Imagine: It’s the typical graduation day finale episode of season 14 and the seniors prepare to move on with their lives and plan for their future. 
But alas! Clare was held back because the chemo-brain and baby drama kept her distracted from school. Drew is held back once again for being short exactly 1 credit. Eli becomes Spinner’s BFF so he decides to stay home to work at the Dot forever.

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Cube UHC master post death/killls

These aren’t in order but they do go by episode, will edit as the season continues:

xBayani killed by TheCampingRusher in ep #2

HeyImBee glitched and dies in lava in ep #2

CreeperFarts killed by Tybzi in ep #3

TheCampingRusher killed by DField ep #3

Tybzi killed by NoBoom ep #4

Pokediger1 killed by DField ep#4

MrMitch361 killed by DField ep #4

JWingWangWong killed by Graser10 ep #4

NerdGasm killed by HyperCraft ep #4

Graser10 killed by DField ep #4

8-BitHomo killed by HyperCraft ep #4

FinsPlays killed by HyperCraft ep #4

HyperCraft killed by DField ep #4

NoBoom killed by StrauberryJam ep #5

Kiingtong killed by PrivateFearless ep #6

Private Fearless killed by StrauberryJam ep #7

StrauberryJam killed by Huahwi ep #7

Grapeapplesauce killed by DField ep #7

Dfield killed by Huahwi ep #7


Today is March 12th. And in this same day SVU screened Gambler’s Fallacy. This episode is my favorite SVU episode and was the first episode that I saw so is very special to me. And was the episode that I completely fall love for Amanda and Kelli. Dear @kelligiddish I just wanna say a big thank you for this AMAZING and stunning episode. @thekevinfox Thank you so much for write this masterpiece. #LawAndOrderSVU #AmandaRollins #KelliGiddish #GamblersFallacy #Season15 #SVU

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