Season 3 RandI


Alright listen up, fanjas. Season 3 still hasn’t been confirmed.

I’m not going to lie to you there’s a tiny scratch of hope but unless views skyrocket out of no where, that ain’t happening. But here is what a suggest, a long with how to get merchandise. But it is very important you all put effort into this. Come on fanjas I need you to not slack off this time.

Because sweet cheese I think we should at least say we didn’t go down without a fight.

Who to write

Write to Disney:

811 Sonora Ave 1152

Glendale, CA 91201-2433

Fan Mail Department:

500 S. Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91521

Disney UK (Disney Channels Guest Relations M/C 601)

3 Queen Caroline Street


London W6 9PE

  • Seriously so far the above email has been great in contacted. They’ve noticed a pattern in our messages so far I believe however, as we’re getting a templated reply, but keep sending stuff because they’re reading.

“Contact Us” in the Disney Store (bottom of the page)

  • For merchandise demand.
  • Go ahead and use the contact us for the other DisneyStores listed at the bottom of the page, and contact your respected regional store. (This way they see its a demand also coming from other countries!)

  • The email replied back if you use the DisneyXD UK “contact us,” you can also use the contact us option.

  • Was a email given back to a fan after emailing for merch.

Maybe even Hot Topic

  • who might give interest due to Randy’s ZIM influence, along with other Disney products they have.

Titmouse too X

  • they make shirts, this would be a chance to make another line(?) for one of their own series. They probably need to collaborate with Disney first (the same would be the case with Hot Topic)

What to write

Be specific with this letter/email. I want you to state: What you want; DVDs, season 3. Be very on point, leaving a vague and perhaps big writing will have them not care/lose interest. Make sure you write the complete title “Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

Here’s an example of what you could say:

  • _____ you should make some Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja DVDs!
  • _____ make some Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja t-shirts!
  • I would love it if Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja to a season 3!
  • What can I do to help support Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja get a season 3?

You get the idea. You’re welcome to phrase differently (I recommend it, put your personality into it!) but try to avoid making it too long, or going into details that don’t matter. Make it short and to the point of what you would want and would buy as a fan.

For the @watchdisneychannels email I also recommend you phrase it differently as possible due to the template replies we’ve been getting, we need differences to make sure they’re being read.

For the fanmail department/you just wanting to tell Disney how much you appreciate this show, go and put your heart in it, show how much you love this.

Write to Disney UK importantly! They’ve shown to reply, plus UK’s viewership is what matter’s the most in Randy continuing. 

Send it more than once! Use multiple emails! Write multiple letters! Everyone show how much you want these. Get your friends to write, your family, that neighbor down the road! Everybody!

And then if this does work everyone is going to have to put in a big effort to try and buy what it is released, to watch season 3. What good does the company see if they finally make something we want, and we don’t buy it?


And don’t forget to watch that season final!!! Every view still counts and lets be sure to get that finale so many good ratings and views DisneyXD will have to renew it, or at least remember it had a successful run.

Please, please buy the episodes, and watch them on TV. These matter the most! Here’s a list of where to buy them. If you have the money and want to help Randy get a season 3, BUY THE EPISODES. If you have the episodes already, buy them for a friend! Hey, maybe even give away for fans who can’t get them! Watch them on TV, and visit the sites! These two are the most important things! Its airing on DisneyChannel for some of you in the east even! So check it out if its on there now for ya!

If you can’t buy them at the moment, at least give it a good review or rating on that buy page! Let others interested see that good rate and view so that they will buy it, and all the good views and rating will catch Disney’s attention.

Watch on the Live DisneyXD site too! Guess what? You don’t even need the channel on your cable deal to watch it! Just your provider stuff! And even then if you don’t have a matching up provider there’s still a few episodes to see! All you need is internet!

Playing games, and hanging around the official pages really helps too!

Disney Infinity

On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, do the hashtag #OurDisneyInfinity, and ask for Randy Cunningham as a character to add to the game!

UK fans

really watch it as it premiers! Because looks like Disney needs to see how well it does there! Go ahead and visit the sites and so on! Here’s some more deeds about season 2 premiering and and how you can support it!

Also don’t forget if you might not make it to the TV in time to catch a new/episode, you can record it and watch it within the week, and it still counts as a view!

Here’s some extra info from a fellow fanja

Everyone can also @ the official DisneyXDUK twitter, they actually reply to the posts sometimes!!

