Lembra de quando você era criança e sua maior preocupação era, tipo, se ia ganhar uma bicicleta de aniversário ou comer biscoito no café da manhã? Ser adulto não tem a menor graça. Falando sério, não se deixe iludir pelos belos sapatos e pelo sexo, e pela ausência de papai e mamãe te dizendo o que fazer. Ser adulto significa responsabilidade.
—  Grey’s Anatomy.
My favorite scenes #4: “Your husband is a lucky man”

So many reasons to love this scene…

  • Jamie’s sense of humour:

C: Why were you flogged?

J: Hmm, well, the first time was escaping Fort William. And the second was theft. Or at least, that’s what the charge sheet read.

C: Why were you escaping in the first place?

J: They were holding me prisoner. 

J: After that, I dinna ken what happened. When I woke up, I was trussed up in the wagon with the chickens, jolting down the road to Fort William.

C: I’m so sorry. That must have been terrible for you.

J: Oh, aye. Chickens are very poor company.

He’s talking about the worst thing that happened in his life, and he still makes her smile.

  • Jamie unashamedly throws a bait:

J: You’re a kind woman… with a good touch. Your husband is a lucky man.

He is already interested in Claire, but apparently she’s married. So, Jamie says something to lead her to talk about her husband, in order to find more informations, to learn more about this sassenach… After all, where was that man when his wife was being threatened by English redcoats and kidnapped by Highlanders? I can clearly see Jamie thinking perhaps he has a chance with her.

But then Claire starts to cry, which lead us to the next point:

  • Jamie is supportive and kind:

J: Mrs. Beauchamp, what’s wrong?

C: I’m fine. I was just thinking about my husband.

J: Lass… Is he not alive?

C: No, actually. He’s not alive.

He holds her in his arm, she cries on his shoulder, and then this happens:

  • Sexual tension!

It’s the second episode and this could have ended in a kiss. But, of course, Claire moves away:

C: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.

Then Jamie says something that I don’t really love:

J: You need not be scared of me. Nor anyone else here, so long as I’m with ye.

Ok, I know this quote is a book favorite, but it sounds too “damsel in distress” for me. But I get that it’s his way of saying she can count on him, so I’m ok with it.

Now I feel like I can’t end this post without addressing which is a reason alone to appreciate the view, I mean, the scene:

No caption needed, right?


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can we talk about this for a moment though?

Viktor promised Yuri he’d choreograph the best senior division debut for him, and right when that moment rolled around, he ditched him and left the country without warning to go coach another skater, who would be Yuri’s rival in the senior division. And then he has them face off and when Yuri watches his performance and realizes Yuuri will win, he leaves without a word, knowing full well Viktor will choose Yuuri over him, despite the promise he made.

I know that Viktor isn’t very good at remembering promises, but that’s no excuse for what he’s doing to this 15 year old kid, who clearly had to go through a lot to pursue his dream of becoming a figure skater (the flashback showed that his mother wouldn’t be there for whatever reasons, illness, or disapproval, we don’t know yet), whose grandpa is his “agape”, meaning that he loved/loves him more than anything in the world, but when he’s skating, he loves that even more than his grandfather. To promise a child something that means so much to them, and failing to keep your word… I can’t describe how disappointed I am in Viktor right now. I love Yuuri and I want him to succeed too, I love Viktuuri and watching their relationship develop, but let’s not forget what is ethically correct, and Viktor was wrong on every level to build Yuri’s dreams so high and then bring them crashing down, through no fault of his own. Yuri is still an exemplary skater, who works hard and believes in himself and acts very mature for his age and by no means needs Viktor to reach great heights at the senior level, but that doesn’t give Viktor any right to pick Yuuri over Yuri right when the Russian wanted his help the most and worked so hard to get Viktor’s approval (IIRC, Viktor said he wouldn’t help unless he won the Junior Grand Prix, which he then did). It’s amazing how well and maturely Yuri handled this, too. He could have confronted Viktor or guilt tripped him, and he wouldn’t technically be wrong to do either, but instead he just packs his bags and decides to return to his former coach without causing any trouble for anyone. I get how he (Viktor) feels watching Yuuri skate, and he clearly feels for him beyond the rink as well, but at least he could coach them side by side, or just design a program for Yuri, and then focus solely on Yuuri?

Viktor, I do love you, but you are a dick for what you’re doing to that helpless, innocent soul.

There were a lot of convincing rebuttals to this post, so I offered my two cents in a companion post, which can be found here.