Watch out Gipsy Danger, The King of the Monsters is hungry for your nuclear turbine!

A crossover of two upcoming Legendary Picture films: Pacific Rim (July 2013) & the very anticipated GODZILLA (May 2014) Can’t wait for both! how about u guys?
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Pacific Rim & Gipsy Danger © Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures
Godzilla © Toho co., ltd.

Artwork by Sean Sumagaysay (me)

1. I apologize for the late comeback, but here’s another request by Rodney Rodgers and my first commission of 2014

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Colossal Kaiju Combat’s
Mecha Baz:
Heart Eater:…
Dragon Lotus:…

2. *This piece was done with my new Cintiq Companion! :’D*

Commissioned by Jacob Rich
A cyborg version of the Category 3 Kaiju Yamarashi from Pacific Rim! Based on the only existing design from Dr. Newt’s left tattoo art.

Pacific Rim © Legendary Pictures