A Hunter Hunted

AN: Thank you thank you @josie-arts for letting me write this based on your art!! It just made me laugh so much I couldn’t stop myself! I hope you like it!

When the realization hits him, Lance stops breathing. Or maybe he’s breathing for the first time. It feels like wading in the water when all of a sudden a giant wave crushes you. Only it’s not water. If it was water he would know how to locate the sun and swim to the surface. It’s feelings. He’s having genuine, honest feelings.

What is he supposed to do with them?

Is there a return policy?

Whatever Pidge was saying, it sounded a lot like blah blah blah science. Pretend you’re listening! But he can’t. The only thing he can focus on is the way her amber eyes lite up when she got excited, and the flailing of her hands as she tried to explain some intricate computer techno babble.

Has she always smelt this sweet? Like peanut butter and chocolate?

And that stupid mullet with eyes is just staring at him with a smirk. Like he can read Lance’s mind. It’s that same cocky expression he had whenever he would out rank him on flight simulators back at the Garrison.

Pidge got a call from Coran to come help out in the Teleduv room. She wished the boys a farewell and ran off. And boy did Lance watch her go. His eye were glued to the bounce of her hair until the door shuts behind her.

“And so the hunter becomes the hunted.”

Lance groaned, pulling his shirt over his head to hide the blush he knows is tainted his flawless completion. “You…you just shut up mullet man. Go google your Mothman cryptic junk or whatever it is you do in your free time.”

“Normally I’d be offended, but I’ll let it slide. What’re you gonna do?”

He flopped onto the ground,“I don’t know! I haven’t had a crush since like…what kindergarten? And offering to share your glitter glue and crayons doesn’t exactly work in your teens. Also I bet the Altean version of a crayola probably eats you and uses your insides as pigment!” Okay so maybe he’s panicking, but with reason! “Keith, what do you do when you like someone? If you’ve ever actually liked someone.”

“Blow up some stuff in the middle of a desert, steal them from the garrison and then somehow get launched into space and pilot a giant red alien robot lion under their command.”

Lance snorts, “That’s oddly specific, buddy.”

Keith smiles and nudges him gently with his foot, “All part of a ten step plan. At the end of it, I die without ever having admitted my feelings.”

“Really helpful. Thanks.”
It had been one week, three days, seven hours, and thirty six minutes since Lance was on the floor of Hunk’s room bemoaning his new found feelings for the green paladin. One week, three days, seven hours, and thirty six minutes of watching him get shot down with every failed flirting attempt in the book.

“Are you from Tennessee?”

“Lance I was born in New Mexico you know that.”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“No but you’re stupid questions are hurting my head.”

At this point it was getting painful to watch. And lately, Pidge had gone as far as making sharp left turns to avoid him. If they so much as made eye contact she was sprinting down the nearest hallway in sight. Hunk was a patient man, or at least he liked to think so, but this was starting to be too much for him.

“Hey are you and lance okay? I think he’s worried you’re mad at him.”

They were working together on a Galra sentinel they captured. Seeing if there’s any way to rewire him into giving them vital information without being a giant rat. It’s risky move, but sometimes slow and steady doesn’t win wars.

“Yeah I’m kind of avoiding him,” she said it so nonchalantly, not looking up from her computer, “I think I might be allergic to his shampoo or something.”

Hunk raised an eyebrow, “What makes you say that?”

“I don’t know, whenever I’m near him I get all red and feverish and my stomach gets kind of fuzzy and weird and my brain kinda short circuits and I get kind of jittery and-”

He cut her off before she can embarrass either of them more, “Pidge. Come on.”


Watching the realization dawn on her was almost as painful as everything before. Her eyes got wide, her cheeks flushing darkly. She sat on the ground, staring up at the high ceilings of the castle.

“Oh my God I like him.”

It took another thirteen hours to calm her down after that. Getting these two together was going to be a lot harder than he thought. At least Hunk had Pidge’s diary on his side.

(Ending note: I take requests! If you have anything you want written, any pair I’m more than happy to write it! Hope this was good!)

The Plance oneshot none asked for

It’s 5 am and I don’t know what I’m writing, but I hope I didn’t make any grammar mistake. Since I’m Italian, it would be nice if someone pointed out my eventual mistakes :3
Looking forward to add this oneshot on ao3 when I’ll get my account

Anyway, here it is

Somehow, the paladins managed to get Pidge and Lance closer. How? By simply playing hide and seek.

With an excuse, they got Pidge and Lance to hide in the same place, which happened to be a very small closet that could barely contain two people.

So here they were, all alone in a dark small closet with something they had to tell each other.

Both of them tried to stretch despite the small space, and they ended up making too much noise against the walls of the closet, so they decided to stay still and wait for the game to end.

