Go ahead,” you nodded. He smiled gratefully and sat down opposite, “I’m Y/N,” you introduced and held out your left hand for him to shake. Hesitantly he did, just as you suspected he had a metal hand and you figured his whole arm was like that, he seemed shocked that you didn’t have any adverse reaction to his hand then settled in his seat.

“I’m Bucky.”

“Nice to meet you Bucky,” you smiled at him and sipped on your drink, “So what do you do for a living?” you asked him.

He seemed startled that you wanted to actually talk to him, he assumed that you would have exchanged names then sat in silence till one of you left. That was not the case. He eyed you up and down to see if you were any kind of threat or spy to get information, when he realised that you weren’t he chose his words carefully, “I uh, do public service stuff.”

“Oh, like a police officer?”

“Something like that,” he nodded, “What about you?” he asked, hoping to change the subject.

“I work across the street at the book shop,” you pointed out the small shop opposite where you and Bucky were sitting, it was a quaint little place that was tucked away from all the other shops along the street. Bucky recalled walking past it a few times but never really noticing it until now.

“Is it a nice place to work?”

You nodded enthusiastically, “The best! Of course I’m biased about it because I love books but it pays well and I can get a lot of reading done between customers.” Bucky and you talked until your lunch hour was over, you didn’t talk about all that much, just the weather, your job, silly plans for the future and what you were doing next weekend. The time flew by and when it was time to leave you almost didn’t want to go, “I guess I’ll see you around, Bucky,” you smiled at him and got up. He watched you leave the shop and jog across the street in the rain before you slipped into the book shop.

When he went home that day all he could think about was you. You weren’t like the other Avengers, for one you didn’t even seem to know who he was. There was a certain air around you that made him feel comfortable and safe, it had only been an off chance that he had ducked into that coffee shop to get out of the rain but he now realised that it may have been the best decision of his day.

The next day he got to the coffee shop in hopes that you would show up again, which you did. You were pleasantly surprised when you walked in and saw him sitting in the chair he had been in yesterday, you ordered your usual hot chocolate then walked over. “Fancy seeing you here,” you smiled at him as you took your seat.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Bucky asked, suddenly nervous. What if you didn’t really want to see him again? What if you were just being friendly yesterday?

You quickly shook your head, “Not at all. How’ve you been?”

“Fine,” Bucky nodded a little bit, “You?” he asked.

“Great,” you smiled, “I started reading a new crime book last night and I’m already a few chapters in. I think the killer may be the neighbour but that could just be a red herring,” you told him and proceeded to go into a bit more detail about the plot of the story so far.

Bucky listened to you talk, getting lost in the sound of your voice and inputting his own opinion every now and then. With you the whole world faded away, he didn’t have the pressure of living up to any expectations or shy away from doing something that might get the others on the team on edge. You didn’t know about that, he could do what he wanted without fear. Once again lunch came to an end and he was sad to see you go but you promised to see him tomorrow once more.

After a few weeks the other Avengers noticed a perk in Bucky’s attitude, they also notice he went out at the same time every day and got back happier than ever. “Maybe he’s discovered drugs,” Natasha offered dryly.

Steve glared, “Bucky would never,” he protested.

Natasha shrugged with a smirk, “You don’t know.”

“What if we just ask the guy?” Sam said.

“That’s no fun,” Natasha shook her head.

“It’s not about fun,” Steve said, ever the voice of reason, “It’s about what’s making him so happy. He’s had all the best therapists and none of them had this kind of effect on him.”

“He could have found his own therapist,” Sam suggested.

“Barnes hates all therapists,” Natasha countered.

“What if he’s into something bad. What if he’s joined one of those cult things?” Steve sounded concerned.

“He’s not in a cult,” Natasha rolled her eyes.

“You could just follow him,” Wanda suggested as she walked past them.

The three of them looked at each other, “That’s actually not a bad idea,” Sam nodded.

The next day when Bucky headed out of the tower Sam, Steve and Natasha set out after him and kept a good distance between them and him. “Where’s he going?” Steve asked as they ventured further into the town.

