Beautiful [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]


a/n: i tried, hopefully its good? *cringes* AND YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, OKAY? BYE


It isn’t like Sebastian doesn’t see you, right? After all, you are his girlfriend. He sees you- touches you on a daily basis! He has to notice that you’re, well, a bit chubby, right?

Frowning, you attempt to button your jeans yet again, huffing out a frustrated sigh when they just don’t reach. They fit a few months ago! Through the mirror’s reflection, you squint at your stomach, as if it will disappear if you do it long enough. Sucking in a large breath, you reposition your fingers on the black fabric. “Come on, come on, come on!” you hiss while you stretch the fabric.

It still doesn’t work! Your eyes start to water, peering at yourself, lower lip quivering. You can’t even get your pants on, what’s Sebastian going to say?! He’s bound to notice if you don’t have pants! Oh, what are you going to do? “Hey, babyyy- why aren’t you ready yet?” the Warbler frowns, light green eyes roaming your body. “Why are you naked?” he asks, cocking his head.

Immediately, you grab your shirt, hiding your upper body from his gaze, sniffling slightly. “W-why are you early?” Sebastian furrows his thick eyebrows, glancing at the clock. He’s actually a bit late. “Oh…um… I can’t go to your concert… I’m sorry…” you whisper, eyes focused on the ground.

“Why not?” he questions in a soft tone, thumbing the button on his navy blazer. Then he notices the pile of clothing scattered across the floor. His plump pink lips tilt downwards while his dress shoes leaves indents in the carpet. “Why do you do this to yourself?” he mumbles, cradling your cheeks in his palms. Those bright hazel orbs shift to look at you, thick eyelashes fanning across his pale skin.

Here comes the rain again. Blinking back salty tears, you shake your head, wrapping your fingers around his wrist. “Why are you with me?” you swallow, sighing. “I’m not… I’m fat, Sebastian.”

“Excuse me, I don’t like that kind of talk.” Sebastian bites, narrowing his eyes at you playfully. Gulping, you try to avoid his gaze. “You are not fat, okay? I don’t want to hear that come out of your mouth again. You are… God, you are so sexy…” he nibbles on his bottom lip, wagging his eyebrows. A small laugh bubbles out of your mouth. “And I need my sexy girlfriend to come watch me perform. It’s good luck, you know. And after? I’m gonna show you off.” he says smugly, shifting his head to the side. His striped tie wrinkles with the movement.

With a little blush, you hide your face in his navy blazer. Why is it that he always knows what to say? “I…I have nothing to wear though…”

The Warbler instantly heads to the closet, slicked back locks shining under the lights. His nimble fingers card through your clothing. “Wear this, babe.” He holds up a flowy lavender dress, walking over to you. “It’s my favorite; hugs all your curves just right.” Sebastian smirks. Maybe one day you’ll see how beautiful you really are. But until then, Sebastian can remind you.

✘ Earth 2 Barry Allen Imagine ✘


I had this one done a time ago and I just took 30 free min with my computer, so c:

I get myself inspired to write this one bc of Jules (a lot her imagines are like one of my favs) imagines about some characters children, I hope ya guys like it :3

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta

Summary: Once, Meredith Grey quote: ‘’The family you’re born into is simply a starting point. They feed you and clothe you and take care of you, until you’re ready to go out into the world.’’, but how is this for family? In fact, how can a father see his little girl going into the world and just let her go?

(it’s Earth 2 Barry x Reader with their daughter.)

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‘’Mom, dad, I’m going.’’

‘’Fine, babe. Be back at 10.Don’t be late and tell me everything when you come back, okay?’’ You smiled excitedly at your only daughter. It was a great moment in a teenager’s life: she was going on her first date! In fact, it seemed you were more excited than her, but that was just the details.

“Where are you going, honey? Dinner is almost ready!” Barry said as he left the kitchen and joined you in the living room, with a lovely dork smile, his excitement at cooking his famous pasta made you want to kiss him.

“I have a date, Dad. I didn’t tell you?” Your and Barry’s daughter asked, a little confused, but then she shrugged. ‘’I think I forgot. I’ll get back at…“ Barry’s face dropped.

’'But… This is our Family’s Thursday. I always cook the pasta and…” Barry’s sad tone changed to a protective, almost jealous one. “Are you going on a date? Like, a date with a boy?” He raised his eyebrows. You just leaned against the wall, putting your hands on top of your mouth to hide the smile that had formed on your face.

