Looking for Bowser x Mario Like
  • Google: HAHAHAHAHA--oh wait, you're serious? Oh. Nah, that totally doesn't exist. Maybe some smut fan fiction, but otherwise, nah.
  • DeviantArt: HOW DARE YOU SUPPORT THE GAYS. (Just kidding, we have it somewhere. Buried under all of the hatred. Somewhere.)
  • Tumblr: Bowwwww…uigi? No? How about…Powser? No? …Huh. Nope, sorry. That don't exist. There's this weird text post, but that's probably trash and we filter it away from results.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: First of all, how dare you.

How to Remove a Tumblr Blog from Search Results: 
Not everyone on Tumblr wants blog posts to be found by others. Follow these steps to hide a blog from search results and recommended posts.

  1. Go to the Desktop Dashboard. Click the user icon to reveal the drop-down menu, then click the Settings gear icon.

  2. The Settings page for your primary blog appears. (Or to hide a secondary blog, click another blog on the right sidebar.) 

  3. Scroll down to “Directory” and look for the setting “Allow search engines to index your blog.”

  4. Click off the switch — that is, make the circle shift left — for "Allow search engines to index your blog.“ A green "Saved” icon appears, confirming your choice.

Turning off this setting hides the blog from Tumblr Search and prevents posts from appearing as recommended posts — now known as “Here’s a blog.” The setting change also puts out the unwelcome mat for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, asking them to eventually exclude the blog from search results.

So we were trying to remember the name of a particular movie and for the life of me I could not remember the name of this movie, but I remember there was something to do with spiders, and there was maybe a mushroom circle of sorts around a house, it was about a book, and a house, and it was a movie, so I plugged it into Google and holy crap, it actually 100% identified, first result the movie we couldn’t think of.

“big spider book movie house mushroom circle”

brb dying laughing again