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My 10 Favorite Book to Movie Adaptions: Go watch them!

Some of these movies well known and loved but the other half are so incredibly under-rated and I just have to give them a shout out cause THEY DESERVE THE HYPE!

1. Treasure Island (1990) 

Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins and Charlton Heston (and Christopher Lee for a bit). Need I say more? Nobody loves the book more than I do and this movie is fuckin incredible, exciting, gritty, and VERY close to it’s source material. 

2. The Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (The Royal Shakespeare Company) 

Eight and a half hours of the best theater you will ever see. End of story. Nothing will ever come close. Holy shit. 


3. The Great Gatsby (2000) 

Paul Rudd! Paul Rudd makes this movie. He plays Nick who is the narrator in the book and in this movie you get watch him become more and more disgusted with the culture that he’s jumped into. 

This is not a very romantic movie. It’s gritty, and a bit bleak. You see the underside of the glossy Jazz Age. Bravo. 

4. Peter Pan (2003)


Everyone I know who’s seen this movie adores it. Because it’s perfect. It’s got Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook! You can’t get more bad ass. 

5. & 6. Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) and Horatio Hornblower (Ioan Gruffudd)

Both of these books series were based during the Napoleonic Wars; Richard Sharpe in the British Army and Horatio Hornblower in the British Navy. But what is so special about these two series is that they were filmed during the 90s by the BBC so they are great fun to watch as a pair. 

(added bonus: Sean Bean is an action hero in 14+ stories and lives) 

7. Pride and Prejudice (2005) 

This movie owns my soul. 

8. Great Expectations (1999) 

If you don’t like the book you won’t like this movie either. 

BUT if you loved the book like I do you have to watch this. Ioan is a great fit for Pip because no matter how dumb or selfish Pip’s decisions are you can’t help but feel sorry for him and his fall from grace at the end of the story is super emotionally visceral. Thanks Ioan!

10. The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) 

Even though the story has to be paired down a ton since the book is so fucking LONG it’s still a great adaption. All the drama and sword fighting and intrigue that I like about the story is still there.  

Done and Done

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Request: Heyo! I was wondering if you could do a writing about if Ethan/Mark/Sean went mad while making cupcakes or some other dish/food and maybe turned into their dark persona? Idk, its Halloween so I thought maybe something spooky

Pairing: Sean/Anti x reader

Genre: angst?

If there was one thing Sean wasn’t proficient at, it was baking cupcakes. There was no other person who became so frustrated at misplaced icing and overflowing dough than Sean himself. Even with you by his side, Sean’s patience wore thin while he waited for things to set and bake, all while his stomach growled in greed as the thought of devouring cupcakes overwhelmed his senses. Not to mention the heavenly smell of the batter itself and the way you carefully measured it.

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ENFP Villains

XNFP villains: pursue their own idealistic visions and personal desires at the cost of other people’s lives. Their Fi is warped to such an extent that it makes them only care about their personal gratification and sees others as expendable; while their Ne makes them creative, able to see multiple possibilities in any situation, and likely to be delusional. They are often motivated by their own personal pain and isolation, and take great joy in forcing you to experience similar suffering.

Amon from Avatar: The Legend of Korra

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Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time

Ice King from Adventure Time

Sean McGinnes from Hell on Wheels

Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow

Madam Mim from The Sword and the Stone

Jerome Valeska from Gotham

More characters to be added as they are typed.