“I’ll be here next Thursday, daddy. And yes, a date with a boy. Can I go now?” The younger girl made the puppy eyes she had inherited from her father, and you saw your husband almost accept her request.

“Hmm… No!” Barry folded his arms, making the kid open her mouth to complain, but then speaking before she had the chance to. “You’re my daughter, I can not let you leave at this time of night with a… A boy!”

‘’But daddy!’’

“Okay, sweetie. Let me talk to your dad alone for a minute, right?” You asked, noticing it was time to intrude. She sighed and sat down on the couch, playing with her pink dress as you gently grabbed Barry by the elbow back to the kitchen. “You’re so adorable being all jealous and protective, you know?” You giggled.

“That’s not funny, (Y / N).” He pouted and you kissed his lips quickly, and then a smile appeared on his face. But you were here to talk about something serious.

“Honey … You need to let her go.”

“Let her go? (Y/N), she is only 15! She’s a child.” Your husband raised his arms exasperated, worried even with the slightest idea of you letting her go. “ And… And… bo-boys at this age just think about one thing!” Barry blushed as he said the words, looking down at the floor quickly before turning his gaze back to you.

“You’re so cute, Bartholomew Henry Allen.” You smiled, feeling your heart heat up at Barry’s protection and jealousy over your daughter. That made him blush even more. You laughed lightly and wrapped your arms around his neck, your lips connecting with his. Barry returned without thinking twice, but soon turned away from you.

“N-no, (Y/N)! I-It will not change my mind.” He said breathlessly, adjusting his glasses on his face.

“Babe, I love you. And our daughter loves you, too. But it’s time for our baby to grow up, you know that.”

“I don’t want her to grow up.” Barry admitted, the light blush back on his cheeks as well as the sad tone of his words as he looked down. You took his hand and caressed it, smiling at the sight of your wedding ring.

“Remember when you asked me to marry you?” He looked up at you and smiled.

“How could I forget? I was so nervous, the statistics were that you’d say no and… ”

“In what earth would the statistics say that (Y/N) would say no to Barry Allen? ” You interrupted, arching an eyebrow.

“Well, that was not the best wedding request. I was stuttering and a mess, and… ”

“And perfect. And I’d say yes a million times.” You gave him a long kiss. “Don’t you want our daughter to taste a love like the one we have?”

“Of course I want that, (Y/N). But she’s so young. She’s our baby. I need to protect her’’

‘’Protect her from what, Barr? We need to let her live. We did our part, warned and made her learn, babe.’’

‘’She’s my babygirl. The little girl I saw born, that I changed dirty diapers, that I sang In my life until she feel sleep in my arms. The little girl I helped when she fell off the bike and the little girl I still teach mathematics and physics to. ” Barry said, a few tears forming in his eyes.

“And the same girl who will always love you, Barry. But she needs to get out, meet boys and things like that. She has to grow. And she will never abandon you, our daughter loves you Barry. You are her father, her hero. ”

“I’m just scared to lose her, I guess.”

“You’re never going to lose me, daddy. I love you.” The younger Allen, who was listening to everything, walked into the kitchen and hugged Barry tightly. He returned the hug. His little girl had grown so much, but always would be his little girl.

“I love you, too, babygirl.” Both looked at you and you smiled, going into the hug.

“I can stay here tonight.” The girl said, breaking the hug and running a hand over her eyes. She looked so much like Barry!

“No, you can go.” Barry gave a small smile. Taking off his glasses to wipe on his shirt. His daughter tilted her head, as if asking ‘Are you sure?’ And Barry nodded. “Just…”

“I know, I know, be home at 10, not even a minute later.” She smiled excitedly and kissed his and your cheeks. “Mom already told me this, love you. Bye!” The young lady ran out of the house so fast that her father dopleganger, The Flash, would be jealous.

“I was going to say be careful.” Barry sighed, putting on his glasses. Before you said anything, she ran back into the kitchen and hugged Barry.

“By the wat, mom was right. You’re still my hero, dad. And you will always be.” He squeezed her one last time before letting her go.

“We did a good job, didn’t we?” Barry asked, a small smile on his face as he looked into the living room, watching the door close and his daughter leaving. You hugged him from behind and kissed his shoulder.

“Yes, we did.”


