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(S8Au) Beckett has recently became captain and has achieved everything in her career that she has wanted too. Due to being married to her work, her time is running out and when a all of a sudden want for a family comes up, she decides to use a sperm donor. Months later she has a baby and has started dating a man (Castle) little do they know that Castle is the babies father.



The Sanctuary is looking a tad different these days. Our heroes have launched an attack at Negan’s headquarters!! We knew an attack was imminent, but it looks like thangs are definitely going down in episode one! This will be one explosive premiere!!!! Definitely appears to be an explosion/fire involved. The RV is burnt to hell and looking extra crispy. The walker fence has been decimated. Hopefully Negan is pissing his pants. This should be one of many exciting battles this season.

*Thanks to TSDF