Sean Pan


Sean Maguire and Robbie Kay complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


And Sean’s face when he mentions Colin.

“How do you feel?”



Once Upon a Time cast + laugh


Robbie about how playing Peter Pan changed his life


I went to “Fairy Tales II” on June 21st and 22nd in Paris and that was the most magical week-end of my life. I went dressed as a lost boy the first day. Meeting Robbie Kay was the greatest experience ever, he gave me a ride on his back and wore the t-shirt I got him for our photoshoot and a flower crown. He started joking about the fact that he thought he couldn’t be abble to wear the crown haha, but he couldn’t refuse. I’m the happiest boy ever! He rode my letter and I got two autographs and three photoshoots with him. What a nice boy full of kindness, the best Peter Pan ever. He answered my questions during the Q&A’s and said “I love these guys” when my friend and I left our first photoshoot with him. I can’t believe I met my favorite boy. I hugged him twice. 💫💕 I also got a ride on Sean Maguire’s back. He’s a really cool guy and does the best high-five haha. Rebecca Mader was such a cutie! I went dressed as a wizard for our photoshoot and gave her a hat from Disneyland. She called me “witchy”, I’ll never forget. She said witch boys were her favorite and that I made a good witch, she also nominated me as the Witch Boy from the North haha. I love her so much. 💚💋 Lana Parilla looked absolutly amazing, I love our pose during the photoshoot. She’s the kinddest Evil Queen ever. It was a pleasure to meet the lovely Emilie De Ravin, she took so much time for every single fan, she got a gold heart. It was so cool to meet the talented Jared S. Gilmore, I made him wear a flower crown too, we both look like brothers on our picture.

ENFP Villains

XNFP villains: pursue their own idealistic visions and personal desires at the cost of other people’s lives. Their Fi is warped to such an extent that it makes them only care about their personal gratification and sees others as expendable; while their Ne makes them creative, able to see multiple possibilities in any situation, and likely to be delusional. They are often motivated by their own personal pain and isolation, and take great joy in forcing you to experience similar suffering.

Amon from Avatar: The Legend of Korra

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Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time

Ice King from Adventure Time

Sean McGinnes from Hell on Wheels

Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow

Madam Mim from The Sword and the Stone

Jerome Valeska from Gotham

More characters to be added as they are typed.