SeaWorld Owns All Of These Parks. Don’t Go To Them.

If you don’t like SeaWorld, you might want to avoid these other parks.

On Thursday, SeaWorld announced that attendance at its San Diego and San Antonio locations were still down as a result of “Blackfish” and concerns over SeaWorld’s animal care. Yet the company still reported an attendance increase for the first nine months of the year compared to 2014 — thanks in part to the success of the other parks the company owns.

Though the three main SeaWorld locations get the most attention because they house orcas, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment owns a total of 12 amusement parks. Several of them house animals, including African wildlife. And the company will sometimes transfer animals from the SeaWorld locations to these other parks, despite concerns over its treatment of dolphins and the other animals in its care.

Below is a list of the parks — which, if you don’t want to support SeaWorld, you might want to avoid.

Adventure Island: Tampa, Florida.

Aquatica Orlando: Orlando, Florida. Keeps Commerson’s dolphins.

Aquatica San Antonio: San Antonio, Texas.

Aquatica San Diego: Chula Vista, California.

Busch Gardens Tampa: Tampa, Florida. Keeps elephants, lions, rhinos and other African wildlife.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Williamsburg, Virginia. Keeps wolves, foxes and some domestic animals.

Discovery Cove: Orlando, Florida. Keeps dolphins and otters.

Sesame Place: Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Water Country USA: Williamsburg, Virginia.

  • SeaWorld:*forces killer whales to live in completely unnatural and extremely under stimulating environments where they can't swim far, dive deep, use echolocation, hunt live prey, or experience waves and currents*
  • Seaworld:*feeds killer whales cocktails of medications and sedatives in order to keep them alive, artificially inseminates whales at very young ages, breaks up orca families*
  • Seaworld & Pro-caps:seaworld cares :) :) EDUCATION1!
  • California Coastal Commission & need to stop breeding these whales.
The breaking SeaWorld news isn’t as good as it sounds ...

On November 9, SeaWorld announced that it will phase out its circus-style orca shows at its San Diego location next year, but it turns out that orcas will still be performing! SeaWorld officials haven’t shared what specific changes would occur in the orca shows, other than saying that some “tricks” would “probably” be eliminated.

Regardless of any changes to the performances, the orcas are still forced to suffer in cramped swimming pools until the day they die. What these animals—and every orca imprisoned by SeaWorld—really need are lives outside the prison-like tanks.

That’s why we’re calling on SeaWorld to stop breeding orcas and start building sea sanctuaries where these intelligent and sensitive animals can experience a natural setting in the ocean.

What You Can Do

  1. Never go to any SeaWorld park and urge your friends and family to stay away, too. Every dollar spent at SeaWorld contributes to the animals’ miserable lives.
  2. Keep the pressure on SeaWorld and urge the company to retire all the orcas it uses.
  3. Share this post and spread the word.
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By Brad Esposito


PSA: Seaworld is NOT phasing out their orca show in San Diego!

I can’t stand it when the media writes whatever headline they feel will get the most clicks, even if it’s completely wrong. Every major news outlet makes it sound like seaworld is phasing out their orca shows altogether (in California) a la Ringling Bros., when that isn’t what they’re doing AT ALL. When the CCC decision broke, the whole world thought seaworld was banned from breeding orcas outright in California - which was NOT the case. The ban would only go into effect if seaworld built the bigger tanks for their orcas - and surprise, surprise, seaworld is backtracking on their promise to build these new tanks in light of that decision. Gee, I wonder why?

As far as today’s major headline goes, no, seaworld is not ending it’s Shamu show in San Diego forever. They are just making a new “educational” show as a cheaper means of getting better PR without having to build the expensive new tanks. And knowing how “educational” seaworld’s shows have been in the past, I’m sure this new show will be full of half-truths and “safe” facts that will make guests walk away thinking that the orcas at seaworld are in a good place and are contributing to the study of wild orcas (which they aren’t, on both counts). Whatever seaworld may say, the upper management that controls these animals’ lives  doesn’t care if you walk away from their shows having gained an appreciation for wild orcas or a desire to protect them. All they want is for you to leave the show thinking that SeaWorld is a good place (and a good product) that you’ll come back to visit and pay for again and again. 

In the end, the public is just getting a new show, and the orcas are still stuck in the same boring tanks they’ve been in for decades. NOTHING is changing for the animals themselves. 

This encapsulates how little Seaworld care about *their animals when they offer more space for the consumers to be able to consume as easily as possible. You cannot care about a life you imprison. You cannot care about a life that you put out as a product. You cannot care about a life that you deprive the very life of. Animals are not commodities- and that’s all animals, from what people put in their mouths from the material shielding their feet. This ideology is so dangerous to all lives and it’s entirely unnecessary. [x]

*An animal isn’t yours