Damon is the one dying in the finale

I usually guess some things and I just want to share what I think of TVD finale.

 So when i saw season 8 promotional picture, I didn’t even think about it twice but now, knowing about everything every little detail makes sense. 

 We see Damon’s crow on that coffin. 

Hmm some of you thought that it was because of Delena (Elena’s coffin and Damon’s crow) but now that we know one if the main character is dying, I thought a little deeper and here I am - Damon’s crow is dead (eaten by Damon himself) and that might mean that Damon kills himself or dies because of his own mistake or something.

 Also we see Stefan with his eyes down, probably mourning the death of his brother. 

Idk, I might sound really out of the place but i wanted to share it anyway. 

Peace out


Title cards designed by Michael DeForge, Laura Knetzger, Charmaine Verhagen, Sam Alden, James Baxter, and Aleks Sennwald

painted by Joy Ang

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TWO SWORDS - January 23rd

written/storyboarded by Tom Herpich & Steve Wolfhard


DO NO HARM - January 23rd

written/storyboarded by Laura Knetzger & Emily Partridge


WHEELS - January 24th

written/storyboarded by Graham Falk & Charmaine Verhagen



written/storyboarded by Pendleton Ward & Sam Alden


HORSE AND BALL - January 26th

written/storyboarded by Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone



written/storyboarded by Hanna K Nyström & Aleks Sennwald