Hey nemmica​, you can drop Witch Charlie speculation on my posts any time.  Seriously, that put me in my dreamy smile place.

10x16 positioned witches as women who had something that was rightfully theirs taken away from them.  And also as vengeance-seeking.

Charlie had her parents taken away.  And then, when she was bifurcated into her light and dark selves, her dark self wanted revenge.  “You took everything from me.“

Of course that description fits Claire too, except for the literal bifurcation.  (I’ve talked about the similarities between her and Charlie before.)  

Okay, suddenly I need Charlie being Claire’s witch mentor more than I need air.  But I do love the idea of Charlie and Sam putting their heads together and learning witchcraft.  (Incidentally the only AFAICT there’s not a lot of witch charlie stuff out there, except for Harry Potter AUs, especially stuff that focuses on her.  I do like this Charlie x Bela picspam though.)

Remember 7x20 Charlie, who identified so strongly with Hermione?  I’m thinking about how 10x16 had at least three Harry Potter references.  Like Hermione, Charlie has seen first hand that magic can be terrifying, after her Oz and post-Oz experiences.  But if learning witchcraft would help with saving Dean, I bet she would.  (Every witch SPN has shown us has been evil, with Patrick the (sigh) he-witch being a possible exception.  It would be nice if that changed.  ETA: yarnyfan reminds me about James Frampton from 8x15, and there’s also Nora Havelock.)


Today’s vid: super cute scene from the beginning of the wedding ep!