Melbourne based artist Sean Morris creates some fantastically dark, weird, culty and downright bad-ass works involving sword wielding maidens, motorcycling harpies, and alligator riding vixens.   He recently released a beautiful Risograph print ‘Heirlooms’ (featured above), curated a show around a King Brown Magazine issue 10 in NYC and even painted an immense mural for Jack Rabbit Slims, a nightclub in Perth, AUS.  A self publisher as well, Morris has printed many killer zines and recently collaborated on a SICK skateboard with Surprise Skateboards in the US.  While he was visiting in Los Angeles, we had a chance to catch up as well as chat a bit about his background, influences and favorite Vans.

1) Tell us about yourself.  Name, where you’re from and what do you do?

I’m Sean Morris. I’m originally from Perth, Western Australia, but i switched coasts a little while back and i live in Melbourne. I make paintings and drawings, and do digital illustration.

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