I FEEL LIKE MRS. HUDSON RUNS ONE OF THIS SHIPPING JOHNLOCK BLOGS ON TUMBLR. Wouldn’t it be super awesome to have tea with Mrs. Hudson as a group of crazy fan girls, we’d spend our days talking about how much we all ship Johnlock, and every time John or Sherlock walk in we’d change the conversation to how pleasant the tea is or the horrible weather. That would be like a fictional bucket list goal!

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Season 2 is over, and what can I say?


All details, references, characters, worlds, all was so so beautiful!

Best 2nd season ever!

But, Shiro ;-; SHIRO!!!!

I know he is not gone, he should be stay in a Parallel dimension, or something.

Hope he returns in the 3rd season! I will wait for you my little baby! ;-;/

“You are my extraordinary relationship” is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard.

Riley and Maya were soulmates and no one can convince me otherwise.

  • Meredith: do you know who had the best season of voltron mj
  • MJ: was it
  • MJ: Pidge
  • Meredith: no
  • Meredith: it was lance
  • Meredith: because the worst thing that happened to him
  • Meredith: was he got to live his childhood horny mermaid dream
  • Meredith: and he got a cow
  • MJ: WOW