Natasha shushed him, keeping her eyes trained on Bucky as he weaved through the crowds and towards the coffee shop to meet you. Eventually he turned into the shop and they took a position across the street where they could see him but he couldn’t see them.

They waited a few minutes before they saw you sit down opposite him and greet him with a wide smile.

“Oh my god,” Sam said, stunned.

“This has to be a mistake,” Natasha shook her head.

“He has a girlfriend,” Sam whispered in shock.

Steve shook his head, “They’re not dating.”

Natasha and Sam looked at him, “How can you tell?” Sam asked.

“Because when she got there they didn’t hug or touch each other in any way, I know Bucky well enough to know they’re not dating.”

“No,” Natasha agreed, “But they want to be,” she smirked. The group watched you and Bucky have lunch together, it was quite a sight to see. Bucky was talking and smiling way more than anyone in the tower had ever seen him do, it was also pretty obvious that he got heart eyes every time he so much as glanced in your direction.

They couldn’t hear your conversation but both of you seemed enthralled with it and completely tuned out to the rest of the world. Just before you and Bucky left the group quickly went back home to the tower so they would arrive before Bucky got back.

When Bucky did get back Natasha, Sam and Steve were talking amongst themselves and their conversation stopped when Bucky entered the room. “What?” he asked, squinting his eyes at them.

“Nothing,” Steve replied innocently at the same time Sam asked, “Who was that girl you were with?”

Steve and Natasha shot him a glare while Bucky tensed up, “What girl?” he lied.

“The one you were at lunch with,” Sam prodded.

“Noone,” Bucky shrugged, “Her name’s Y/N,” he couldn’t stop the small smile that came on his face when he said your name and thought of you.

It quickly dropped off his face and was replaced with a blush when he noticed all three of them grinning manically at him, “Shuddup,” he mumbled and walked away from them.

“My friends found out about you,” Bucky mentioned casually at lunch the next day.

“Is that such a bad thing?” you asked, raising your eyebrows.

“When they’re my friends, yes. Well, they’re not really my friends. More my friend and his friends,” he explained.

“So why is it a bad thing?”

“They’re not exactly normal, it’s likely that they’re digging up everything about you that they can find.”

“Why? It’s not as if I’m your girlfriend,” you laughed, Bucky laughed too a little nervously. He would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about it but it would be too dangerous, it was bad enough he was friends with you when you were so unaware of his past.

“These friends that aren’t your friends, are they with the police too?” you asked.

“In a way,” Bucky replied slowly.

“In what way?”

Bucky sighed, it was time to tell you the truth, “My friends are the Avengers. We go on missions and fight against people and things that want to harm people like you.”

You stared at him, “The Avengers?”


“The Avengers are your friends?”


“They’re the ones doing background checks on me?”


“Oh god,” you breathed, Bucky prepared for you to storm out, say that you never wanted to see him again and tell him where he could go. Instead he was startled by what you actually said, “Oh fuck, you’re friends are going to find all the crappy fanfiction I wrote about Harry Potter when I was twelve years old.”

Bucky chuckled, “Harry Potter fanfiction?”

“Shush, I was young and wistful to go to hogwarts,” you laughed.

“So you don’t mind that I’ve been lying to you?”

You shook your head, “Not really, doesn’t change anything so why would I?”

After a few months everyone noticed the change in Bucky, he was always happy and smiling. In fact Steve said he was almost back to his old self before the war, slowly they all met you and when you were around they could see an even bigger uplift in Bucky’s spirits. He doted on you in every way he could, he lit up at the mere sight or mention of you, it was plain to see you meant the world to him and he would do anything for you.

You didn’t get involved with any Avenger stuff, you liked living your ordinary life and Bucky was drawn to you like a moth to a flame because of it. He couldn’t even imagine what he would have been like at this point in time if he hadn’t chosen that coffee shop on a rainy afternoon, he did know that he wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy as he was with you. You were the one thing that made him want to live his life and be happy, you were the best thing that had ever happened to him.


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