Anon asked: What is your favorite episode from Season 8?

↳LARP And the Real Girl, 08/11 (◡‿◡✿)


I’ve heard that some viable sources have confirmed that we’ll have all this for Season 8:

  • Finn & Jake going out of Ooo to explore.
  • Finn’s mother.
  • GOLB.
So I guess we’ve got a second antagonist, GOLB. The first one will be, of course, Dr. Gross. I think that she might be the one who created all those fantastic beings like dragons and other weirdos. I’ve also being thinking and Gross’ drill could not be her only giant vehicle. Remember the ship that picked Martin to send him to a special mission? It could’ve belonged to Gross too. That would make sense as I still think that Susan and Martin are Finn’s parents and obviously there’s a link between Gross and Sus. But is Martin a transgenic human too? I don’t know what to think about that. But woah, I’m looking forward to see what’s out of Ooo. I just think that S8 will explain and develop a lot of story arcs in the series and in a more complex way than we’re expecting. This season is bound to be super mad.
Regular Show is ending...

Yesterday, Mark Hamill, the voice of Skips, tweeted this. (x)

This could mean that either Skips’s character is being killed off the show, or that the show is going to end after season 8. It wouldn’t make sense for Mark to spoil something as big as Skips being killed, so it’s safe to say he means that he has finished recording Skips’s last lines for season 8. 

It’s no surprise really. Judging by the way season 7 ended, and by the season 8 previews, and the lack of season 9 renewal announcement, it was safe to say that season 8 will be the last. The show had a goon run while it lasted, and it will always be one of the best shows to ever air on Cartoon Network in my opinion. I’m glad that it has came this far and been successful, though!


Some of the Fiercest Bitches in the Game.

I DIDN’T SKIPPED TYRA, Y’ALL. THEY DIDN’T INCLUDED HER IN THE VIDEO, I AGREE, SHE’S KINDA MEAN AS A PERSON, BUT I LIKED HER ON SEASON 2. Chad didn’t have a close up neither, but yeah, you shady bitches blaming on me, lmao.