“Mmmmhhhmmm.” A body stirred in the bed bringing the blanket closer, trying to silence the outside world.


“Whaaaaaat?” The male that was sleeping rubbed his eyes trying to will away the sleep.


“God damn it!” Once he glanced at the clock, he cursed the person waking him up. Who knocks at people’s door at 5am?!


“I’M COMING!” He straightened his blue locks and stood up, making his to way to the door.


“I SAID I’M GOD DAMN COMING!” Ciel was ready to yell, oh hell, he was ready to BLOW the person with insults, but his words got caught in his throat once his eyes were layed on the person infront of him. One heck of a beautiful, HANDSOME, guy that could tongue tie anyone. What stirred Ciel’s curiosity the most was the worried expression on the man’s face.

“I’m sorry for waking you up at such an hour, but I need your help! My name is Sebastian Michealis, and well… You see, I woke up to go on my morning jog like always, but my little girl was not home! I looked in every corner of the house, I turned it upside down but, nothing!” Sebastian said, crimson eyes pleading blue, silently.

“Wait wait wait, so your daughter ran away and you want me to help you?”

“Yes!…. Please.”

Ciel sighed as he nodded, “Okay let’s go, let me get my coat first. Now, I don’t think she might’ve gotten so far just yet. Anyways, tell me how she looks like so I would know who I’m looking for.”

Sebastian nodded as the two walked out, “W-well, she’s 3 years old, but she’s sort of small for her age, she has black fur, and she has yellow eyes.”

Ciel stopped in his tracks, “Sebastian….. Your ‘daughter’ isn’t human, is she….?”

“Of course not silly, she’s a cat! Now, we might as hurry up because Sophie is afraid of strangers.”

Ciel made no move and stared at Sebastian as if he had gone crazy, “So let me get this straight…. You wake me up at an ungodly hour just to search for a CAT who might come back home any time?!”

“You don’t know that! That’s why I’m taking precautions and searching for her.”

Ciel did not know whether to laugh, cry, or just smack the handsome person across the face.