DT SPOILERS (in case you didn’t blacklist)

Things from The Most Dangerous Game…Night!

- Dewey and Webby randomly bursting out in song throughout the episode

- Huey and Scrooge’s ‘step-turn-step-turn’ synchronization

- Aww poor Louie! Someone hug this child, he’s so tired!

- Huey actually listening to Louie and trying to cheer him up

- Louie, sweetie, I know you don’t want to go on another adventure right now but you just broke your brother

- DEWEY’S FACE WHEN SCROOGE DOESNT KNOW WHICH TRIPLET DEWEY IS- literally my favorite thing in this episode

- Scrooge has got that Classic Exorcist head turn at the mention of game night

- Scrooge is so excited!! Think how long it’s been since he had a game night!

- Lmao Beakley and Duckworth both being ah f*ck it’s Game Night

- ‘If we lose you’re out of the will.’ ‘I was in the will??’

- DUCKWORTH PEACING OUT ‘Spooky things!’

- Gyro! Very pleasant surprise, he’s wonderful in the episode

- Louie just repeatedly slamming the doors in his face

- Impulsively shrinking Gyro

- Scrooge and Donald being a really good team in Charades because no one can tell what Donald’s ever saying

- Huey’s really bad at being irresponsible

- Huey trying to sew throughout the chaos

- Louie’s certain that LP’s immortal (can I get an episode where Lou tests this theory?)

- Huey trying to get Louie to open up and deciding they need to tell Scrooge

- Beakley knowing something’s up but decides to just leave anyway

- TEAM UNCLE + hug

- Huey deciding to keep everything hush hush cause he knows something’s up with Louie

- Louie freaks out because he thought LP died and now the mini people are declaring war

- Louie opens up to Huey (finally!) about how he feels like he doesn’t have a place in the family when it comes to adventures

- The fact that their mom got hurt scares Louie because she was a pro when that happened and he’s just a helpless kid doing the same things that she did

- Scroogopoly and it’s not rigged

- Everyone’s a top hat

- I thought Gyro was Quackfaster (archive lady)

- ‘What do I do, what do I do, what I do; what do I do?’ Gah, this line was so heartbreaking

- Huey got his Woodchuck skills confidence back, thanks to Louie. Even though he lost it in the first place because of Louie

- So happy to see Louie confident during an adventure

- Green nephew got Achievement Unlocked: Sharper than the Sharpies

- Louie’s so happy being told he has something that his mother did

- Sign at the end says: LOUIE INC. Adventure is Our Business with a freaking Trademark symbol on it (callback to Toth-Ra episode)


So because Alya and Nino know their alter ego as Rena Rouge and Carapace, this will be the hint we got for the real reveal, right??? That one day Ladybug and Chat Noir know their true identity?

Please tell me that’s I’m not the only one think about it when Ladybug gives miraculouses to both Alya and Nino.

So I just watched Miraculous Ladybug, ep. 23: Frozer and I’ve seen people hating on or defending Kagami. My personal opinion: She may act confident and perfect, but she’s not. She says Adrien does what everyone tells him to do, but isn’t that what she did when she first debuted? She was glum for failing her parents who wanted her to be on the Collège Françoise Dupont fencing team. She did it mostly for them, not her. If that ain’t hypocritical, then I don’t know what is.

As for her telling Marinette she fell because she hesitates, that was just rude. Honestly, she was completely mean and rude throughout this episode and it made me not like her one bit. 

Adrien, he was acting a bit childish as Chat Noir and just letting Kagami lead him around. 

Luka was supportive and nice. So cool, calm, collected and totally not jealous and mean like Kagami. 

After this episode, I think I may be starting to ship Lukanette more than Ladynoir/Ladrien/Marichat/Adrienette. Now before you blast me for this, I still like those ships, but there’s just too much of the dancing around each other, pretending they don’t like one another, calling each other ‘just friends’ (especially on Adrien’s part) all the time. It gets irritating. I know love doesn’t happen in a day, but lots of shows I watch, people dance like this around each other or get together at first sight and don’t realize they know nothing much but superficial stuff about the other. With Luka, he shows interest but also supports her as a friend and tries to get to know her better before acting. He also understands she may not like him, but Adrien and doesn’t get jealous. He tells her to go after him instead of coming to him like Kagami did. When they were skating, I saw more chemistry between them than anything between Chat/Adrien and Ladybug/Marinette.

Yeah, we all know Marinette is nervous around Adrien and Chat is flirty with Ladybug and they’ve had moments, but something always comes between them. I’m starting to wonder if Kagami does have a point, not just for Adrien, but Marinette too. Maybe they are just meant to be friends as Marinette said, but who knows. We’ll see in future episodes.

(sorry if this seems jumbled up. I’m not really that great at expressing my thoughts into words, especially written words).