Don’t stop watching, keep watching and buying, I’ve been looking at the popularity in purchasing on RC episodes, and so far so good with the first episode ranking as the top! Please Please please tell everyone you know, about Randy. Fighting for a series to go on has worked for other fandoms  and we can try too. I believe in all of us, if we put in a really big effort we can get that season three.

This show means a lot to all of us, and we all know that to be true, so please, let us fight for it. The staff wants this, we want this, the only thing stopping us is a lack of rates that catch Disney’s attention. But if we get enough people to buy, watch, etc we can make it. Make your own promo posts, go ahead and repost this one, and this one, and tag with other shows you may like. You don’t need my permission to repost these promos and in fact I encourage it! Please just spread the work and give it all you can, I know fanjas can do more than what we think we can, there’s a ninja inside us all and we can use that to get this going.

There is a NEW blooper reel on the Facebook Page!!

This Blooper Reel!!

“The plug always wins.” 

It features Randy ninja-ing out!!

Like, Comment, Share the blooper reel video on Facebook!!

Don’t forget to like, comment and share the other Randy Cunningham blooper reels on Facebook too!!!

The link to the post!

Let’s blast those views, comments, likes and shares to show Disney our love for Randy Cunningham, a third season and how hilariously funny the bloopers are!!

If you’re outside the US, try to access the page with TunnelBear!! Try to access the page via a link (here)!!

You can also access the page through your smartphone!! Just download TunnelBear for your smartphone (iOS) (Android) and access the site through the link!! You can also request the desktop site instead of the mobile site in case there’s something wrong!

Hola! might work too!!

Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

This is random,

But I’ve kinda been seeing #FightForSeason3 for the show Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, a show which I unfortunately never gave the time to watch.


I regret that.

I watched one episode and it was cute and funny and I love how the characters interacted as genuine teens.

Now although I never watched the show, I do know how upsetting it is to lose a show you like and have it cancelled.

So, hopefully some of the people who are this will help me fight for this show that has made so many people happy.

Write letters, emails, watch the new episode(s) as they air, ask for merchandise and DVDS

Any little bit helps, yo!


Fanjas, don’t forget to vote for Randy to be added to Disney Infinity!!

Fanjas, the vote is still going!!

Vote for and write into the comments that you want Randy Cunningham on Disney Infinity!!!

Here!! (Try to access through your smartphone/mobile site!! Maybe enable Desktop Site!)

Also post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram that you like Randy Cunningham to be available in Disney Infinity!! Use the Hashtag ‘ #OurDisneyInfinity ‘ to vote for Randy Cunningham!!!





Just wanted to give a friendly reminder to everyone that you can ‘thumbs up’ RC9GN posts on Disney XD’s official FB page, and probably because we got too distracted with all the hype of the season finale, THIS ONE seems to be lacking compared to the others and could use a boost (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Here are the others in case you didn’t get the chance to ‘thumbs up’ these posts either:

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Edit: It has been brought to my attention that the bloopers’ links sometimes do not work, so I’ve added the date they were uploaded if you wanted to scroll through the page to find them.

Please, please, keep fighting and expressing your love for RC9GN to Disney!

DisneyXD wasn’t even advertising for the finale until we fans came in on their sites and were like “So excited for the Randy Cunningham season finale!” “Don’t forget DXD, that Randy Cunningham finale!”

And then they went ahead and promoted it on 3 out of 4 of their social media accounts!

I’m generally wondering if we hadn’t came in and started @ing Disney they wouldn’t even had promoted it on Monday. But they did most likely because of our expressing excitement for Randy!

So please keep showing you love on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even submitted to the tumblr disneyxd (PUBLISH OUR FANART DXD??!).

Be sure to use the ‘#randy cunningham’ (#randycunningham, on some other media) hashtag along with the ‘#rc9gn‘ one if you mainly use that one. Because DXD uses the full ‘Randy Cunningham’ hashtags, and might check up on those ones.

Lets express our love as much as we can, because it really does help!

Please Watch The Series Finale of Randy Cunningham!!!

The end is near…for RC9GN !!! Its gonna be the last episode very soon, BUT maybe if a lot of viewers came to see the finale, that even when the show ends, it might get revived for atleast one last season.

There’s so much cool things about Randy! Do you really want them to disappear !?!

I mean just look at his awesome Ninja outfit!

His cool side-villains

And most of all… HIS SHIPS !!!!! (sorta…)

If anyone liked any of what they saw (especially in the ships) please watch the series finale of Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja on July 27th, Monday, at 9:00 PM in DisneyXD…