Flint’s possible endings

1. Season four ends with Flint dying.


  • Some people think it’s the only way to redeem him because there’s too much blood on his hands.
  • All other proper pirates on the show have already died and gone to pirate heaven, so Flint is long overdue.
  • People shed tears during the finale, and “tragic” endings are more memorable and whatnot. I suppose it could be considered satisfying, in a way.


  • Not TI-compliant.
  • Are you fucking kidding me.
  • NO.
  • Tons of fix-it fanfic would not be enough to erase the bitter aftertaste.

Possible variants of these include:

  • The dramatic sea battle, with Flint delivering one final blow to someone right before the war ends. His death is tragic and also useless, but might be considered heroic in some way.
  • Flint dies taking out the governor, thereby avenging Eleanor, possibly Madi, and ridding the world of Woodes Rogers and his horribleness.
  • Flint ensures the escape of Silver, Madi, and whoever else by stalling enemy forces, and dies in battle.
  • Flint agrees to let himsef hanged/killed for the sake of Nassau’s future, possibly by Jack

Additional notes:

  • If this happens, I’ll have to stay clear of the internet for a while, just so I don’t have to witness the ensuing outcry for “killing your gays”.
  • Could possibly be made canon-compliant with some of Silver’s storytelling mojo?

2. Flint ends up in Savannah, alone and miserable, a pirate king dethroned, and drinks himself to death over the course of 35+ years.


  • Some people think he deserves nothing better
  • More or less TI-compliant
  • Fix-it fanfic in growing demand


  • The world is a meaningless and merciless place, shoot me now.
  • Why would it take him 35+ years to drink himself to death?

Variants of this include:

  • For some miraculous reason, Flint is made to walk away or simply walks away, defeated and betrayed by everyone. How this wouldn’t end with him committing suicie, I don’t know.
  • The surprising twist: Silver does to Flint what Max intended to do to him, and sends him to that estate north of Spanish Florida to be imprisoned there. Might lead to a surprise for everyone involved in case the “reform-minded man” turns out to be Thomas Hamilton (see ending three). Might also end in misery and madness.
  • Flint arrives, but through a cruel twist of fate, he doesn’t find Thomas, or Thomas is dead, and Flint simply stays there for some reason.

Additional notes:

  • Endless fandom wank. Only I’ll possibly be right in the middle of it.

3. Flint ends up in Savannah reunited with Thomas and leads a quiet life, which includes a lot of guilt and regret, but he also finds a moderate degree of happiness.


  • Canon-compliant
  • Canon-compliant, but with a twist, which is a win-win
  • Allows for a bittersweet ending 
  • If combined with a fake death, people shed tears AND we get a “resurrection” scene where Flint walks off into the sunset.


  • Some people think it’s too much of a happy ending for him and he doesn’t deserve it.
  • Some people apparently think it would be “bad writing” and “too cliché” (or maybe just too gay?).

Variants of this include:

  • Silver tells Flint about the estate in Spanish Florida, and we see Flint arriving there and some sort of interaction between him and Thomas takes place, even if it’s only a look.
  • Silver tells Flint about the estate in Spanish Florida, and we see Flint walking off into the sunset, but with the idea that he’ll go there and look for Thomas – more of an open ending (see ending 4).
  • In some surprise twist, Silver has sent out someone after 4x4 to find out whether Thomas Hamilton is actually alive, and has him brought to Nassau, or else has him stashed away somewhere as his secret weapon/joker against Flint.
  • Woodes Rogers has known all along that Thomas is alive, and decides to use him as leverage in some way (not all that likely?)

4. The ending that is open to interpretation


  • Having your cake and eating it too, I guess
  • Room for speculation


  • Not a satisfying ending at all, but YMMV
  • Fuck this shit
  • Does not  provide any answers in regard to Treasure Island

Variants of this include:

  • Flint is seen presumably dying, but in a way that makes it possible for him to survive – no body, no onfirmed death.
  • Flint walks away into the sunset, with a slightly hopeful outlook after Silver told him what he knew about the estate in Carolina, so that Flint might or might not make an attempt of finding out whether Thomas is alive (see ending 3).

5. The unexpected twist that no one saw coming


  • No one sees it coming.


  • The fuck.

Variants of this include:

  • Could be anything. Who even cares?

Okay, so, I agree with the criticisms that Leonard Snart was very OOC this episode. like, he was a villain and this is pre-Legends!Leonard, but the Snart in this episode was just so extra. 

But what if Eobard messed with his brain and manipulated him, too? 

My only problem with that is that Snart was on board with betraying Thawne later, but maybe he had to do it really quickly and didn’t do a thorough job or he didn’t view Snart as much of a threat, so he half-assed the manipulation. He also may not have wanted to rewrite him too much, because then Mick would have noticed even more than he did that this was not like the Len he remembered. 

I dunno. My brain is friend and I’m going to bed. just some parting thoughts. 

anonymous asked:

I love Colin so will def listen to it all soon, I heard read that Colin kinda knows more about season 7 but lets see. I really hope if Hook is there, they keep Emma. Because i love both and i cant see them without each other,. Im just being sad right now. Sorry.

Personally (and this is my own feelings, mind you, but I know others are in agreement with me), I feel like if ABC is pulling for another season that they’re also doing what they can to make sure both Colin and Jen will be there. Because we all know Captain Swan is the biggest selling point of this show to a lot of people. A large portion of their promo relies heavily on Captain Swan, so I think they’re well aware they need to be there for the show to continue in any real successful capacity. Also, with where the show is heading this current season with Captain Swan, it would be really odd to go into the next without one of them.

All that being said, I’ve talked about how I’m here for Colin. He’s always been the reason I came to this show. I adore Emma Swan and Captain Swan and Jennifer Morrison to pieces, but my loyalty first and foremost is Killian Jones (and thus, Colin O’Donoghue). If he is here, no matter what capacity it’s in, I’m still here. If he’s not, I’m out. That’s how it’s always been for me and how it will be until this show has officially run it’s course. 


You think so much of what you and I can accomplish together. You and her.

Things I want to see in SWR Season 4:

🔱 Not-so-discreet references to the movies

🔱 That on screen Kanera kiss that hAS BEEN BUILDING UP FOR THREE SEASONS

🔱 Kallus’ full name pls

🔱 Rex + Cody name drops (so I can cry again)

🔱 More focus on the Mandalorians and  Sabine’s hot older bro like goddamn son where have you been this whole time

🔱 A H S O K A

🔱 JEDI TRAINING (I don’t care what the two of you say three years is not enough time)

🔱 (Okay even if it was enough time I still want the Master/Padawan bonding I will fight you over this)

🔱 That guy who narrated the beginning of all the CW episode like I don’t know how he’d fit in but I need it

🔱 Zeb and Kallus being dorks and kicking butt together

🔱 more AP-5 sass pls? Like just let us see him roast the entire rebel alliance pls I know he could do it just give him the chance

🔱 Characters from the Clone Wars slippin’ in for one-shot episodes

🔱 another kanan/ezra hug would be nice