“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.”
                                                   ― Stephen King, The Shining

I love how everyone is mad at Daryl for doing exactly like Glenn did. I bet if it had led to Eugene or Aarons death everyone would be fine, but since it led to Glenn’s death everyone is like “Daryl got Glenn Killed!!!” I’d hate for you all to read the comics and realized that that was gonna happen regardless

Glenn: Jumps at Negan to defend Maggie

Daryl: punches Negan to keep him from taunting Rosita
Fans: You killed Glenn


Filming Tomorrow, Tue 10/25

Queens Hospital, NYC. Parsons Blvd. & GCP - Interior day shoot

  • POLICE PRECINCT PERPS - 18-99 AGE RANGE to portray people who have been picked up by police and are waiting to be booked. Down and out types, drunks, hooligans, and some family members who have come to check on family that has been arrested. Scheduled tentatively for Tuesday 10/25. This is an interior day shoot and you will have to wear winter season attire.
  • POLICE PRECINCT NYPD - 30s-60s age range - Heavyset/ Overweight with NYPD Uniform.
  • HOSPITAL ORDERLIES & NURSES, VISITING FAMILY- 20s-60s age range. NURSES & ORDERLIES- Must fit into a uniform/ scrubs, please list sizes. LIST ALL SIZES!! Scheduled for Tuesday 10/25. This is an interior day shoot.

Did our Trash Prince get himself committed to Queens Hospital’s state-of-the-art Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) after his hostage-taking, cop-shooting escapades?? 

Inquiring minds want to know! While this is an interior shoot, some intel might still be had by scoping out the surroundings. 

Please let us know if you are interested in spying for us! And please reblog!

To the walking dead fans, tonight will be very tough, and i know many of you are very anxious about it, but understand that even though it may seem that world is crashing down on you, i promise you its not. Again, this will be a very emotionally painful episode to get through, so if anybody, and i mean anybody, would like someone to talk to i would be more than happy to listen 😊 good luck to everybody and have a good premiere! take care of yourselves❤️

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Hi, I just read Lange-C report and she said how relaxed the set was with Rupert and how serious it got when Claire arrived. Of course everyone prepares for the shooting in a different way, but it's funny how she affects everyone else. I wonder if she ever has fun on set.

Yeah, I loved that! I’m sure Claire has plenty of fun on set, it was just a really intense series of scenes they were filming so she was probably really focused. From interviews, I get the sense that Rupes doesn’t do much ITO preparation. You sure didn’t get a sense from @lange-c’s pictures that Quinn was about to have a major PTSD breakdown 😂. Love him!