Season 7 Richonne Checklist

After the season starts, I hope to cross these off one by one…

- Rick and Michonne hug

- Rick says, “I love you.”

- Michonne says, “I love you.”

- Michonne talks about Andre

- Rick talks about marriage

- At bear minimum, a season 6 Spuffy style sex scene (ala “Smashed)

- Conversely, a beautiful, shadowed love making scene ala Bangel (”Innocence”)

- Richonne bottle ep

- tickle fight

- slow dancing

- Rick wrapping his arms around Michonne from behind

- Protective!Rick

- Rick still having Michonne’s hair

- Michonne wearing Rick’s murder coat

- Rick saving Michonne

- Flashback of early Richonne, preferably to when Rick finally opens that door and let’s Michonne in, so relieved and happy she’s alive and they hug each other tightly and stuff