“I think the others did this on purpose. Like, they probably aren’t even searching for us and we’re just staying here for no reason at all.“

“So you’re giving up Pidgey? You want to be found? Go on, but I’m not following you, I have Keith to beat.”

“Whatever you say sharpshooter.”

Pidge gave a small sigh and turned around, realizing that her body was too much close to Lance’s, just a few inches and her head would rest on his chest.

“This game better finish already, I can’t move and my legs are starting to ache.”

“Mine too-“

Suddenly, a sound made them silent.

“I think it’s Keith, stay quiet or he’s going to find us.”

Keith entered the room and tried hard not to laugh, knowing that in the closet were two blushing idiots fearing to be found.

Suddenly, Pidge noticed that there were some holes for ventilation on the closet right in front of her, and realized that if she didn’t move from there she could be easily found.

“Don’t say a word.”

She almost jumped on Lance and wrapped her arms around him for balance, turning of a red you can never imagine.

Lance blushed too, beginning to sweat nervously.

After Keith went away from the room, they both relaxed and sighed with relief.

“Uh Pidge? Keith is gone so you can…”

“Uh I-I’m sorry I-“

“D-Don’t worry! I mean, we can stay like this if you want.”

Neither of them said anything after that.

Lance too wrapped his arms around the small of her torso and pulled her closer, closing his eyes for a bit.

Then, to his surprise, Pidge spoke up.

“Actually, there’s something I might want to tell you.”

Lance’s eyes went wide and he tried to move to look Pidge in the eyes, only making the closet tilt with his weight.
The closet fell and with it the two paladins, who were now one on top of the other and outside the closet.

Their eyes fluttered open and made contact for a second, before realizing that their faces were too much close from one another.

With a jump, Pidge stood up from Lance and began running away from the room.


Lance stood there speechless, eyes wide and his face going on fire.

Keith rushed to the room and lowered to Lance’s level.

“You still playing?”


“Good. Because you just lost.”

zirijava  asked:

Prompt: rainstorm and cats :)

Rainstorm isn’t a name I knew was used for Plance but now I am OBSESSED. (That and sea salt might be my two favorites I’ve seen). Thanks for the request! I’m seriously LOVING doing these for you all! This is heavily based on my headcanon that Pidge and Lance are ultimate fur parents who make tiny houses for their animals. Hope you like it!

When Lance came home with a box of kittens, Pidge nearly ripped his hair out. Her girlfriend was some sort of Disney Princess. Last week he’d “rescued” a bird from the Petco, a month ago they had fostered a rabbit. On top of the two dogs they already owned: her apartment was starting to feel like a zoo.

“Come on Katie they don’t have anywhere else to go! They were just sitting in a box on the side of the road like…like Oliver and company!” He pleaded, setting the kittens down.

There were two baby Russian blues left in the box, curled up around each other for warmth. Pidge tried her best to freeze her heart. They did not need any more pets in this house. But gosh dang if the way they mewed wasn’t winning her heart a little bit.

Lance picked up the bigger of the two, holding him inside his oversized jacket. His blue eyes lit up as he nuzzled the creature.

“This is my son. I will name him Blue.”

Pidge snorted and rolled her eyes, dropping on her knees to gently stroke the other one’s fur. “Fine I’m naming the other one Green.”

“YOU NAMED IT WE GET TO KEEP THEM! That’s the rules sorry I don’t make them I heard Hunk made the rulebook I guess you’ll have to just take it up with him. Too bad guess we have to make a trip to the store tomorrow.”

She groaned, rubbing her temples. The cat hair apocalypse was in her future. Cat fur in every nook and cranny. On her computer. In her computer. It was a nightmare waiting to happen.

The little blue ball of fluff licked her hand gently. She was done for.

“I can’t believe were parents again,” Lance sniffled, rocking the tiny fur ball as their pit bull Princess curled up by his feet, “Shh children Daddy loves you all.”

Pidge thought for a moment, petting Princess’ head while cradling the new kitten in her arms. “Does this mean we can finally use the Harry Potter cabinet under the stairs as a house for our animals?”

“God I love the way you think.”

To people saying things like

“If you are a *insert ship name* fan and reblog/like my post I’m blocking you”

Can you stop?
It’s not that I can’t like your post only because there’s a ship in it in a platonic way that happens to be my romantic ship.
Just saying

I have this really good SeaSalt roleplay going on but have been taking a break from writing while my partner is in town. There is not enough art of these two dancing and honestly this ship is beautiful and pure. (Of course I would be gay for the two characters I identify with)

Heavily referenced a whole slew of google images. Ballet is difficult and beautiful.