Barry Allen

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The Last Picture Show

Every time Barry tries to save the world
  • Barry: *in a very dangerous situation where he must run really fast*
  • Barry: How fast do I have to run?
  • Caitlin: *names a ridiculously fast speed*
  • Cisco: that's impossible
  • Barry: *runs exactly that speed*
  • Barry: *saves the world*
Rescue Me (Part 2) [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request(s): ‘I’d like to read the conversation between seb, Barry, and reader after Barr reveals the truth. Make it angsty but also happy ending?’ and ‘my dark heart needs more poly angst I just don’t even know why 🤔’

a/n: wooo angst……

Part 1

WARNING: Hella angsty

“No, we haven’t. I wasn’t even with you until I woke up with Y/N and you one day.” Barry admits, frowning at the both of you. Sebastian squints, sitting up straighter, blankets pooling around his tiny waist, hand touching yours. “After my dad died, I went back in time and saved my parents, creating an alternate universe called Flahpoint.” he gulps, looking down at his hands, chest heaving. “In Flashpoint, Y/N and I were together…” he smiles shyly, “We had a baby, too…”

A little gasp escapes from Sebastian’s mouth and he grips your hand, eyes fogged up. You frown, crossing your legs underneath the blankets. “But, I was losing my powers.” Barry continues, covering his dick with one hand, shifting his ass on his heels. “So, I ran back in time and stopped myself from saving my mom, thinking everything would go back to the way it was…” he gulps, “When I came to the present timeline, I woke up between the two of you…” he finishes, peering through his thick eyelashes.

Covering your mouth, you shut your eyes, holding the gray sheet to your bare chest. What he just said…you can’t believe this! “So you’ve been pretending the whole time?!” Sebastian fumes, sitting on his knees. You watch the speedster nod. “You’ve been pretending the whole time?!” he repeats, shoving Barry backwards.

Barry tumbles off the bed, landing on his ass before standing up. His lime green eyes widen an inch at you. Tears drip off Sebastian’s cheeks as he climbs off the bed, abandoning your hand. “I can’t believe you…” you whisper when Sebastian slams the door to the bathroom. “Why didn’t you tell us?” you ask, frowning at him.

“I…you were so happy…” Barry says in a small voice.  A silver necklace slides from under the door, making your heart drop. “What’s that?” the speedster asks.

“The necklace we got him for his birthday…with our initials…” you sniffle. “You should have at least told us; told Sebastian.” you glare, sliding off the bed, padding towards the bathroom. Hesitantly, you knock on the door. “Sebby…it’s me.” you whisper, hearing the lock unlatch. Carefully, you slip in, crossing your arms over your exposed chest.

Sebastian wipes his eyes, lips set in a tight frown. “I wasn’t with you guys… He was just pretending!” he shouts, waving his hand before cradling his head with his pointer finger and thumb. “The whole time!” he adds, “That’s why he wouldn’t touch me! He didn’t know me!” he screams, loud enough for Barry to hear, pale chest moving rapidly. Sebastian runs his hands through the hair, tucking it behind his ears, palms pressed to his neck. “What- how is that supposed to make me feel? I’m not… I’m not even sure if we’re boyfriends anymore!”

Cupping his sun kissed cheeks, you press your lips to his, trying to calm the Warbler down. “Of course you’re still my boyfriend, Bas.” Barry cries, resting his forehead against the wood door. “You and Y/N are my boyfriend and girlfriend! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you; I was afraid that-that both of you would leave! I love you, Bas. I love you just like I love Y/N-”

The Warbler flings the door open, sucking in a breath, making the indents of his collarbone more prominent. He takes a step towards Barry, jaw set. “You’re an idiot!” Sebastian spits, pulling the speedster’s chest before grabbing his face and kissing him harshly. “I’m still pissed.” he clarifies, grabbing your arm to get you in the middle. “But I love you both…”


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Request: Can you do one where Sebastian Smythe and reader are dating and they reveal it to the Glee club by having reader where his blazer?

Notes: So, Sebastian is a bit out of character in this one but still keeps his sass towards the others. It’s a bit shorter than my other imagines but I hope you guys like it!

“Babe, please?” Sebastian begs you, holding the jacket out in front of him. You take a moment to examine the blazer, noting the crispness of the navy, the sharp contrast of the red piping and the Dalton logo stitched on the left chest.

“Why do you want me to wear it?” You question, feeling the heavy fabric between your fingers.

“It’s the biggest game of the year. Our schools are playing each other, it’s just to show support. It’d be like wearing my jersey, but I kind of need that. The other girlfriends are going to be wearing the blazers too. You’ll fit right in.”

“Have you forgotten that I sit with my friends at the lacrosse games? The ones who not-so-subtly hate you? Who would flip out at me telling them that we’re dating?”

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