Black Sails s4 ep9: Last scene, Madi's state of mind and parallels

What is that feeling called when different senses of your brain are being stimulated at the same time? At the end of this episode you’re are left with so many different and conflicting feelings and conclusions. But one thing is for sure: how depressing and heartbreaking it was. For one: In the last scene you see Silver, Flint and Hands gazing upon the utter distruction in front of them. They were unprepared for it, blind too it (Hands wasn’t obviously, always the very neccesary voice of reason), because their inside turmoil was to great. And so again, Billy proves he was right and he wins. Rogers wins too, since his entire purpose of being has become his dedication to the complete distruction of all high seas piracy. What are we to take from this as an audience watching this from the comfort of our 2017 homes? How senseless and stupid ALL of it is? That the times they lived in only warrented tragedy? The only choice of “true” freedom being piracy for so many men (and women)? Former slaves included. Now, like I’ve been saying week after week, am I surprised of this outcome? Of course not. It was more of a “brace yourself, because YOU know what’s coming.” Sadly, our main characters didn’t. Sidenote: To see Billy spare Ben Gunn was so poetic in the sense that if he didn’t had freed Billy, the distruction of the Walrus and the massacre of the Walrus crew wouldn’t even have happened.
This entire mess is Flint digging his own grave, if he could’ve mustered to work together for once in his life, to care about the concept of friendship the same way Silver does, to be an empathic being, they could’ve been prepared for this assault, but again we all know Flint, Billy knows Flint and here we are. I personally don’t care much for the pirate cause, because of it’s toxic hypermasculine nature, but damned did all those men die for nothing.

Everything what Madi said to Rogers was in true Madi likeness. To hear her confront Eleanor of her hypocrisy in episode 6 was already incredibally satifying, but to hear her confront Rogers on his bullshit, you could tell he is not used to a Black woman defying him like that. I truly wonder what Madi used out of that book Rogers wrote about himself. Because she was fighting her damnedest to maintain her composure, her eyes were watery, her face evoking so much emotion and turmoil. Meaning not all of her words corresponded with her true thoughts. She doesn’t know anything about what has transpired between Silver and Flint since being captured in Nassau, she has no clue. She’s never had the chance to have a good conversation with a man like Julius, who could possibly be a father figure. As “badass” as her speech was, because truely what Black woman wouldn’t want to give a colonial sociopathic dipshit like Rogers her piece of mind, Madi is acting from what she believes to be the most selfless way to act. However scared she may be and fighting not to show that fear, she believes that to choose her own personal and individual desires (Silver) over a chance to fight for a free world for her people would be the most selfish thing she could ever do. And “It goes against everything she understands herself to be.” She’s at an impasse, a dilemma, the same place her mother was when Madi knew she wasn’t able to lead their men through the first battle with the British Navy. She refuses that deal because she holy believes it to be the most selfless and self sacrifing choice to make. She is in it, part of it, not on the outside like us, the audience, so her mind isn’t clear. She’s deciding FOR her people, not WITH. Her word is law, because before her it was decided that the Maroon community would not be a democracy. She was prepared for this role since she was a child, saw her people’s constant fear growing up and growing up in freedom herself, albeit isolated and hiding from the still existing threat, allowed her to form her current ideology. It’s a horrible and tragic place to be honestly, to finally have such a chance to give your people that freedom they so desperatelly seem to want and to have to contemplate giving it all up to make a deal with the devil were in you have to aid them in maintaining said threat that has caused all these years of intense hatred and anger against the powers purpetrating it in the first place. To be in a place where she can continue her fathers legacy who can not have died for nothing. To, with her own eyes, see the enslaved on the Plantations being brutalized and to not do anything about it. To live in freedom, to enjoy freedom, but see people who look just like you not have the same thing. To not want to disappoint anyone, betray anyone and save everyone all at the same time. What a mental hell, which she’s able to hide very well. But it’s easier for her to want this because she was born free. Her people, who still live in fear, would far likely take that deal, despite the fact it would mean that they would have to help the BE recapture escaped slaves. On the outside Madi seems to be a radical when it comes to her cause, someone who chooses idealism over realism, but what truely goes on inside of her head we do not know, because she does not allow us to see it, so we can only go of on body language. Either way, whatever she chooses, it will be a damned if you do, damned if you don’t type of situation. She knows it, so she’d rather choose martyrdom, then to choose to become a villain against the thing she’s been prepared to fight for her entire life. Despite the fact that choosing Rogers’ deal would allow her people and Julians people to live another day. They would rather choose fear over war. All those decisions to contemplate trusted upon so young a person. It’s a horrible tragedy to be in such a position in the first place and for that reason alone very diffult to watch. My heart breaks for her.

I don’t have to point out the very obvious difference between Madi and Flint nature and motives here, that’s why it really annoyed me to hear her speak of Flint the way she did. As if he deserved to be spoken of as such, while at that very moment he was betraying her very cause. His war will NEVER be the same as hers. Weeks ago I commented on somebody’s analysis about episode 5, wondering if Madi knew about Flint’s true motives, so I loved seeing the Madi x Silver flashback in which this was confirmed. He can not lie to her, keep things from her, that absolute trust between them is so important. A true tether moment. But she ended up working with Flint more closely anyway because, while Silver was missing, he convinced her that he wanted the same thing. Silver didn’t know about this, in the same way Billy didn’t know about Silver and Flint’s budding friendship in his absence. So, with that missing information and context, he panics and responds with a “Jesus, you sound just like him.”

I wonder, does Madi still believe this about Flint or is she willing herself to believe it like Silver has all this time, because admitting to yourself that your judgement was wrong, that you let yourself be pursuaded because you wanted it to be true so badly, is so much harder?

Special note: I personally loooved the flashback scenes between Silver and Flint, the in depth dialogue, the tranquility in and the length of the scenes, THE SWORD FIGHTING, Silver’s very apparent vulnerability and evasiveness, constantly struggling to talk about his past, like there is a deep sense of shame, like he truly believes it to be nothing, mean nothing compared to Flint’s story. I’m okay with that, he wants his present to be his origin story. It could also be that he instinctively didn’t trust Flint with that type of vulnerability, but didn’t realize it at that moment. We’ll see if he reveals it or not next episode. Only one episode left, so many loose eeeeends still, my God! How are they gonna do that in a consistent, clean and satisfying way? I hope the series finale is a hour and a half, because they have A LOT of ground to cover *laughs nervously*.


I honestly love everything, not just because Jay and Nya are my favorites, but because the plot is so creative and GOOOD LIKE JESUS THEY OUTDID THEMSELVES

So much went on in that season it would take me ages to explain the plot

Even if the season was about Cole, (who is my least favorite ninja) I would still find it very enjoyable to watch 

All the characters are lovable, Nadakhan and Flintlock’s voices are basically heaven, the Jay-Skylor-Ronin-Echo-Dareth-Captain Soto team is literally the best team, the orange and green color scheme- UGHGHG IT’S ALL SO GOOD

~ninja chips c:~

anyways remember in s3 when emma did the whole flirty “you couldnt handle it” line and then killian dumbass jones thought he was bein real clever by saying “maybe YOU couldnt handle it” (CleverTM & SuaveTM ComebacksTM) but then emma surprise made out with him and he stood there for ten mcfreaking minutes afterwards staring into space and contemplating the fact that he was certifiably the wrongest he’d ever been in his whole life and also Screwed