Season 1: Oliver keeps needing Felicity’s help to find the villains. - Felicity joins the team

Season 2: Slade wants the person Oliver loves the most. - Kidnaps Felicity and she gives him the cure

Season 3: Ra’s al Ghul wants Oliver to join the league and gives Felicity an advise to say goodbye to Oliver. - Olicity has sex

Season 4: Oliver wants to propose to Felicity but isn’t sure because of the life that they live. Damien kidnaps everyone that Oliver loves and they survive which proves to Oliver that they can do it. - Oliver proposes to Felicity

Season 5: Adrian Chase tries to kill Oliver and Felicity but in doing so, traps them in the Arrow Cave. - Olicity finally have a real conversation

I love the Arrow villains!

Hold me Down (Part 22 - Pre-Epilogue)

Summary: You wake up in the hospital. Things don’t look good.
Pairing: Dean X Female!Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, 
Chapter name: Who’s gonna protect you, if I don’t?
Warnings: I’m focusing on the relationship here, not the cases; cussing, song use; fluff, Gifs aren’t mine, they’re from Google or Tumblr. Set on season 1. A bit of drama. John ships it.  Protective Dean. Lots of angst and feels. Ouija board use. Canon Divergence.

You disappear with all your good intentions

When Y/N opened her eyes, things were strange.

She was dressed in white, and inside a white room.

She knew that smell.

She was in a hospital.

“Fuck… I hate hospitals.” She groaned.

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