Designer & Artist:

Alessandro Randi

“Kissing Stone”

Limited edition series of 15 pieces - sn+proof

Starting 2014

27cm (10.6" Inches) Tall Sculpture,

Sculpted in Zbrush, 3D laser Sinthered TEST

Hand Painted / Crafted on Glass Bell (see “Ypsilon”).

“Will be available in 2015 as a limited edition of 15 to 25 pieces, molded in silicone and casted in resin.
Final piece may be different from this test in some details.”

I chose to deal with the science of cryptography. Cryptography began in mathematics. Codes were developed, even from Caesar’s time, based on number theory and mathematical principles. I decided to use those principles and designed a work that is encoded.

Scupltor: James Sanborn

Title: Code Room