Catfish Kabayaki ナマズの蒲焼

“Kabayaki (蒲焼き) is a style of Japanese cooking – just like how Teriyaki (照り焼き) is actually a style of cooking, not the name of the sauce. This style of cooking is specifically for dishes prepared with fish. Typically a long fish is filleted, deboned, skewered, grilled without the sauce first, and then brushed with sweet soy sauce called tare (pronounced [ta LEH] たれ).”


Ebi Katsu Burger 海老カツバーガー

“It’s a burger with shrimp patty that is covered in panko breadcrumbs and deep-fried. The best way to describe Ebi Katsu is it’s a shrimp version of tonkatsu (pork) or chicken katsu. Wrapped in a crispy panko shell, it’s so good with tartar sauce and shredded cabbage inside soft burger buns.”


Matjes is a North German seafood dish. It can be raw herring in a mild vinegar pickle or brined. The marinade might contain vinegar, cider, wine or tea, sugar, herbs (usually bay leaf), spices (usually mace), and chopped onion. The word ‘soused’ can also describe a marinated herring that has been cooked. Soused herring, as served in Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands, is a mild, soft salt herring, made from young immature herrings. It’s ripened in oak barrels in a salty solution or brine. (Raw pickled herring in vinegar is called “Rollmops” in Germany and it’s a different dish.) As of 2015, Glückstädter Matjes from Schleswig-Holstein has the EU’s “protected designation of origin” certification. 

6 Matjesfilets, halbe (halved Matjes fillets) - 1 große Zwiebel oder Gemüsezwiebel (large regular or mild onion) - 2 Äpfel (apples) - 2 Becher Magerjoghurt, a 150 g (cups of plain low-fat yogurt) - 2 EL Mayonnaise oder Salatcreme (mayonnaise or salad cream like Miracle Whip) - etwas Salz und Pfeffer (some salt and pepper) - etwas Zucker (some sugar) - 1 EL Schnittlauch oder Petersilie (tablespoon chives or parsley)  

Die Zwiebel in feine Scheiben hobeln oder würfeln. (Cube or grate onions.) Die Äpfel möglichst mit Schale fein schneiden/würfeln (Cube or chop apples, skin on). Aus Joghurt und den anderen Zutaten eine Soße zubereiten und die Zwiebel und Äpfel darunter mischen (Make a sauce from yogurt and the other ingredients and add onions and apples, stir.) In einer länglichen Terrine oder Auflaufform den Boden mit Joghurtsoße bedecken (in a container, cover the bottom with the yogurt sauce). Die Matjesfilets kurz abspülen, trocken tupfen und dann filetweise nebeneinander auf die Joghurtcreme legen; nächste Schicht Joghurtcreme drauf verteilen und wieder mit Matjesfilets belegen(Briefly wash the Matjes herring, pat dry and place fillets on top of yogurt sauce, lined up next to each other; add another layer of sauce on top, layer herring again, etc.) Mit Folie oder Deckel abdecken und mindestens 1 Stunde durchziehen lassen (Cover with foil or a cover and let marinate for at least 1 hour.) Kalt servieren, mit Kartoffeln und Schnittlauch oder Petersilie (Serve cold with boiled potatoes, parsley or chives sprinkled on top.) Sollte noch etwas übrig bleiben, schmeckt es auch gut mit der Soße auf Schwarzbrot serviert (If there should be leftovers, it also is delicious, served on dark bread with the yogurt sauce).