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How about Seblaine and #2? Thanks!

#2: “Have you lost your damn mind!?” From this post

“Have you lost your damn mind!?” Blaine screeched, eyes wide in shock. Sebastian has done a lot of stupid things in his life. But this? This took the top prize for stupidity. Well, for a prep school student anyway. The stunt that Sebastian pulled wasn’t uncommon for public school, but for a prep school this was just ridiculous. “I can’t believe you stole the stack of tests from Mr. Daniels!”

Sebastian frowned and looked at the papers in his hands. “I thought it would be funny. I mean tomorrow’s April Fool’s day.” He held the stack out to Blaine. “We need to hide these!”

“Oh no. No. No. No. No!” Blaine pushed the tests toward his boyfriend. “We’re already on Daniel’s shit list and I am not getting another detention because of you. You stole the tests you hide them.”

“Fine!” Sebastian exclaimed dramatically. “Don’t help, but just so you know… I’m not giving you a blow job for a month.” He flounced toward the door, knowing full well that Blaine would take his threat seriously.

Okay. I’ll help you.” Blaine jerked the papers out of Sebastian’s grasp. “But just so you know. If we get detention I’m not giving you a blow job for two months.” He hissed in his boyfriend’s ear.

“Worth it.” The taller boy smirked; Blaine’s threats were always empty so he wasn’t worried.

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Seblaine #4

“I’m flirting with you.” from this post

Sebastian slid into the seat across from Blaine Anderson and dropped his book onto the table with a loud thunk. Blaine jumped in surprise and looked up at Sebastian, his black glasses framing hazel eyes. “Uh…do you need something?” Blaine asked perplexed, nervously thumbing the pages of his comic book.

“Nope!” Sebastian grinned, “I just came to enjoy the view.”

“W-what? Blaine furrowed his brow in confusion and looked around. There wasn’t anything interesting to look at in the library. “There’s nothing to look at.”

Sebastian looked at the other boy pointedly, “I’m flirting with you.”

Blaine blinked, an adorable blush spreading across his cheeks. “Why? I m-mean. You’re Sebastian Smythe: captain of the lacrosse team. You could have any boy, but you’re flirting with me. I’m a nerd. Guys don’t like me.”

“Well the other guys are stupid.” Sebastian said, opening his book. “You’re a real catch.”

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Kurtbastian Gift Exchange 2014

The person I got asked for some mystery, adventure, sth fun with action. While adventure’s not my strongest suit, I hope I made up for it with some fun. Hope you like it! (´◠ω◠`)

The Flash AU: When Kurt gets fed up of The Flash showing up every single time he’s in trouble (how does he even find him?), The Flash finally comes clean about his true identity. Of all the questions Kurt could have, of course the first one that comes to his mind is how can exactly his boyfriend be gifted with the power of super-speed and still manage to show up late every time they have to meet up?