Lemon, a natural astringent and a rich source of citric acid not only cleanses and helps make your skin brighter, but also fights off germs present inside your skin pores. It also regulates oil production in the skin, thus preventing more blackhead to be formed. Salt, again having antibacterial properties, combats germs and bacteria that work to clog your pores. It is also an excellent exfoliator which scours off excessive dead cells, dirt, and grime from the skin.

Get this:

  • Seasalt- 1 tbsp
  • Lemon- ½ tsp
  • Water- 1 tsp
  • Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Apply this on your nose (and even face, if you have blackheads there too).
  • Gently massage the area in circular strokes. Don’t be harsh while rubbing.
  • Do this for about 2-4 minutes.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water.
  • After a while wash off your face with cold water so that any pores that may have opened, get closed again.

Do this:
You may use this scrub 1-2 times a week, but not more than that. Also do not step out in the sun after applying lemon juice to your skin as it makes your skin too sensitive to sunrays.

Yo have another thing fam

The short and sweet: Pidge becomes a badass and I’m Seasalt trash

The long version: The team is aboard a Galra ship for a mission, Pidge is doing her usual thing of hacking the main computer and pulling the strings when she’s discovered, she manages to secure the room again but in the process gets shot, like mortally wounded if the team doesn’t get to her soon she’s dead kind of shot. Cue her four big bros freaking the heck out and trying to get to her. She can see the odds are against them, she knows that they’ll either escape without her or get captured with her so she does what she needs to do, leads them away from her and to safety before, with what’s left of her strength, rigging the ship to short out and trigger an explosion that’ll knock out the systems and get the team out. In that final moment before in all goes to hell Lance murmurs “We’re going to need a miracle to get out of this” and Pidge manages to choke out “Then say hallelujah cuz here it is.” Things blow up, hangar doors are flung open and everyone is sucked out into space. Cut to Shiro’s visor and all you see is a reading on Pidge’s armour showing she’s flatlined. No time to get her though, Allura swings in, picks them up and off they go. Once inside the ship it starts to settle in: Pidge just blew herself up to save them. Shiro practically roars amd punches a hole through the wall before sinking to the floor, face in his hands. Keith sits next to him, staring blankly ahead as his eyes grow glassy. Poor Hunk doesn’t have the chance to give way to his own grief as he tries to calm down Lance, who’s having a full blown grief driven panic attack. Allura and Coran arrive and try to console them but it’s no use. The final shot of is of the inside the Green Lion’s cockpit, the lights are all off, everything is dimmer than usual. As the screen fades out we hear a small sniffle and see Lance’s leg poke out from behind the empty pilot’s chair where he’s sitting.

Weeks later, the team has gone numb, Pidge’s loss still heavy in the air. But they have a mission to complete aboard another Galra ship. It’s going well, until they’re attacked by something. It’s cloaked in black, small and moving freakishly fast, darting in and striking before retreating back into the shadows. Shiro manages to grab the robe and pull it off, revealing Pidge. Only it’s not her.

Haggar’s handiwork is instantly recognizable.

Every part of her has some kind of Galra tech now. Her left leg from the knee down, her right from the thigh down, the right arm from the elbow and most of her left hand are all prosthetic as. There are power nodes and panels across her body and her left arm has some kind of control band built in. Even the base of her skull, under what’s left of her hair, is Galra tech now, all of it glowing eerily purple. She stares at them, expression blank and eyes vacant. Her right eye glows purple in the second before she launches forward to attack with enough force to leave dents in the floor. Her attack is mechanically precise, each move carefully calculated and executed, her size and speed used as an advantage as she lands blow after blow. Hunk is the one to save the day here, while the other three fight just to keep her at bay he rips open a wall panel and uses the wiring to short-circuit her. The glow of the tech fades as she falls heavy and limp to the floor, surrounded by her teammates nursing the wounds she gave them.

They get their Pidge back of course. Once Hunk hooks her up to the Green Lion and uses the Lion’s energy to re-boot her she’s back with no recollection of what happened - her brain is half electronic now so the memories were literally deleted. Everyone’s ecstatic, Pidge is ok and has some p cool new abilities including downloading info directly into her brain, hacking things at a finger touch and the increased strength, stamina and resilience that her mostly tech body gives her. (She also loves her new ‘techno undercut’ and the fact that she glows green) Lance jokingly calls her the Miracle Maker but it sticks. He starts affectionately referring to her as ‘Miracle’ and whenever she does something techie and helpful on a mission he’ll say “hallelujah” and it kind of rubs off on the rest of the team and becomes a sort of call-sign for her. One time Lance called her ‘My Miracle’ and didn’t even notice until Hunk told him later “So that’s why she blushed?”