On his radio appearance, Jeff said that they have around 9 Lucilles, he has broken one on a head. 😂 He said Lucille has her own special case, like Excalibur. And they have someone working specifically with Lucille. I want that job! Lucille’s bat girl! 😂

He also talked about the hate towards him. He said he found it entertaining, and laughed.
I do hope he truly isn’t bothered by it. 😢

Sunday Night Football between the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks ended in a 6-6 tie. Both teams’ kickers missed easy field goals, aka chip shots, that could have won the game.

Each of their coaches commented on them after the game in very different ways, with Arians also adding, “This ain’t high school.” Which coach do you think has the right approach?

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Twitter Bowl 2015!!

Chris Pratt (Star-Lord in the popular Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy) and Chris Evans (Captain America in the Avengers & Captain America films) have placed a friendly bet on the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl XLIX, featuring the defending champs the Seattle Seahawks (14-4) and the team with the most Super Bowl wins in a decade (2001, 2003, 2004), the New England Patriots (14-4).

The wager will serve to benefit two outstanding organizations: Seattle Children’s (http://www.seattlechildrens.org) and Christopher’s Haven (http://christophershaven.org).

It’s easy to join in on the fun by supporting these organizations!
To support Seattle Children’s, text TeamPratt to 501501. 
To support Christopher’s Haven, follow the link here and contribute: http://christophershaven.org/twitterbowl/  

This is an awesome thing these two stars are doing, and the best part is that in this match up, everyone wins!

Go #TeamPratt!
Go #TeamEvans!

And super special awesome thanks to Crees HyunSung Lee for contributing his art to this event.
You can find his work here:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/creeesart
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreeesArt
Instagram: http://instagram.com/creeesart

I hope with all the fines and penalties they face, players like Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman know that they’re making a difference!! Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday I felt like sharing my thoughts on these two. Last yeat they called Richard Sherman a thug for speaking This year they’re calling Marshawn Lynch a thug for not speaking Who is this “they” you ask? Its the major media outlets The interviewers who are upset becuase these two young successful highly intelligent athletes aren’t playing by their rules anymore. How dare these football players not fall into the traps of the media solely set to make them look agressive and unintelligent! How dare these athletes think for themselves, how dare these athletes call the media out on their crap! Who are they to think that their college educations are enough to form an opinion? So what if they aren’t perfect people?! None of us are, but I commend them for standing up for themselves in a career in which they’re not exactly praised for having an opinion!


Chris Pratt makes good on Super Bowl bet with Chris Evans

While debate over the final Seahawks play will likely continue forever, one Super Bowl related issue has been settled: Chris Pratt made good on his bet with Chris Evans to visit a Boston children’s hospital dressed as Star_lord after the Patriots beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

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