On Saturday I got my second tattoo! I got this tattoo for the song “Between the mountains and the sea” a song by Senses Fail. Growing up, Buddy (the lead singer) sang about dealing with issues and situations that were similar to mine and his music helped me get through a lot and probably stopped me doing some really stupid stuff. I was unhappy for a very long time and Buddy seemed to put how i was feeling into words better than I could express them to myself. When I hit the point of leaving for University Senses Fail released an album called “Renacer”. In it, Buddy created an album with a completely new outlook on life. Rather than singing about pain and self abuse, this album was about finding inner peace and the courage to love yourself. It came at the perfect moment in my life. When I heard the song Between the mountains and the sea I had a real epiphany about who I was and how I felt about myself. I’ve never been hit that hard by opening words of a song. I am the person I am meant to be. If my hero can change the self beliefs he had been singing about for 10years then perhaps I can too. I went to uni with this in my head and I’m certain its made this a better experience. The album changed my outlook on life and I know I am a different person for it. Hopefully a better one. Music is supposed to change lives, we just have to find the right songs. And everyone can find inner peace.