Sean Pan



Robbie Kay:

Okay so as soon as we got there Robbie was at the autograph table. We got in line and when we got there he signed it and he asked where we were from and we told him and he was like oh. And he asked us what there is to do around here and my mom told him the tech museum and he asked us questions about it. And then we asked him if he was going to be in Vancouver anytime soon and he said that it just depends on his filming schedule and that he’d like to. And then I asked him for a hug and he hugged me and my face was all in his neck and he smelled good! Then I said thank you and we left. Then a couple hours later (we had met Emilie and Sean already) he added selfies to the list of things you can buy and it was $20. So I went to get a selfie and the girl in front of me wanted to do a posed pic instead of a selfie and she was alone so she asked me to take it, so I did. And Robbie was like “you’re so nice” and I was like aaahh. I had my phone ready for the selfie and I accidentally clicked on the filters thing where like 9 filters show up and I was like “oh shit” and he laughed and was like “just take 9 all at once” and then he fixed it and I was like “lol thanks” and we took the selfie. And then I was like “thanks so much” and he was like “cheers thank you” oh and also while we were waiting in line for the selfie a volunteer came up to tell him something and he said “oh fuck” and it was cute.

Sean Maguire:

Okay so after getting Robbie’s autograph we went to get Sean’s. There was like 1 person in front of us and then when they left we went up. He was like “hello ladies” and we told him our names and he signed the pic and he was like I’ll leave this part for when you meet Lana. And then my mom asked if he was coming back and he said it depends and then I asked him about the pic he posted on IG of the one with the director. He said that he is working with that director on another show called “Timeless” and that he couldn’t post a pic from the timeless set because the director didn’t want to spoil anything and that he chose the pic of them working on OUAT. He also said that he would only agrees to comeback to OUAT if they gave him a good storyline instead of just having him stand in the background like he did in season 5. And then my mom asked if we could get hugs and he got up and hugged all of us and said goodbye to each one of us using our names.

Emilie De Ravin:

After Sean’s autograph we went to Emilie’s. No one was there so we went straight up to here and we said hi and she said hi back. It was a little awkwardly quiet while she was signing the pic but then my mom asked how she liked being a mom and she said she loves it and then she asked where we are from and then asked if there’s anything to do around here. We told her that we told Robbie to go to the tech museum and she was like “oh yeah maybe I’ll go with him” and we said thank you and then we left.

I didn’t get autographs from Victoria and Kristin because I just couldn’t afford it but from afar they looked really nice and fans that did talk to them looked like they had a great experience.

Photo Ops:

So the photo op line took forever because we had to wait until Chloe Bennet was done with her photo ops. When I got in there Robbie was like “hey what’s up Paige” and Sean was like “hhhheeyyy” and I don’t think Victoria, Emilie, and Kristin even saw me. I was like “hey guys” and then they took the pic (I think Emilie was taken off guard, but that’s okay😂) and then I was like “thank you” and Robbie said “amazing! Cheers” and Sean was like “bye!”