What to do on Halloween if you aren’t trick-or-treating

Please instead of watching horror films or crying over the amount of homework or work you have to do on Halloween, give yourself a break and watch Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party made by he geniuses at Shipwrecked comedy. It will make you laugh until you find it hard to breathe and is an instant destresser. Please have a good Halloween and consider watching Poe Party


hey @shipwreckedcomedy fans! @marykatewiles put out a call for help with protesting youtube’s demonetization of the shipwrecked youtube channel. please aid these content creators by protesting youtube’s baloney!

HOW TO DO THIS: on desktop, click your profile photo on the top right hand corner. in the menu that pops up, look towards the bottom to find “send feedback”. then explain that shipwrecked does not “reuse content”.

talk about their original projects. talk about what you love about shipwrecked. talk how this money helps them. the more individual and unique reports youtube gets, the more likely us fans will be heard.

(not to mention, helping shipwrecked is in our best interest because the money they get from youtube means more amazing content from sean​ persaud, @sineadpersaud, mkw, and @hartgracesarah!)


Happy Birthday to one of the most ridiculously talented, versatile, and wonderful human beings on the planet!

Happy fifth-anniversary Shipwrecked!

•For my fanart, I did a picture of the amazingly talented Sarah Grace Hart as Emily Dickinson. It was inspired by the title of Poe Party’s fifth episode The Oval Portrait.

•I don’t think Corn Sarah counts for the contest as she’s not necessarily from a shipwrecked work but rather an announcement but I felt like sharing her with the world. She’s so stylish.

• Last is a word cloud which includes Shipwrecked Comedy, the names of some of their works, Sarah, Sinead, Mary Kate, and Sean’ names, and character names. Not sure if it counts, while the words (font and size too) and the shape were chosen by me I used a website to help me fit all that into the necessary shape. Even if it doesn’t count I’d still like to share it with you all.