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Hii!! Can you recommend me some Coliver fics like the soulmates AUs (tattos and like that maybe?) Thank you!! *hugs*

Tell Them This Love Hasn’t Changed Me by conwalshs

Summary: Connor’s first dream about his soulmate didn’t feel at all conventional, though there wasn’t much logic to be found in a theory that suggested soulmates existed, anyway.At least in Connor’s eyes, there wasn’t.

Colorblind by iamsiriuslyriddikulus

Summary: The world is in black and white until the day after you sleep with your soulmate.

The Marks You Left On Me by samanthaB

Summary: In a world where your words get marked on your soul mate’s skin as handwritten tattoos, Oliver considers himself quite unlucky with his soul mate. He doesn’t like him too much but they never even met. That will change soon though, not without a few bumps on the road of course…

Little do you know (I need more time) by connordont

Summary: Connor knows that for everyone else, it all ends the moment their timers hit zero, and that’s the difference: Connor doesn’t want his timer to hit zero. Not now, not for a while. He doesn’t want a commitment and someone with a matching timer memory of heart eyes. It’s not his thing.Connor doesn’t even do boyfriends, he certainly doesn’t do soulmates.(everybody has a timer that counts down to the moment they meet their soulmate, and connor has commitment issues.)

Not Who I Wanted by thekingslover

Summary: At 11:59pm on the eve of his birthday, Connor holds an undeveloped photo in his shaking hands. When he turns 21, the magic photo given to his parents when he was a baby will develop and he’ll see his soulmate for the first time.

Welcome to Starbucks by thekingslover

Summary: Oliver knows every time he goes into Starbucks that the person behind the counter probably isn’t his soulmate. But with the words written in messy script across his arm, “Welcome to Starbucks. May I take your order?” he can’t help but hope that maybe - just maybe - this time will be the right one.

When Fate Gets it Wrong by thekingslover

Summary: Connor knows at seventeen that he will love Oliver Hampton for the rest of his life.But he also knows that Oliver won’t. He can’t.Connor wasn’t born with a name anywhere on his body. His soulmate can be whoever he wants.Oliver has a name on his wrist. Jon.

Dream a Little Dream by jooliewrites

Summary: Everyone knows the way to distinguish a normal dream from a soul dream is scent and Connor’s first soul dream smells like laundry detergent.

Becoming Sean Elliot by jaydeemz

Summary: Connor knew four things. One, this was the Keating Five’s first case, and they were about to lose. Two, Connor found out that the tech’s name was Oliver. Three, he saw that Oliver’s soulmate was called Sean Elliot. Four, Connor knew that he had terrible morals, his friends had terrible morals, and they would all be delighted if Connor cheated Oliver into believing he was his soulmate. Well, it worked a bit too well.

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General Hospital, June 1993

AJ realizes that Tracy has been banished from the Quartermaine mansion…

AJ: Are you okay?

Tracy: Yeah, I’m fine…You stay sober.

AJ: I am.

Tracy: Look, I know what you’re capable of. You’re starting to think like a Quartermaine, but right now, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I know that it’s a talent, and I don’t want you to waste it!

AJ: I won’t.

Tracy: Besides, we could make a good team.

Tracy: You – Watch your step. It’s a jungle out there.

AJ: You do the same, Aunt Tracy.