Season 3 RandI

South Park S21 ep.3

Okay ya’ll. You know the drill.

  • Holiday special was pretty good. Though I’m not a fan of Randy episodes (my god, who is?), Randy has been surprisingly funny and tolerable this season. Let’s face it, he’s way better than Gerald ugh.
  • It was good to see the main four back and working together on fixing the dumb shit that always occuring in South Park. It felt refreshing to hear Kyle call Stan his best friend again. For the past two seasons, they’re friendship kind of dissolved but it’s reassuring now.
  • KENNY IS BACK YA’LL! Although it wasn’t much, he actually spoke and my heart melted. Despite his voice sounding evil (that was funny by the way), it was still Kenny and my ears were blessed. HE SOUNDED LIKE MYSTERION A FEW TIMES ASDFGHJKL
  • Cartman was tolerable this episode. I noticed when he isn’t with Heidi, he’s a better character. This is my opinion but I really want Cartman and Heidi to break up BADLY. I’m sure most agree. I don’t hate Heidi by any means. I love her character so much and I love the way she developed. But it just sucks she took Cartman back. It’s obvious that they’re not compatible with each other and they seem much happier being apart. At least that’s why I analyzed. I don’t normally give my opinion but there you go I guess.
  • Ah, Randy. You son of a bitch. How DARE you take advantage of that poor Native American man?! He was clearly in love with you and you just stomped on his heart! HE BROUGHT HIS PARENTS FOR GOD’S SAKE! And all you wanted to prove was that you’re Native American so people wouldn’t think you’re a Columbus loving asshole. But seriously guys, the concept for this was really funny! I loved it.
  • Okay last thing. I noticed that ever since season 20 (yikes), there’s a trend of people sitting on the toilet. First Kyle, now Sharon. I mean I’d rather not see someone doing their business, not into that. Poor Sharon though. Give the damn woman some privacy! She’s already been through so much and the season barely started haha.
  • Not bad again, South Park team! Season 21 so far is a success!


Aaaayyyy so I found a post where someone shared their top 20 favorites and I decided I wanted to make my own to xD I made this template myself and I have a blank one (tho without text at all, I can input the “Top 20 Favorite Shows” if anyone wants me to). If you wanna do your own with my template, just shoot me an ask or PM!

Hit the read more if you really want to know my opinions on each. I suck at summarizing so it is a bit of a read, sorry about that heh

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As we are all aware, Randy Cunningham still hasn’t been picked up for a third season. The show has a lot of potential and what we know from its screentime appears to be just the top os the iceberg. RC9GN has been cancelled for a bit over two years now and the show still has a rising number of fandom members. 

Now, we are all familiar with the amount of attention this particular shows pays to its fans. It’s beyond extraordinary. Which made us think; how many of us, animators, artist, writers, or students of the following, would be willing to help the crew with the making of a third season? My friend, @nathvods​,for example, who is an animation student, has already stated that she would be extremely happy to help – even if not getting paid, the experience and joy of bringing life to an extraordinary show would already be worth it. 

(im actually making this post for @nathvods bc shes too shy lmaooo)

So I ask you, artists, writers, animators – anyone who could possibly help – to sign this petition if you would be willing to help for free. Who knows, maybe the staff could contact you! And even regular fans who contribute with occasional reblogging to sign this petition if you would be interested in a third season  You can also contact @nathvods and she’ll write down every tumblr URL of the members who would possibly be willing to help and their respective contributions (as in, storyboarding, writing etc) to show the staff how many people can contribute with what. Please specify which category you would like to be a part of so we can have the exact number. Join more than one if you will! Also please specify if you’re a major, student or still in school. Any help is welcome!

The Walt Disney Company : Encourage Disney to give Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja a Season 3

Amy Nadal need our help and please visit this page for information


To all RC9GN Fans, please visit this website and our friend name Velt Young need our help…