Lewes FC become first professional club to pay women and men equally
Lewes FC have become the first professional or semi-professional football club to pay their women’s team the same as their men’s team, as part of their Equality FC campaign
By Marcus Christenson

“By committing to paying our women’s and men’s teams equally, and providing equal resource for coaching, training and facilities, we hope to spark a change across the UK that will help put an end to the excuses for why such a deep pay disparity has persisted in our sport. Together with our owners, donors and sponsors, Lewes FC can show that equal pay can be implemented to the benefit of both women and men in sport and beyond.”

The East Sussex club set out their aims as follows:

• Raising and setting the playing budgets for the women’s and men’s first teams at an equal level.

• Providing equal resource for coaching, performance and strength & conditioning staff.

• Upgrading equipment and facilities to meet the standards required by higher football divisions.

• Investment in local grassroots outreach to drive equal participation in football from girls and boys.

The club’s new campaign, Equality FC, aims to raise awareness about gender inequality in football and encourage more support for women’s and girls’ football across the UK and around the world.

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