So I just realized something.

I was thinking over Steven’s explosion in “Lars and the Cool Kids”–we all know the one.

“What do you know about my mom? I didn’t even get to know my mom! But I DO know she saw beauty in EVERYTHING! Even in stuff like this! And even in JERKS like you!”

This was the one time that Steven saw Lars the way others see him, and the way most of the fanbase sees him–a jerk who puts himself up on a pedestal by shoving others down. But Steven, like Rose, sees the beauty and/or redeeming qualities in EVERYTHING, Lars included. He sees how Lars could really be, and that’s why he’s always so kind to him. Because he sees that Lars isn’t just a jerk, he’s a person with insecurities and fears and the capacity to be amazing.

The moss in that episode was like Lars. It was unsightly, hard to figure out, and unintentionally bad for those around it–not through any fault of its own. It, like Lars, had the capacity to be incredible–it was just in the wrong place.

“The moss wants to be at the top of that hill.”

But Lars couldn’t get there by himself, because he didn’t know how.

“Steven–I don’t know how to drive a stickshift!” “I’ll work the stick! You just keep us on the road!”

But when Lars, with Steven helping him every step of the way, did manage to help the moss get to the place that was best for it–

It became something beautiful. It finally got to show what it could really be.

Sounds like someone else we know. :-)

Lars’ redemption shouldn’t have seemed out of the blue to anyone. It’s been staring us in the face since Season One.


keith and allura + growing stronger by letting go of the past

since i have yet to find another post that goes into detail about just how much keith’s arc in ‘the blade of marmora’ and allura’s arc in ‘crystal venom’ parallel one another, i went ahead and did the thing myself !! i find it both curious and kinda enchanting how alike keith and allura are in so many respects. realizing these similarities while re-watching the show was far too riveting not to share my thoughts, so here they are ^^

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