I want a movie where literally everyone dies. Everyone. Like by some wild natural disaster or something.
It’s just like an hour and a half of showing desolated countries and cities and whatnot. There are no humans left.

And then, with thirty seconds of film left, Sean Bean crawls out from underneath the rubble of a fallen building and starts laughing.


Ladies and gentlemen, some of the 100000 reasons why I will love the Lord of the Rings movies and the cast till the end of times.


Sean Bean does not simply make a 6-second video.

The writers of Jupiter Ascending are having some trouble with plot:
  • 1:Guys, we can't decide how Jupiter is going to find out that she's royalty.
  • 2:*slides Cards Against Humanity to him* Pick 1
  • 1:*draws card* Sean Bean. How's that going to help?
  • 2:Pick another.
  • 1:*draws another* Bees?