Something More

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3000

Warnings : 18+, alcohol, unprotected sex

Tags: @skishenanigans (not sure if you wanted to be tagged in this bb, but I wrote this with you in mind since you’ve had a bad week at work) @ready-for-my-dance

The gold and red accents glittered off the light of the chandelier of Stark Tower. Everyone and their mothers was here, for only god knows what this time. You scanned the floor from your seat at the bar at the edge of the ballroom, taking in your surroundings, sizing up the people there. Some were wealthy, people you would see on T.V. - most likely politicians and a few local actors, others were people who probably managed to get Stark’s attention, or knew someone who knew someone who knew someone.

You started noticing the gorgeous outfits, all the colors and and styles blurring together yet standing out at the same time. Even the Avengers knew how to clean up well. For people who were usually covered in blood, sweat, and dirt, they were all currently well groomed and dressed to impress the public eye.

Bucky was by far the most impressive. His usual shy, insecure demeanor was completely different now. Around the training facility, you could usually find him in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, glove covering his metal hand at all times, and his hair a mess. Or maybe just a long sleeve shirt if he wasn’t wearing his arm. But now, he was dressed in a silver suit with a navy button down shirt and a black tie. He wore a similar colored black glove on his hand and his hair was in a neat bun. He was still covered up, but his shoulders weren’t slacked anymore. He was standing with confidence.

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sweetums0kitty  asked:

Bachelor(ettes) react to them walking into their house and overhearing the Farmer asking their parents/grandparents for their hand in marriage or if they're grown adults like Elliot or Harvey, they walk in on the framer practicing purposing to them.


Alex: Alex is surprised to hear you asking his grandparents for his hand in marriage, wondering if he should’ve been the one to do such a thing (and then remembering your family didn’t live around here). He’s flattered, but he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from prying his grandparents for information.

Elliott: Elliott is completely oblivious to what you’d been doing before he entered the room, because he was lost in his thoughts and was piecing together what he had to tell you. He doesn’t quite understand why you seem so sheepish and embarrassed, but brushes it off and tells you what’s on his mind.

Harvey: Harvey wonders if he heard you right, if you really were planning on proposing to him, and then begins to think about what married life could be like. He’s tempted to ask you about it but knows he shouldn’t, as it’s clear you want it to be a surprise since you’re practicing in private.

Sam: Sam think it’s funny, since his mom is probably thrilled that someone even wants to marry him. He doesn’t listen further because it makes him feel overly giddy inside, and he doesn’t know what to do with those feelings nor how to get the energy out, especially since he can’t talk to you about how it makes him feel.

Sebastian: Sebastian is embarrassed because he doesn’t want his parents to know everything about his life and what might be going on in it, considering he’d been giving them the bare minimum amount of information about it. You at least made it easier on him by talking to them about it, so he figures it evens out.

Shane: He believes you must be practicing to propose to someone else, because who the hell would want to marry him? He stays in denial up until the moment you actually propose, afterwards admitting he had overheard you and thought you were going to confess to someone else.


Abigail: Abigail isn’t a fan of you asking her parents, considering she wouldn’t let them make her decision for her even if they begged. She let’s you know how she feels about it because it feels as though you think her parents own her, but as long as you specify it was just out of respect and you were going to do it anyway, she would forgive you.

Emily: It takes her a little to realize you were practicing a proposal, and not just acting out a scene in the mirror or something along those lines. When it finally hits her she feels foolish, but knowing you’ve at least been practicing, she can’t wait to see what your actual proposal will look like.

Haley: Haley is filled to the brim with excitement when she first hears you practicing to propose, knowing damn well those words and that effort was all for her. She practices her surprised face, even preparing a small poem/speech that she’ll use in response to your proposal to show that she’s just as prepared to marry you.

Leah: Leah stumbles and makes herself known, apologizing for interrupting you and pretending she has no idea what you were just doing. She’s not a great liar, however, and it’s written all over her face she knows exactly what you were doing; she apologizes for barging in, but you tell her it’s easier this way, since she still loves you even after seeing you fumble with a fake proposal to a mirror.

Maru: Maru tries to stop herself from overhearing because she fears that perhaps, her dad will have a negative response, but she’s pleased to hear him respond positively towards your proposal idea. She quickly disappears before she can be called out for eavesdropping, but she still feels guilty for listening in on something she wasn’t supposed to hear.

Penny: Penny turns pink, and quickly leaves before you can hear her, glad she’s quieter than a church mouse. She pretends she didn’t see anything but she can’t help but feel excited, wondering when you planned to propose to her and for how long you’d been practicing.

anonymous asked:

God that anon who asked about how would Claude react if their s/o was a serial killer and how you reacted so nicely?? And even if it were against the rules you?? Were so kind ilysm damn 💖💜💙💘💖💖. Glad the requests are open don't flood yourself :(. Write this whenever you can or you don't even have to! I just like this idea lol, maybe Sebastian having a crush on someone who works for the mafia? They even have one of those love/hate relationships?? Headcanons sound nice :)

That was all true, though! Thank you anyways, I’m doing my best in being nice and it’s good to know someobody notices that, also 😊 You message was really cute, it honestly made me smile, I hope you enjoy those 💕 


  • He will be absolutely thrilled! It will deeply fascinate him, knowing that you won’t be afraid to work on such a dangerous field, clearly being self-aware of your own strength and abilities. This is no business for people with weak will, after all, and it will only make him long for you, wishing that he could get to know you better and learn more about your personality.
  • If you will neglect his affections, you will only activate his predatory mood, the one which will be responsible for him starting the chase. He won’t be able to simply let go of you since you will be so interesting in his eyes and it would be a huge shame to never get closer to such a fascinating human.
  • Eventually, he will become part of the mafia group you will be in, like, one way or another he will just do it. There is nothing that could stop him, just like he will soon become your partner in crime somehow. Feel free to curse and push him away, it will only make him long for you more, like an annoying demon he is.
  • He will be your company wherever you go but only for the business related things. Sebastian may be quite nosy sometimes but he will still have manners and will remember about the need for some intimacy, that is why you won’t have the reason to call him your stalker but more of a really annoying co-worker.
  • The way you will be doing your job will both amuse and fascinate him, partly because he will know many things ahead of you, partly because he will enjoy watching you struggle. Still, your morality will be a complex thing for him, the one which he would like to learn about and understand what made you be in this place and time. What happened to you in the past that you have decided to choose such an unflattering career.
  • Surprisingly, he will be quite helpful from time to time, especially since he won’t let anyone hurt you but will always wait for saving you until the last second, just in case you had everything under control. He won’t try being your knight in shining armour, much more preferring observing you take the lead and save your own ass, unlike any damsel in distress. In the end, you may or may not find his company somehow pleasing and him fun to be around, despite his personality and comments.
  • He will totally make you save his life at least once, just to see how you will react and if you will even do it.