ts Everyone in the Roost is completely spifficated. It turns into raucous folk singing as the lil’ devil himself serenades his lady love (with his horrible, off key, chalky, rasping, smoke damaged voice) Until everyone joins in singing Whiskey in the Jar

Only one toon in there is sober, staring at the creature whom everyone seems to have forgiven. Staring at him as he and his paramour sing drunkenly together, giving each other little grins and nudges of sincere affection. Staring with the memory of everything this monster took from him, and everything the monster seems to have gained. 

There needs to be some justice.

[The song Bendy is singing is this HERE. KISS ME I’M SHITFACED- DROPKICK MURPHYS

Its sort of the perfect Bendy’s song. And the voice isn’t too far off his either. Here’s the lyrics, I mean, its perfect!  Lyrics below ]

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The foods we choose to put on our plates — or toss away – could have more of an ecological impact than many of us realize.

On Earth Day, here are some ways to consider how our diet impacts the planet.

You’ve heard the numbers on food waste. More than 30 percent of available food is tossed each year in America. It’s enough to fill Chicago’s 1,450-foot-tall Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) 44 times over.

The U.S. has set an official goal to reduce food waste by 50 percent by the year 2030. Universities have begun to chip away at the food waste issue by promoting ugly fruit and vegetables and shifting away from pre-cooked, buffet style food, instead serving more cook-to-order options that can cut down on waste. Food service companies are working with farmers and chefs to get more blemished but edible produce into cafeterias across the country. Even religious groups are getting into the act, raising attention to the problem of food waste among the faithful and connecting with restaurants, retailers and food banks to help redirect food to hungry mouths that might otherwise end up in landfills.

Chew On This For Earth Day: How Our Diets Impact The Planet

Illustration: MHJ/Getty Images


(via 0503-IC 1038 04-10-1999 | Illinois Central SD70 1038 navigat… | Flickr)

Caption: “Illinois Central SD70 1038 navigates the turn from east to south on the St. Charles Air Line near 18th Street in Chicago on April 10, 1999.”

Photo by Art Gross


Chicago Plate 251 by David Harmantas
Via Flickr:
Near West Side, Chicago. 8 March, 2016.


As you cross the landscape of central North America, the City of Chicago seems to rise up out of nowhere - you’re surrounded by flat, recently glaciated plains and all of a sudden at the boundary between a river and a lake these enormous steel structures rise up into the sky. This video clip explores that urban landscape from the sky.


(via 0349-IC 8413 08-1998iitif | IC GP10 8413 leads two more Padu… | Flickr)

Caption: “Illinois Central GP10 8413 leads two more Paducah Geeps and a freight south at 18th Street in Chicago in August 1998.”

Photo by Art Gross

maxmayfield  asked:

One word prompt: Heights (ST character/ship of your choice!)

thank u for this Val !!! I hope you like it !!!!

“This is an awful idea.” Will’s quiet, shaking voice came from behind Mike, his fingers tangled in the material of Mike’s shirt as if he were a lifeline.
Mike chuckled at him, reaching one hand behind him and clumsily gripping at Will’s arm to pull him closer.
“Come on, it’s safe! they wouldn’t let people on here if it wasn’t.” Mike said. Underneath his feet was a glass platform, the city of Chicago spread out like a foggy gray map exactly one-thousand, three-hundred, and fifty-three feet below him.
Will planted his feet, his face paling as Mike tried to drag him from the safety of the regular tile.
“Mike, no. No! Look at that, you can’t even see the people down there! Do you know how painful that would be if you fell?” Will asked, his foot tapping on the tile as he furrowed his brows into an angry pout that Mike had to admit was adorable.
“Well, it would only be painful for a second before you died. Come on! it’s totally safe. I’ve been standing here the whole time and nothing’s happened.” Mike said. Will’s eyes fell to Mike’s shoes on the glass before flicking back up to his face.
“No.” He huffed, shaking his head.
Mike rolled his eyes, grinning.
“It’s safe!” Mike sang, before doing a little dance on the glass.
“Mike-!” Will gasped, his hands coming up to cover his mouth.
Mike grinned at him.
“Does that make you nervous?” Mike teased, continuing to dance in little circles on the glass platform. Will inhaled sharply, beginning to flap his hands on either side of his face, looking on the edge of tears.
“Mi-i-ike! quit it, really!” He wailed, watching Mike with watery eyes.
Mike laughed, stilling his legs and pulling Will into a hug.
“Aw, I’m sorry. I won’t fall, I promise.” Mike chuckled, pressing little kisses into Will’s forehead. Will squirmed and pouted in his arms, sniffling.
“You’re so awful.” He moped, looking up at Mike. Mike held Will’s face between his hands, squishing his cheeks just a bit.
“If you think I’m awful for that, you might not want to look down.” Mike grinned. Will’s nose adorably scrunched in confusion, his lips pulling down into a frown, before his face paled and his eyes widened and he snapped his head to the glass floor underneath both of them. With a shout, he smacked Mike’s shoulder, jumping off of the glass platform.
“You’re such a jerk, Mike!” He pouted, his cheeks flushing.
Mike laughed until tears began to sting in his eyes despite Will’s pouting, his arms crossed across his chest and his foot angrily tapping.
“it’s not funny! I could’ve died!” Will grouched as Mike finally stepped out of the glass box, leading him further into the Sears tower, their voices echoing off the hallway as Mike promised to get Will ice cream to make up for it.